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Letter Book: Defence and Foreign Affairs, Sep 1985-Apr 1986


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[The contents of this file were heavily weeded before it was transferred to the Conservative Party Archive. A contemporary index remains at the start of the file which shows what the full contents of the file, including list of correspondents, had been prior to weeding. Listed in the description below is what now remains in the file now. Please note, where copies of parliamentary briefs are included in the file, these have been preserved in order to maintain the integrity of the file and its index. However, a complete series of Conservative Research Department briefs are held separately, see Conservative Research Department Briefs, 1964-1985 (CRD/B)

Correspondents include:-
  1. Biggs-Davison, Sir John, MP for Epping Forest
  2. Dunlop, Andrew, Conservative Research Department
  3. Gregory, Conal, MP for York
  4. Guyver, Christopher, Conservative Research Department
  5. Harris, Robin, Director, Conservative Research Department
  6. Harbottle, Christine, Tavistock Hungry for Change
  7. Houston, John, Special Adviser, Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  8. Moate, Roger, MP for Faversham
  9. Nicholson, Emma, Conservative Party Vice-Chairman
  10. Reynolds, Mike, Vice-Chairman, York and Selby Area SDP
  11. Rock, Patrick, Conservative Research Department
  12. Spicer, Jim, MP for West Dorset
  13. Woodhead, David, Private Secretary to George Younger, Secretary of State for Defence
  14. Younger, George, Secretary of State for Defence
Subjects include:-
  1. The Middle East
  2. South Africa
  3. East/West Relations
  4. Conservative Party policy towards South Africa
  5. Turkey's relations with the West
  6. Trident
  7. Overseas Aid
  8. Conservative Defence policy
  9. Opposition parties' Defence policies
  10. Conservative Party recognition for the 'Friends of Niepodleglosc' in Poland
  11. International Law and the Allied bombing of Dresden in February 1945
  12. International Law and nuclear weapons
  13. Nuclear test ban
  14. Ministry of Defence business with Westland Plc
The papers comprise:-

Index of the former contents of the letter book prior to it being weeded before transfer to the Conservative Party Archive, ND [c.1986]

Drafts for articles on Defence and Foreign Affairs issues:-
  1. Draft notes for ToryTalk article concerning 'Six Years of Tory Achievements in Defence', 01/10/1985
  2. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'Defence', 15/10/1985
  3. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'Foreign Affairs', 12/11/1985
  4. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'The Middle East', 02/12/1985
  5. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'South Africa', 02/12/1985
  6. Draft notes for Politics Today article concerning 'Overseas Aid', 11/12/1985
  7. 'Draft Article for Wessex Area Young Conservatives' concerning Conservative Defence policy, 08/01/1986
  8. 'Draft Article for Oxford University Conservative Association newsletter Inside Right on East/West Relations and Arms Control' written on behalf of Michael Heseltine, Secretary of State for Defence, 10/01/1986
  9. 'Draft for Members' Brief' concerning Trident and the Tornado programme, 12/03/1986
Papers and briefing notes:-
  1. Note concerning 'Contradictions between the Liberals and Social Democratic Parties on the subject of Defence', 24/09/1985
  2. Amended draft brief concerning 'Relations with South Africa', 08/10/1985
  3. Note concerning 'South Africa', 23/10/1985
  4. Note concerning 'The Split between the Liberals and Social Democratic Parties on the subject of Defence', 30/10/1985
  5. Note concerning 'East/West Relations', ND [Dec 1985]
  6. Paper, 'Synopsis for Defence "Comprehensive Summary of Policy"', 13/12/1985
  7. Paper, 'Synopsis for External Affairs "Comprehensive Summary of Policy"', 16/12/1985
  8. Note, 'South Africa', 21/01/1986
  9. Note, 'Statements on Trident by Opposition Spokesman', 31/01/1986
  10. Note, 'Opposition Policy on the Strategic Defence Initiative', 13/02/1986
  11. Note, 'Conservative Policy on Defence', 17/02/1986
  12. Note concerning 'The Effect of CND Policies', 12/03/1986
  13. Mr Denis Healey and Labour's Nuclear Defence Policy, 13/03/1986
  14. Note concerning Trident, 'Opposition Lies', 17/03/1986
  15. Draft summary of Conservative Party policy aimed at schoolchildren, 'Overseas Aid', 19/03/1986
  16. Paper, 'Draft for Comprehensive Summary of Policy - Defence', [31pp], Robin Turner/JD, 20/03/1986
  17. Draft Reply to Mr Mike Reynolds [of the SDP concerning a 'nuclear freeze', Mar 1986
  18. Mr Denis Healey and Labour's Nuclear Defence Policy, 10/04/1986
Defence briefs:-
  1. DEF(85)7 Dockyard Services Bill, 26/11/1985 [Author: Robin Turner/JD]
  2. DEF(86)1R The Strategic Defence Initiative, 27/01/1986 [Author: Robin Turner/JD]
  3. DEF(86)2 The Strategic Defence Initiative, 14/02/1986 [Author: Robin Turner/JD]
Foreign Affairs briefs:-
  1. FA(85)6R World Poverty, 18/10/1985 [Author: Robin Turner]
  2. FA(85)7R Relations with South Africa, 21/10/1985 [Author: Robin Turner]
  3. FA(85)8 Famine in Africa, 12/12/1985 [Author: Robin Turner]


  • Sep 1985-Apr 1986


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