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Letter Book: Defence and Foreign Affairs, Apr-Aug 1986


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[The contents of this file were heavily weeded before it was transferred to the Conservative Party Archive. A contemporary index remains at the start of the file which shows what the full contents of the file, including list of correspondents, had been prior to weeding. Listed in the description below is what now remains in the file now. Please note, where copies of parliamentary briefs are included in the file, these have been preserved in order to maintain the integrity of the file and its index. However, a complete series of Conservative Research Department briefs are held separately, see Conservative Research Department Briefs, 1964-1985 (CRD/B)

Correspondents include:-
  1. Archer, Jeffrey, Deputy Conservative Party Chairman
  2. Bruce, Pauline, Scottish Conservative Party
  3. Faint, Kevin, Private Secretary to Lord Trefgarne, Minister of State for Defence Procurement
  4. Gillett, Bruce W., Traffic Accident Investigation Unit
  5. Hayes, Jerry, MP for Harlow
  6. Jenkin, Patrick, MP for Wanstead and Woodford
  7. Mennell, Alex, Private Secretary to Party Chairman Norman Tebbit
  8. Stanley, John, MP, Minister of State for the Armed Forces
  9. Tosh, Murray, Chairman, Ayr Constituency Conservative Association
  10. Trefgarne, George, 2nd Baron Trefgarne, Minister of State for Defence Procurement
  11. Woodhead, David, Private Secretary to George Younger, Secretary of State for Defence
  12. Wright, JS, Private Secretary to Michael Heseltine, Secretary of State for Defence
  13. Younger, George, Secretary of State for Defence
Subjects include:-
  1. Contact with members of the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa
  2. Links between the Conservative Party and the Union of the Democratic Centre, Argentina
  3. Overseas Aid
  4. Arms sales and overseas aid
  5. Liberal/SDP policy on Defence Procurement
  6. Trident/The Nuclear Deterrent
  7. Apartheid and sanction against South Africa
  8. Conservative Defence policy
The papers comprise:-

Index of the former contents of the letter book prior to it being weeded before transfer to the Conservative Party Archive, ND [c.1986]

Drafts for articles on Defence and Foreign Affairs issues:-
  1. Copy letter from the Prime Minister to David Steel MP recommended for inclusion in Conservative Monthly News concerning the Liberal-SDP Alliance policy towards the Trident programme, 04/04/1986
  2. Draft for Members' Brief concerning Libya, 16/04/1986
  3. Briefing Note: 'Questions and Answers on Libya', 17/04/1986
  4. Draft letter to The Spectator from Sir Peter Blaker MP concerning the US attack on Libya, Apr 1986
  5. Heavily annotated draft for Talking Politics article concerning Libya, Apr 1986
  6. Draft for Members' Brief concerning South Africa, 23/06/1986
  7. Draft for Members' Brief concerning South Africa, 02/07/1986
  8. Draft for Members' Brief concerning Defence, 02/07/1986
  9. Draft for Members' Brief concerning South Africa, 16/07/1986
  10. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'Defence', 30/07/1986
  11. Draft notes for Oxford University Conservative Association newsletter Inside Right article concerning 'Defence', 21/08/1986
Papers and briefing notes:-
  1. Standard draft template response to letters concerning the US attack on Libya, 21/04/1986
  2. Note, 'Politically Helpful MPs and Peers: Defence and Foreign Affairs', 22/04/1986
  3. Paper, 'Libya', 22/04/1986
  4. Review of the book 'Nuclear First Use' by Professor Neville Brown and General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, 28/04/1986
  5. Suggested questions for members of the Stratford-upon-Avon & South Warwickshire Conservative Association to ask Monsignor Bruce Kent, Chairman of CND, at a meeting in Alcester, 23/04/1986
  6. Note, 'Experts in the Field of Foreign Affairs and Defence' who are broadly favourable to Government (i.e., Conservative) policy, 28/04/1986
  7. Standard draft template response to letters advocating the return of National Service, 30/04/1986
  8. Paper, 'Survey of Labour Party Defence Policy', 02/05/1986
  9. Note, 'Terrorism', 07/05/1986
  10. Note to Scott Hamilton, Director of the Conservative Party's International Office, concerning unofficial contact with David Miles, a member of the Argentinian Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD) concerning organisational support for the UCD from the Conservative Party, 12/05/1986
  11. Note concerning 'Good News for British Expatriates', 13/05/1986
  12. Minutes of the meeting of the Conservative Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee on the subject of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee's visit to South East Asia, 13/05/1986
  13. Notes to assist John Stanley MP in his reply to the motion by Tam Dalywell MP following the US attack on Libya, 28/05/1986
  14. Paper, 'The Challenge of CND', 02/06/1986
  15. Paper, 'European Union of Women - British Section: Political Report', 03/06/1986
  16. Paper, 'Draft for Comprehensive Summary of Policy - External Affairs', [41pp], Robin Turner/JD, 03/06/1986
  17. Draft leaflet on Defence, 05/06/1986
  18. Paper, 'Lines to Take on Defence Policy Issues Arising from Liberal/SDP Opinion Poll', 06/06/1986
  19. Draft press release on the report of the SDP-Liberal Defence Commission, 09/06/1986
  20. Draft for leaflet on the European Community, 09/06/1986
  21. Correspondence between David Steel MP and George Younger MP concerning inconsistencies between SDP and Liberal concerning Trident and the replacement of Polaris, Jun 1986
  22. Paper, 'Passage on Opposition Defence and Disarmament Policy', 16/06/1986
  23. Paper, 'Use of Money saved by British withdrawal from UNESCO', 19/06/1986
  24. Draft template response to letters concerning the Conservative Party's position on South Africa, 01/07/1986
  25. Briefing for Party Chairman Norman Tebbit's meeting with CND, 'Lines to Take on Defence and Disarmament Issues', 04/07/1986
  26. 'Draft for Recess Briefing: Defence', 09/07/1986
  27. 'Draft for Recess Briefing: Foreign Affairs', 14/07/1986
  28. Paper, '"Partnership for Progress": Foreign Affairs and Defence', 23/07/1986
  29. 'Draft Questions and Answers on Defence' for students, 24/07/1986
  30. Draft leaflet, 'Britain and the World', 28/07/1986
  31. Paper, 'The Case for Trident', 04/08/1986
  32. Draft revised template response to letters concerning the Conservative Party's position on South Africa, 06/08/1986
Defence briefs:-
  1. DEF(86)3 Dockyard Services Bill, 11/04/1986 [Author: Robin Turner/JD]
  2. DEF(86)4 Defence, 16/06/1986 [Author: Robin Turner/JD]
Foreign Affairs briefs:-
  1. FA(86)1 South Africa, 13/06/1986 [Author: Robin Turner]


  • Apr-Aug 1986


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