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Miscellaneous notes, literary pieces, and further antiquarian collections, Notes from the evidences of north-country families and Narratives of the foundation of (fol. 1) St. Mary's, York, etc., Written about 1636, written in 1637-1641, written in 1642-1649 by Roger Dodsworth and others

MSS. Dodsworth 61, 62, 63
Held at the Weston Library

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MS. Dodsworth 61, 1636, 183 leaves: 1. Fol. 1. Miscellaneous notes, chiefly from private evidences, comprising:

  1. Fol. 3. a descent in English of the family of Molyneux of Sefton in Lancashire, to 1590
  2. Fol. 8. genealogical notes from family deeds of Hesketh, for which cp. MS. Dodsworth 142, fol. 108
  3. Fol. 19. extracts by Dodsworth out of Richard Gascoigne's collections (cp. MS. Dodsworth 62), vol. 'K', from the Whitby chartulary 'in custodia Ricardi Cholmley militis, 9 Aug. 1623' (cp. MSS. Dodsworth 145, fol. 22, and 159, fol. 116)
  4. Fol. 25v. documents relating to Whalley abbey in Lancashire, including original instructions signed by Thomas Cromwell about 1537, a 16th-cent. copy of the 'status de Blackburnshire', a history of the church of Whalley to about 1300, hence printed in the Monasticon, v. 642, followed by an abstract of the evidences of Talbot of Bashall, with pedigrees, relating to the manor of Halton in Craven
  5. Fol. 41). copies of three letters, 1633, relating to seating in the choir of York Minster, depositions in the Lancashire witchcraft case, 1633, hence printed in Whitaker's Whalley (4th ed.), i. 300-4 (fol. 45), and a copy of a short letter dated Feb. 1586 describing the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (fol. 53)

2. Fol. 60. Literary pieces, including:

  1. Fol. 60. autograph verses in English and Latin on Charles i, by John Ashmore, addressed to dr. Levet
  2. Fol. 63. a copy of 'Sir John Suckling's letter out of Scotland, April 1639', followed by some epitaphs in Chester cathedral (fol. 64)
  3. Fol. 66v. autograph verses by Peter Leigh on the death of sir Roger Puleston, beg. 'Put on your mourning weeds ye sisters nine', on the Gunpowder Plot, beg. 'What, should I sacred muses helpe implore?' (fol. 72), and on the death of mr. Thomas Yate, beg. 'Alas poore muse, what wast thou only borne' (fol. 74v)
  4. Fol. 76. 'Querela ecclesiae de Penwortham in comitatu Lancastriae, per Johannem Richardson, Oxoniensem, in artibus magistrum, facta 23 Nov. 1634', a satire against sir John Fleetwood, the patron

3. Fol. 78. Further antiquarian collections, including:

  1. Fols. 78, 98) extracts from the evidences of Booth of Twemlow in Cheshire from mr. [John] Booth's 'alphabet of Cheshire pedigrees', concerning the descent of Dewsbury and Booth, 1066-1635, and (fol. 98) notes from 'an old book of sir George Booth' on the title of sir Edmund Trafford and sir Robert Booth to Neston, Wimboldesley, and other Cheshire vills, from the 14th cent.
  2. Fol. 82. notes, primarily concerning the gild of st. Cuthbert, from an account-roll of the dissolved gilds in the city of Durham
  3. Fol. 90. foundation charter of the Premonstratensian abbey at Preston in Kendal (later Shap) and notes from the chartularies of Monk Bretton (fol. 92, cp. MS. Dodsworth 62) and Dieulacres (fol. 98v, cp. MS. Dodsworth 31)
  4. Fols. 114v, 117) original instructions, signed by Thomas Cromwell, 1536 (cp. supra, fol. 25v), concerning St. Mary's, York, of which Lansdowne MS. 973, fol. 52, in the British Museum appears to be a modern copy, with (fol. 115) instructions to the commissioners for Yorkshire monasteries, 1535
  5. Fol. 119. genealogical notes of the families of Chaworth, Pigot, Sandwith of Newton Grange (fol. 128), Percy of Kildale (fol. 129), from the Burton evidences, with a copy of the foundation charter of St. James's, Northampton, at fol. 120, from the chartulary which is now Cott. MS. Tib. E. v in the British Museum (cp. MS. Dodsworth 102, fol. 71)
  6. Fol. 151v. lists of knights' fees in Yorkshire, 31 Edw. i, probably from the York text, for which see Kirkby's Quest (Surtees Soc.) and cp. MS. Dodsworth 27
  7. Fol. 162. extracts from the registers of archbishops Multon, Greenfield (fol. 165v), Kemp (fol. 170), and Scrope (fol. 171)
  8. Fol. 173. notes from inquisitiones post mortem, temp. Hen. vi, of presentations to churches in Yorkshire, followed by brief pedigrees from the evidences of Caterall, Boothby (fol. 182), and Cutt of Horsham Hall (fol. 183)

Fols. 19-20v, 31-2v, 41, 52v, 76-81v, 119-28, 152, 171-81v are by Roger Dodsworth. There is an index of names on fol. i, and of matters historical on fol. viii.

