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Education and Training Policy Group (PG/86/5): Minutes and papers circulated, Oct 1986-Jan 1987

CRD 4/5/83

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Minutes includes:-
  1. PG/86/5/AM/1: Minutes of 1st meeting, 16/10/1986
  2. PG/86/5/AM/2: Minutes of 2nd meeting, 29/10/1986
  3. PG/86/5/AM/3: Minutes of 3rd meeting, 12/11/1986
  4. PG/86/5/AM/4: Minutes of 4th meeting, 20/11/1986
  5. PG/86/5/AM/5: Minutes of 5th meeting, 25/11/1986
  6. PG/86/5/AM/6: Minutes of 6th meeting, 19/12/1986
  7. PG/87/5/AM/7: Minutes of 7th (final) meeting, 06/01/1987
Papers includes:-
  1. PG/86/5/SP/1: Centralisation and decentralisation in the educational system, Dr Gillian Peele, 19/10/1986
  2. PG/86/5/SP/2: 16-19 Provision - Questions to be Answered, Andrew Turner, 24/10/1986
  3. PG/86/5/SP/3: DE Provision for 16-19 year olds, JH/JD, 23/10/1986
  4. PG/86/5/SP/4: The Future of Education and Training, Hamish Orr-Ewing, ND
  5. PG/86/5/SP/5: Lower Attaining Pupils Programme (LAPP): Issues for Discussion, Jul 1986
  6. PG/86/5/SP/6: Conference of the Lower Attaining Pupils' Programme, AF Turberfield, Apr 1984
  7. PG/86/5/SP/7: Some General Aims for Further Education and Higher Education and Training in Britain, Sir Henry Chilver, ND [c. Nov 1986]
  8. PG/86/5/SP/8: Conference on Employment in the 1990s: Educational and Industrial Action for Recovery, Professor KJ Durrands, Rector, Huddersfield University, 03/03/1986
  9. PG/86/5/SP/9: Projections of Demand for Higher Education in Great Britain 1986-2000, ND [Nov 1986; Author not given]
  10. PG/86/5/SP/10: Student Loans: Some Policy Considerations, Dr Gillian Peele, University of Oxford, ND [Nov 1986]
  11. PG/86/5/SP/11: Student Finance - Supplementary Note to Dr. Peele's Paper, Andrew Turner, 13/11/1986
  12. PG/86/5/SP/12: Points of Agreement by Schools Sub-Group, AJT/RCJ, 25/11/1986
  13. PG/86/5/SP/13: Higher Education: Research and Resources, Dr Gillian Peele, University of Oxford, ND [Dec 1986]
  14. PG/86/5/SP/14: Schools Government, AJT/RCJ, 01/12/1986
  15. PG/86/5/SP/15: School Reforms, Tony Baldry, Dec 1986
  16. PG/86/5/SP/16: The Future Development of Higher Education, Sir Henry Chilver, ND [Dec 1986]
  17. Draft Final Points of Agreement of the Policy Group on Education and Training, 09/01/1987
  18. PG/86/5/FR: Report of the Policy Group on Education and Training, Andrew Turner and Tony Kerpel, 09/01/1987


  • Oct 1986-Jan 1987


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CRD 4/5/83

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