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Employment briefs, 1970-1981


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1. CRD/B/9/1 - Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Employment & Productivity Committee, 1970. Briefs include:
  1. PEP(70)1 The Awards and Settlements (Temporary Continuation of Standstill) (No.3) Order 1969, 28/01/1970 [Author: SS/RJ]
  2. PEPC(70)2 Unemployment, 02/02/1970 [Author: AB/PML]
  3. PEPC(70)3 Equal Pay (No.2) Bill, 06/02/1970 [Author: AB/PL]
  4. PEP(70)4 Commission for Industry and Manpower Bill, 02/04/1970 [Author: PM/AB/AW/DG/PL]
  5. PEPG(70)4 Unemployment, 04/05/1970 [Author: AB/PL/VF/LW]
  6. PEPC(70)5 The Docks Dispute, 17/07/1970 [Author: AB/CJ/PL/JD]
  7. PEPC(70)6 Conservative Industrial Relations Policy: Mr Carr's Speech, 17/08/1970 [Author: AHN/AW]
  8. PEC(70)7 Industrial Relations Bill, 11/12/1970 [Author: AB/PML/PG]
2. CRD/B/9/2 - Employment briefs, 1971-1972. Briefs include:
  1. PEC(71)1-2 [Vacant]
  2. Industrial Relations Bill: Misrepresentation, 09/03/1971 [Author: SAS/DMW]
  3. PEC(71)3 Unemployment, 27/04/1971 [Author: AB/PML]
  4. PEC(71)4 Prices and Unemployment, 25/06/1971 [Author: SS/AB/MMD/ART]
  5. PEC(71)5 Industrial Relations Bill. Lords Amendment, 28/07/1971 [Author: AB/DKP]
  6. PEC(71)6 Unemployment Debate, 04/11/1976 [Author: SAS/CM/MD]
  7. PEC(71)7 Unemployment, 22/11/1971 [Author: AB/SS/DKP]
  8. Conservative Parliamentary Trade Committee: Information note on the Report of the Committee of Inquiry on Small Firms, 07/12/1971 [Author: CM/LS]
  9. PEC(71)8 Employment Medical Advisory Service Bill, 09/12/1971 [Author: AB/PJM]
  10. PEC(72)1 Unemployment Debate, 24/01/1972 [Author: SS/VAE]
  11. PEC(72)1 Code of Industrial Relations Practice, 01/02/1972 [Author: SS/VAE]
  12. PEC(72)2 Debate on 31st January 1972 on Opposition Motion relating to unemployment and investment in engineering, metal and shipbuilding industries, 31/01/1972 [Author: TEB/CM/SK/MJD/MD]
  13. PEC(72)3 Unemployment, 28/02/1972 [Author: AB/MD]
  14. PEC(72)4 [Vacant]
  15. CPEC(72)5 Industrial Civil Servants' Lobby, 13/07/1972 [Author: AB/VAE]
  16. PEC(72)6 The Industrial Situation, 31/07/1972 [Author: DN/JH]
  17. Implementation of the Industrial Relations Act, ND [c.July/August 1972; No author given]
  18. Into Action. An Employment Service for the Future, 12/12/1972 [No author given]
3. CRD/B/9/3 - Employment briefs, 1973-1977. Briefs include:
  1. PEC(73)1 Employment and Training Bill, 12/03/1973 [Author: AB/DN/JB/JWF/PHN]
  2. PEC(73)1 Counter Inflation: the Second Stage, 23/01/1973 [Author: AB/JB]
  3. PEC(73)2 [Vacant]
  4. Towards a Fair Deal for Women, 02/05/1973 [Author: CEB/JW]
  5. The Pay Board and the Price Commission, 10/05/1973 [Author: AB/CFH]
  6. PEC(72)3 Industrial Relations, 03/12/1973 [Author: DJN/JWF]
  7. Some Questions on the Industrial Situation, 24/01/1974 [Author: SAS/DJN/JWF]
  8. More Settlements To Date During Stage III, 07/02/1974 [Author: DD/JWF]
  9. PEC(74)1 Health and Safety at Work, 02/04/1974 [Author: MJ/FF]
  10. PEPC(74)2 The Trade Union and Labour Relations Bill, 03/05/1974 [Author: MN/PC]
  11. PEPC(74)3 Debate on the Abolition of the Pay Board, 17/07/1974 [Author: MN/PC]
  12. PEPC(74)4 Debate on second reading of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 29/11/1974 [Author: DJN/MEM]
  13. PEPC(75)1 House of Commons debate on remaining stages of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 10/02/1975 [Author: DJN/MEM]
  14. PEPC(75)2 Docks: Half-Day's Supply Debate, 14th April 1975 [Author: DJN/JVT]
  15. PEPC(75)3 Debate on second reading of the Employment Protection Bill, 28th April 1975 [Author: DJN/SW]
  16. PEPC(75)4 Employment Problems and Prospects for School Leavers - Half Day Supply Debate (5th May 1975), 02/05/1975 [Author: AJMH/JCG]
  17. PEPC(75)5 Financial Aid for Postal Ballots in Union Elections, 20/06/1975 [Author: DJN/JMR/ALM]
  18. PEPC(75)5 Financial Aid for Postal Ballots in Union Elections, 20/06/1975 [Author: DJN/JMR/ALM]
