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Collection of 20 Greek, Latin and English pieces, Made up of 20 pieces written in the 15th-17th century

MS. Arch. Selden B. 8
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. 16th century, (fol. 3). 'Πορϕνρίον Φiλοσόϕον Eίσαγωγὴ είς τὴν 'Аποτελεσματικὴν τοῦ Πτολεμαίου, ώς ϕασί, a commentary on the Tετράβιβλος of Ptolemy, attributed also to Antiochus the astronomer: beg. 'Eπειδὴ τά περί τῆς συγκρατικῆς ends (in a chapter Περί τοῦ οίκοδεσπότου) ὂσπερ ἄρξει μεγάλου ἀποτελσματος. Tὸ δὲ λοιπὸν οὐχ εὓρηται'. Exbibliotheca regia. Parisijs. Joannes Dee, 1550.'
  2. Early 17th century, (fol. 13). A list of 'Libri Arabici et Hebraici MSS. qui in Ambrosiana Bibliotheca asseruantur', with a few Persian and Turkish.
  3. 16th century, (fol. 16). 'Gregoræ Nicephori philosophi de structura Astrolabi ... Georgio Valla Placenti[n]o interprete', with diagrams, in Latin: beg. 'Exterius conceptaculum quod tympana comprehendit', followed by similar Latin translations by Valla ofc Aristarchi Samij de magnitudinibus et distantiis solis et lunæ', with diagrams (fol. 21), 'Timæi Locri de uniuersitatis natura' (fol. 32v), 'Cleonidæharmonicum introductorium' (fol. 40), all with prefaces.
  4. 2nd half of the 15th century, (fol. 53). 'Liber Messehallah astrologi qui interpretatur Quod Deus voluit in coniunccione & recepcione', but the first part is lost, the text beginning 'perficietur res iussu Dei': followed at fol. 59v by Messahala's 'Significaciones planetarum in domibus xij' (beg. 'Sol cum fuerit in ascendente'), and at fol. 63 by Albumazar's treatise De partibus & eorum causis (beg. 'Antiqui sapientes in iudiciis suis').
  5. Early 17th century, (fol. 65). 'That the Kinges of England haue bin pleased vsually to consult with their Peares in the great Councell & Commons in Parliament of Mariadge Peace & Warre corrected and signed by sir 'Ro: Cotton.'
  6. A.D. 1600, (fol. 84). 'The chiefe places where ... Spices do growe in the East Indies, gathered ... by R: Hakluyt' This noat was made in February 1600.' Some notes on the value of diamonds and pearls follow (on foll. 86v, 87r), and accounts by Hakluyt of the best merchandize to bring from the East Indies to Spain (fol. 89) and to take from Spain to the East Indies, etc. (fol. 93).
  7. About 1640-45, (fol. 99). 'A Discourse written by Sr John Suckling Knight to the Earle of Dorsett' on Socinianism, with a preface, 1637.
  8. Last quarter of the 16th century, (fol. 118). 'Entrate della Chiesa, con le Prouisioni che paga nostro Signore ai Cardinali, a'i Nuntij etc., an account of the receipts and payments of the Papal establishment, in connexion with the various offices of the Court, both at Rome, in the Papal States and elsewhere, compiled about 1580-90 (?).
  9. Soon after A.D. 1653, (fol. 147). Short Latin pieces by John Brisco, six in verse, about events of the Civil War, 1643-5, one a prose account of his own life addressed to the society of Lincoln's Inn, London, in 1653, all apparently autograph.. Fol. 153 should follow 150. A letter by him to Selden presenting these papers is at fol. 146.
  10. About (d. 1630-40), (fol. 155). 'A Relation of what hath happened in the Dutchyes of Mantoua & Montferrat ... 1628 vnto ... 1629, written by Sr Isaac Wake his majesties Ambassador in Italy', a copy.
  11. About A.D. 1600, (fol. 169). A Latin form of creating a Count Palatine, as used by Rudolph ii or v, emperor of Austria and Germany (d. 1611).
  12. About A.D. 1623, (fol. 182). A Latin speech at Oxford on the return of prince Charles from Spain, perhaps delivered on Oct. 30, 1623, beginning 'Veneranda Capita, Viri grauissimi, Pubes lectissima. Polycrates cum cumulum'.
  13. Soon after A.D. 1633, (fol. 190). Copies of 'Communications betweene Mr Balzac and Mr du Moulin', being two letters of the latter, one dated 1633, and one of the former, on the subject of Protestantism, in English: Moulin's begg. 'Sir, I haue receiued the booke', 'Sir, I had long since answered', Balzac's beg. 'Sir, there is no modestie' . N (about A.D. 1650) 14 (fol. 200). 'E codice MS. Abrahamj Judaej N. 40. in Bibliotheca Bodleiana', a transcript of an astronomical treatise in MS. Digby 40* above: beg. 'Rationibus demonstrauit Ptolemæus'.
  14. About A.D. 1650?, (fols. 210, 235). Two letters or discourses from 'Ahmet Benaudula [b. 'Abdallah], servus ... Halifa Regis Maurorum Muleyzidam', addressed to three European princes and written A. H. 1021 = A.D. 1612: the first is on Christianity, the second on free will, both in Latin; the first beg., after the exordium, 'Respondens igitur Magnanimi Principes'.
  15. About A.D. 1620?, (fol. 242). A copy of a Latin letter from George Carleton to William Camden about the Cimmerians: beg. '... Dum nuper (mi Camdene) Brittanniam tuam'.
  16. About A.D. 1640, (fol. 249). A short treatise on Schism [by John Hales, Cr.]
  17. Middle of the 16th century,(fol. 266). A collection of Vaticinia or Prophecies, about 55 in number, almost all English [and contemporary. Cr.], in several hands, preceded by an index of first words, and (fol. 266v) 'Dysclosyng of Armes', a list of emblems attached to persons of distinction, beg. 'The Fawcon--Pawlett. The Fenyx--Semer. The dragon blew--Marques of Northamton', cf. fol. 300. Prophecies ascribed to Merlin, [Hildegardis], Robert the scribe of Bridlington, [Banester of Great Britain] and others occur. On fol. 266 is a song, 'I am a pwore prentis', and tune; cf. fol. 301v.
  18. 1st half of 17th century, (fol. 304). 'Lincolniensis de cessatione Legalium', Grosseteste's treatise, beg. 'Fuerunt plurimi in primitiva ecclesia'.
  19. About A.D. 1650, (fol. 315). 'Summaria Libri [Hugonis Grotii] de Imperio summarum Potestatum circà Sacra', as in the 1647 printed edition.


  • Creation: Made up of 20 pieces written in the 15th-17th century


335 Leaves

Language of Materials

  • Greek, Modern (1453-)
  • Latin
  • English


MS. Arch. Selden B. 8


Old Selden mark = B. 8

Other Finding Aids

Falconer Madan, et al., A summary catalogue of western manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford which have not hitherto been catalogued in the Quarto series (7 vols. in 8 [vol. II in 2 parts], Oxford, 1895-1953; reprinted, with corrections in vols. I and VII, Munich, 1980), vol. II, no. 3338

Custodial History

Manuscript 3352 acquired by the Bodleian Library

Physical Facet

On paper


12 7/8 × 8 3/4 in.

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Part of the Bodleian Libraries Repository

Weston Library
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