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'Lib. 51-93', 'Hope'-'Zeal', c.1605-1608

MS. Eng. th. b. 2
Held at the Weston Library

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'Lib. 51-93', 'Hope'-'Zeal', including:

  1. (pp. 103-118) accounts of the executions of Mark Barkworth, Roger Filcock and Ann Line, 1601, with (p. 116) a four-part setting, attributed to 'Mr. Byrd', of the words 'Hec est dies ... domini gaudiamus ... et letemur in ea' sung by Barkworth on his way to execution;
  2. (pp. 121-130) list of English martyrs in chronological order, 286 to 1608;
  3. (pp. 395-413) list of persecuted English Catholics;
  4. (pp. 822-836) papers relating to the imprisonment and interrogation of Sir Thomas Tresham, with (p. 823) an engraving of his coat of arms;
  5. (pp. 860-80) copy of a treatise by, and letters of, Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester.

Pp. i-ii are fragments of a commission to the justices of Northamptonshire to inquire into the recusancy of Mary Brudenell of Deane, temp. James I.

At pp. 41, 315, 649 are three historiated initials from a liturgical manuscript, made perhaps in England, early 14th cent.


  • Creation: c.1605-1608


966 pages

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Eng. th. b. 2