  19. PE(75)5 Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 17/10/1975 [No Author given]
  20. PEPC(75)6 House of Commons debate on second reading of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 08/12/1975 [Author: Robbie Gilbert]
  21. PEPC(76)1 House of Commons debate on suggested amendments to Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 20/01/1976 [Author: Robbie Gilbert]
  22. PEPC(76)2 Unemployment, 29/01/1976 [Author: RG/LE/LSA/VA]
  23. PEPC(76)3 Dock Work Regulation Bill, 09/02/1976 [Author: RHG/LSA/MM]
  24. PEPC(76)4 House of Commons debate on the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 17/03/1976 [Author: RHG/LSA]
  25. The New Pay Limit, 11/05/1976 [Author: RHG/LSA]
  26. PEPC(76)5 [Vacant]
  27. PEPC(76)6 Dock Work Regulation Bill, 26/07/1976 [Author: RHG/LSA]
  28. PEPC(77)1 [Vacant]
  29. PEPC(77)2 Reduction in Redundancy Rebates Bill, 04/02/1977 [Author: RHG/BLW]
  30. PEPC(77)3 Supply Day Debate on Unemployment in the South-West, 16/02/1977 [Author: NET/ACS]
  31. PEPC(77)4 Conservative Response to the Bullock Report, 03/03/1977 [Author: RHG/BLV]
  32. PEPC(77)5 Redundancy Rebates Bill, 18/03/1977 [Author: RHG/BLV]
  33. PEPC(77)6 Motion on the Code of Practice on Disclosure of Information to Trade Unions for Collective Bargaining Purposes, 20/05/1977 [Author: RHG/BLV]
4. CRD/B/9/4 - Employment briefs, 1978-1981. Briefs include:
  1. PEPC(78)1 Debate on the second reading of the Employment Protection Bill 1978, 18/01/1978 [Author: RS/CLK]
  2. PEPC(78)2 Debate on the second reading of the Employment Protection (Amendment) Bill 1978, 25/01/1978 [Author: RJS/CLK]
  3. PEPC(78)3 Supply Day debate on Unemployment, 27/01/1978 [Author: RS/AB/AH/RBC/CK/FF]
  4. PEPC(78)4-5 [Vacant]
  5. PEPC(78)6 Industrial relations in the Newspaper Industry, 16/05/1978 [Author: RJS/CLK/RME]
  6. PEPC(78)7-8 [Vacant]
  7. PEPC(78)9 The Unjust and Arbitrary use of Sanctions on Industry, 05/12/1978 [Author: RJS/CLK]
  8. PEPC(79)1 Debate on the working of the Employment Protection Acts, 07/03/1979 [Author: RJS/JMH/LAS]
  9. PEPC(79)1 Unemployment and Special Employment and Training Measures, 19/06/1979 [Author: MAP/LAS]
  10. Picketing, 12/07/1979 [Author: MAP/LAS]
  11. PEPC(79)2 Employment Protection Orders, 23/07/1979 [Author: MAP/JMcC]
  12. PEPC(79)3 Second reading debate: Employment Bill, 12/12/1979 [Author: DJN/MJEB]
  13. PEPC(80)1 Unemployment, 03/03/1980 [Author: 'The Economics Section']
  14. PEPC(80)2 Employment Bill, 11/04/1980 [Author: PSS/CFM]
  15. PEPC(80)3 The Employment Bill, 15/05/1980 [Author: PSS/CFM]
  16. PEPC(80)4 Unemployment and Young People, 24/06/1980 [Author: PSS/CFM]
  17. PEPC(80)5 Unemployment, 28/10/1980 [Author: AB/CBW/Rn/RH/LR/JV/A-LL/JMH]
  18. PEPC(80)6 Motions for Approval. Draft Codes of Practice (Picketing and Closed Shop), 11/11/1980 [Author: CW/ALL]
  19. PEPC(80)7 The debate on the Address. Special Employment Measures Review, 25/11/1980 [Author: CBW/ALL]
  20. PE &PC(81)1R The Employment and Training Bill, 05/02/1981 [Author: DH/SP]
  21. PE&PC(81)2R Regional Unemployment, 03/03/1981 [Author: RH/DH/CFM/ST-R]
  22. PE&PC(81)3 Unemployment in the Midlands, 27/03/1981 [Author: RH/RN/DH/CM/SP]
  23. PE&PC(81)4 Youth Employment, 03/04/1981 [Author: DH/SP]
  24. PE&PC(81)5 The Northern Region, 14/04/1981 [Author: RH/DH/SP/CFM]
  25. PE&PC(81)6R The Employment and Training Bill, 08/06/1981 [Author: DH/JV]
  26. PE&PC(81)7 The North West Region, 12/06/1981 [Author: RH/DH/JV/CM]
  27. PE&PC(81)8 Unemployment, 23/06/1981 [Author: DH/JLS]
  28. PE&PC(81)9 Employment, Training and Industrial Relations, 06/11/1981 [Author: DH/JV]
  29. PE&PC(81)10 Education Training Opportunities and Industrial Efficiency, 01/12/1981 [Author: DH/CC/EGM/JV]
  30. PE&PC(81)11 West Midlands, 03/12/1981 [Author: AB/EM/FL]
  31. PE&PC(81)12 Motion on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, 04/12/1981 [Author: DH/JLS]


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