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Articles and papers by Abdul Raufu Mustapha, [1986]-2010 and n.d. [c.1983-2008]

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Folder 1: articles, papers and related materials, [1986]-[2006] and n.d. [c.2003-2008], comprising:
  1. photocopy of an article, 'The National Question and Radical Politics in Nigeria', published in Review of African Political Economy, 37, Dec 1986, [1986]
  2. copy typescript final draft of an article, 'Political Parties and the Process of Democratic Representation in Ilorin (1950-1983)' by Ibrahim A. Gambari, Professor of Political Science, Ahmadu Bello University, and Abdul Raufu Mustapha, 1988, with a letter from Gambari to Mustapha at St. Peter's College, Oxford, regarding the drafting of the paper and other matters, and a copy letter from Gambari to Dr. H.O. Danmole, Department of History, University of Ilorin, regarding the inclusion of the article in a planned publication, 'The History of Ilorin', Aug 1988
  3. photocopy of 'Chapter 7, The Survival Ethic and the Development of Tourism in Nigeria' taken from K.B. Ghimire ed., The Native Tourist, Mass Tourism within Developing Countries (Earthscan Publications Ltd, 2001), [2001]
  4. typescript entries for P. Zeleza and D. Eyoh eds., Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History (Routledge: London and New York, 2003) by Mustapha and others, comprising 'Nigeria' and 'Kano' by Mustapha, and 'Agrarian Change', by Mustapha and Gavin Williams, [c.2003]
  5. photocopy of 'Identities, Domination and Hegemony in Africa' taken from G. Williams ed., Democracy, Labour and Politics in Africa and Asia (Kano: Centre for Research and Documentation, 2004), [2004]
  6. Humanitas, The Journal of the George Bell Institute, Vol. 6, No. 2, Apr 2005, containing an article entitled 'The State of Scholarship and Learning in Nigeria' by Mustapha
  7. Ethnic Structure, Inequality and Governance of the Public Sector in Nigeria, Democracy, Governance and Human Rights Programme Paper Number 24 (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, Nov 2006)
  8. typescript 'Chapter Three. Nigeria: Nationhood, Identity and Foreign Policy', n.d. [c.2008], published in A. Adebajo and A.R. Mustapha eds., Gulliver's Troubles, Nigeria's Foreign Policy after the Cold War (University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2008) as 'The three faces of Nigeria's foreign policy, Nationhood, identity and external relations'
Folder 2: papers prepared for or presented at conferences and meetings, 1990-2010 and n.d. [c.1993], comprising:
  1. 'Social Stratification, Land Use Changes, and Micro-ecology in Rural Kano, 1948-90: A Case Study of Rogo Village', paper presented to the Workshop on Conservation in Africa: Indigenous Knowledge and Government Strategies, organised by the Social Science Research Council / American Council of Learned Societies, Harare, 2-7 Dec 1990
  2. 'Society and the Social Sciences in Northern Nigeria, 1962-1994: A Case Study of Ahmadu Bello University. Revised Version of Paper presented to the African Studies Association Conference, Boston, 4-7 December 1993', n.d. [c.1993]
  3. 'Ethnicity and Democratization in Nigeria: A Case Study of Zangon Kataf', paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Toronto, 4-6 Nov 1994
  4. 'Zamani Riga?: Globalization and Localization in Hausaland', paper presented to the Seminar on Glabalization and Localization: The Quest for Local Development Alternatives in Africa, Addis Ababa, 12-14 Mar 1996
  5. 'Transformation of Minority Identities in Post-Colonial Nigeria. Paper presented to the National Seminar on the Transformation of Popular Identities under Structural Adjustment in Nigeria, organized by the Centre for Research and Documentation and the Scandinavian Institute for African Studies, January 30th-February 2nd 1997, Central Hotel, Kano', [1997], [published in A. Jega ed., Identity Transformation and Identity Politics Under Structural Adjustment in Nigeria (Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute, 2000)]
  6. 'The House Lugard Built and the Zones of Contention: The Nigerian State in Historical Perspective', presentation to the H[uman] S[ciences] R[esearch] C[ouncil] / Macalester Network on Recasting the African State, n.d. [c.1998]
  7. 'Ethnicity and the Politics of Democratization in Nigeria: Structures, Transformations and Processes', paper for the Workshop on Ethnicity and Democracy in Africa, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Mar 2000, to be published in B. Berman, W. Kymlicka and D. Eyoh eds., Ethnicity and Democratization in Africa (Ohio University Monographs in International Studies, 2004)
  8. photocopy of a paper, 'Civil Rights and Pro-Democracy Groups in and outside Nigeria', taken from D.C. Bach, Y. Lebeau and K. Amuwo eds., Nigeria during the Abacha Years (1993-1998), The domestic and international politics of democratization (Institut Fran├žais de Recherche en Afrique, 2001), 'the proceedings of a conference held in Bordeaux, France, at the Centre d'Etude d'Afrique Noire, 1996', [2001]
  9. 'Ethnic Minority Groups in Nigeria: Current Situation and Major Problems', paper prepared for the Commission on Human Rights Sub-Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Working Group on Minorities, Ninth session, 12-16 May 2003, 2003
  10. 'Identity Politics in Africa: Complexities of Ethnicity, Religion and Regionalism', presentation to the Nordic African Institute / S[wedish] I[nternational] D[evelopment Cooperation] A[gency], Stockholm, Mar 2010
Folder 3: offprints from publications, 1998-2009 and n.d. [c.1983-1999], and related papers, comprising:
  1. 'The Deepening Economic Crisis and its Political Implications', by Yusuf Bangura, Rauf[u] Mustapha and Saidu Adamu, from Africa Development, n.d. [c.1983]
  2. 'The 17 May 1997 Parliamentary Elections in Cameroon' from an unidentified publication, n.d. [c.1997]
  3. 'The Nigerian Transition: Third Time Lucky or More of the Same?' from Review of African Political Economy, with draft, n.d. [c.1999]
  4. 'Peasant Social Structure, Politics and Democratisation in Nigeria', from People's Rights, Social Movements and the State in the Third World (New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1998), and an annotated photocopy of the article, 1998 and n.d. [c.1998]
  5. 'Colonialism and Environmental Perception in Northern Nigeria' from Oxford Development Studies, Vol. 31, No. 4, Dec 2003, of which Mustapha was Guest Editor, and a photocopy of the Editor's Introduction and his article, [2003]
  6. 'Institutionalising Ethnic Representation: How Effective is Affirmative Action in Nigeria?', from Journal of International Development 21, 2009, [2009]


  • [1986]-2010 and n.d. [c.1983-2008]


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MS. 15476/12

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