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Collections from (1) public records, and (2) private and ecclesiastical archives, Transcripts and Copies and abstracts of grants and Transcripts of charters an various other writings in Latin, Written 1640-1643 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in 1636-1637 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in 1645-1647 by Roger Dodsworth and others

MSS. Dodsworth 90, 91, 92
Held at the Weston Library

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MS. Dodsworth 90, 1640-1643, 176 leaves: Collections from (1) public records, and (2) private and ecclesiastical archives:

1. Fol. 25, etc.:

  1. Fols. 25, 33. Extracts from the pipe roll of 30 Hen. iii (fol. 25) and 29 Hen. iii (fol. 33)
  2. Fols. 29, 134, 173v. transcripts of the cartae of 1166 in the Red Book of the Exchequer
  3. Fol. 43. brief notes from 14th-cent. charter rolls
  4. Fol. 55v. extract from the close roll of 24 Ed. i, for which see Hunter's Three Catalogues, art. 5
  5. Fols. 68, 93. copy by Dodsworth of a list of sheriffs of Northumberland (fol. 68) and Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire (fol. 93), extracted from the pipe rolls 1 Hen. ii-Charles i by William Burnet, formerly Custos rotulorum and at that time one of the clerks of the Pipe
  6. Fols. 135, 138, 178. abstracts from the Abbreviatio placitorum
  7. Fol. 198. incomplete copy of a return, from an original in the Exchequer (K.R.), to an inquisition of 'lands of the Normans' in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertford, and Hereford, probably of 1244

2. Fol. 50, etc.:

  1. Fol. 50. Extracts from the chartulary of Newstead, co. Notts., at that time in the possession of John Byron of Newstead and now Add. MS. 35170 in the British Museum
  2. Fols. 58, 134. copies of 14th-15th-cent. deeds, including the will dated 1304 of Richard de Willoughby (fol. 58), from the evidences of sir Henry Willoughby, bart., of Risley, co. Derby.
  3. Fol. 66. three deeds from 'Mr Levets booke of Castle Bytham evidences'
  4. Fols. 107, 137, 142, 158v. copies of 12th-15th-cent. charters from sir Christopher Hatton's 'book of seals'
  5. Fol. 130. a fragment from Henry of Huntingdon 'De contemptu mundi', and another from a MS. of his history in the possession of sir Simonds D'Ewes
  6. Fol. 140. notes with pedigrees of Mountney and Tilly from Gascoigne's transcripts of charters in private archives
  7. Fol. 158. notes of the foundation of monasteries, from the collections of John Layer of Shepreth, co. Cambs.
  8. Fol. 160. collections from bishop Kellaw's register, which is printed as Registrum Palatinum Dunelmense in the Rolls series.

Fols. 1-24 and 49 are missing. There is an index of names at fol. v, made by Dodsworth before the loss of leaves.

MS. Dodsworth 91, 1636-1637, 188 leaves: 1. Fol. 1. Transcripts, with marginalia by Dodsworth, of deeds in St. Mary's Tower, York, relating to:

  1. Fol. 1. the priory of Newburgh, being 108 12th-15th-cent. deeds concerning property granted by the families of Mowbray, Menil of Osgodby, Skipwith of Skipwith, Rivers, Dalton, and Percy, and concerning also Brafferton church, Gorham, and Wombelton
  2. Fol. 69. Byland abbey, being 126 grants by Fossard, Mowbray, Newburgh, Coleville, etc., of land chiefly in the North Riding, and much of it near Thirsk, including agreements with St. Peter's, York, and documents concerning Scawton chapel and Arden nunnery
  3. Fol. 99. a fine of 33 Hen. ii