MS. Dodsworth 62, 1637-1641, 92 leaves: Notes from the evidences of north-country families, including transcripts of or notes from:

  1. Fols. 1, 51, 58. Wortley muniments, with sketches of seals, relating to family property in south Yorkshire
  2. Fol. 54. deeds in the possession of sir Gervase Cutler of Staynbrough relating to the manor of Everingham (cp. MS. Dodsworth 32, fol. 47)
  3. Fol. 61. deeds belonging to sir William Constable of Holm (cp. MS. Dodsworth 100, fol. 92)
  4. Fol. 62. deeds of John Girlington of Thurland castle in Lancashire concerning the Salvin family
  5. Fol. 64. notes made by Richard Gascoigne (cp. MS. Dodsworth 61) in his books 'S' and 'T'
  6. Fol. 65. English abstracts of deeds relating to the manor of Sandhall by Skelton in Yorkshire, E.R.
  7. Fol. 83. archives of William Swinburne of Capheaton in Northumberland (cp. MS. Dodsworth 45)
  8. Fol. 89. deeds of John Butler of Kirkland in Lancashire.
  9. There are also notes from the chartularies of Monk Bretton (fol. 48v, cp. MS. Dodsworth 61) and Fountains abbey (fol. 52)
  10. The latter of these was at that time in St. Mary's Tower, York, and is now MS. Rawlinson 449
  11. At fol. 88 are notes of monuments in the parish church of Blankeney in Lincolnshire

Dodsworth's hand predominates in the following sections: fols. 1-14v, 23-5, 29-30v, 34-5v, 37-9, 41-2, 53, 61-6v, 84-90v. Fols. 79-82 are missing.

MS. Dodsworth 63, 1642-1649, 160 leaves: Narratives of the foundation of:

  1. Fol. 1. St. Mary's, York, by abbot Stephen, of which MS. Bodl. 39 contains another copy,
  2. Fol. 9. Byland
  3. Fol. 41. Jervaulx, from the missing leaves of the Byland chartulary, which was at that time in the possession of John Rushworth, esq., of Lincoln's Inn, and now Egerton MS. 2823 in the British Museum, collated with the chartulary by Dodsworth and Henry Sterling and again by Thomas lord Brudenell

There are also:

  1. Copies of two bulls of pope Adrian iv (fol. 32v) and other transcripts made by Dodsworth himself from twenty-three of the leaves which are now missing
  2. Fol. 78v. Extracts from deeds in the Court of Augmentations comprising grants to the houses of Catesby, Trentham, Bordesley, Alcester, the Charterhouse in London, and Arbury
  3. Notes from the Aconbury chartulary, now P.R.O. Exch. misc. bk. no. 55 (fol. 83),
  4. Notes from a roll concerning Sherborne in Dorset and its cell of Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire (fol. 90)
  5. Notes from charters, now Ancient Deeds, series B (fol. 93)
  6. Notes from the register of St. Mary of Cormeilles (fol. 98)
  7. Notes from deeds relating to Pipewell (fol. 102v), Daventry, Monmouth (fol. 104), Dore, and St. Denis. (fols. 114, 123, 128v, 146)
  8. Notes, out of the collections of sir Simonds D'Ewes, from a partition of the Bohun inheritance printed in Rot. Parl. iv. 135-40 (fol. 114)
  9. Pedigrees of Hoo (fol. 123), Engaine (fol. 128), and Carew (fol. 128v)
  10. Notes from the same collector's 'book of pleas' (fol. 146)
  11. Fol. 126v. Pedigrees of Huntercombe, from mr. Bush's 'book of the descents of the nobility'; of Leigh of Rushall, 'from an old missal in the custody of colonel Leigh' (fol. 127); of Lovel, Sandford, and Holland, from the collections of John Booth of Twemlow, esq. (fol. 129)
  12. Church notes from Beddington in Surrey (fol. 124)

At fol. 122 are a few notes from plea rolls 37-54 Hen. iii; at fols. 136, 144 brief notes from pipe rolls of Ric. i-Edw. iii and some Chancery records. There is an index of names at the beginning. Fols. 58-79v, 83-97v, 99v-100v, 102v-3v, 109-10, 117v-29, 131-2v, 137v-8, 141-53v are by Dodsworth.


  • Creation: Written about 1636, written in 1637-1641, written in 1642-1649 by Roger Dodsworth and others


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MSS. Dodsworth 61, 62, 63

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Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, nos. 5003-5005

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MS. Dodsworth 61: ('K' in circle)

MS. Dodsworth 62: ('KKK')

MS. Dodsworth 63: ('K' in triangle)


  • MS. Dodsworth 61: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 3-5, 7, 9-12, 16-17, 20-2, 23, 25-6, 37, 39, 44, 48-9.
  • MS. Dodsworth 62: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 6, 12, 13.
  • MS. Dodsworth 63: See also Hunter's Three Catalogues , artt. 4, 16, 19.

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