2. Fol. 157. Copies and abstracts of grants from:

  1. Fol. 157. 'Mr Fairfax of Menston's booke', relating to land in Horsforth, some derived from the charters of Walter Stanhope of Horsforth
  2. Fol. 159. deeds of Robert Shirburn of Little Mitton, co. Lancs., Dec. 28, 1636, concerning land in Little Mitton and Caterall
  3. Fol. 161. deeds of Lister of Arnaldbiggin by Gisburne, Dec. 22, 1637, and (fol. 163) of sir Peter Middleton of Stockeld, Dec. 12, 1637, the latter concerning land in Middleton, near Ilkley, and Ryedale from the 12th cent.
  4. Fol. 169. deeds of Fawkingham or Folkingham of Leeds, relating to the Sywardby and other families, including four early York wills, pedigrees of Exelby and Leeming, and an account of the foundation of the nunnery of Arden, printed in the Monasticon as from the Hatton library

There is an index of names at fol. iii by Dodsworth, whose hand also occurs at fols. 134v, 159, 163, 169, 173.

MS. Dodsworth 92, 1645-1647, 176 leaves: 1. Fol. 1. Transcripts of charters in the possession of:

  1. Fol. 1. William West of Middleton by Lancaster, relating to Sawley abbey and including grants by Vavasour and Goldsburgh (manors of Bolton by Bowland and Tadcaster) from the 12th cent.
  2. Fol. 33. Henry Arthington, esq., of Arthington, being copies made by Dodsworth with sketches of seals, concerning land in Bridge Hewick and Bondgate in Ripon, Warlaby in the North Riding and Arthington and Castley in Wharfedale, and relating in part to the Cluniac nunnery of Arthington (fol. 55)

2. Fol. 69:

  1. Fol. 69. Extracts by Dodsworth from York sede vacante registers, A.D. 1405-7 (fols. 69, 78v), 1297-1300 (fol. 71), 1304-5 (fol. 73v), 1340-2 (fol. 75), 1315-17 (fol. 76v), from a chapter register, 1396-8 (fol. 77v), and 1352-6 (fols. 79, 88)
  2. Fol. 81. transcripts of deeds from a Registrum memorandorum civitatem tangentium, probably identical with the York city register B/Y
  3. Fol. 89. copy of a rental of 1340 of Bolton priory, and (fols. 95, 104) some Yorkshire fines extracted from the Percy chartulary
  4. Fol. 98. copies of 12th-14th-cent. deeds relating to Waterton near Garthorpe in Lincolnshire, from the evidences of sir Edward Plumpton of Plumpton, Aug. 16, 1646, with a pedigree of Waterton (fol. 98v), and (fol. 111) copies of 13th-16th-cent. charters of Stephen Tempest, esq., of Broughton, concerning the Craven fee, deeds of the Walkingham, Willesthorp, de la Pole, and Burgh families for the manor of Cowthorpe, 13th-15th centt., with (fol. 119) some genealogical notes
  5. Fol. 137. a copy made in 1610 of a charter [1138-46] of earl Alan iii to his burgesses of Richmond, followed (fol. 143) by a valor of chantries and gilds in Yorkshire, 37 Hen. viii, for which see further Hunter's Three Catalogues, art. 17
  6. The certificates upon which the valor is founded are printed in Yorkshire Chantry Surveys (Surtees Soc.), pp. 1-370
  7. Fol. 175. an account of 'my lord's [Henry Clifford] costs from Skipton to London and att London att his lordshipp' creation as earl of Cumberland in somer anno xvii regis Henrici viii', from the Skipton archives, 1645
  8. Fol. 183. rough genealogical notes for Yorkshire by Dodsworth from his own collections and from Archer.

There is an index of names by Dodsworth at fol. iv.

(fols. 17-32 are wanting)


  • Creation: Written 1640-1643 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in 1636-1637 by Roger Dodsworth and others, written in 1645-1647 by Roger Dodsworth and others


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Language of Materials

  • Latin


MSS. Dodsworth 90, 91, 92

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, nos. 5031-5033

Custodial History

MS. Dodsworth 90: ('R' in circle)

MS. Dodsworth 91: ('RRR')

MS. Dodsworth 92: ('R' in triangle)


  • MS. Dodsworth 90: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 12, 13, 17.
  • MS. Dodsworth 91: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , art. 3.
  • MS. Dodsworth 92: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 5, 9, 12-16.

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