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CRD briefs on Education, 1985-1986

CRD 4/5/14

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The papers comprise
  1. ED(85)9R Student Grants, 22/11/1985 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  2. ED(85)10R Education (Amendment) Bill, 03/12/1985 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  3. ED(85)12 Student Grants 1986-1987, 17/12/1985 [Author: AJ Turner]
  4. ED(86)1 Students' Grants and Benefits, 10/01/1986 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  5. ED(86)2 Students' Grants and Benefits, ND [Author: Andrew Turner]
  6. ED(86)3R Schools and Teachers' Pay, 16/01/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  7. ED(86)4R Schools and Teachers' Pay, 22/01/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  8. ED(86)5R The Politicisation of Education, 30/01/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  9. ED(86)6R ILEA's Rate Precept 1986-7, 10/02/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  10. ED(86)7R NUS Lobby - Students' Grants and Benefits, 11/02/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  11. ED(86)8 The Proposed Teachers' Pay Settlement, 05/03/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  12. ED(86)9R Opposition Motion to call attention to the case for a new structure for the governance and funding of the universities and polytechnics, 05/03/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  13. ED(86)10R The Education Bill, 06/03/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  14. ED(86)11 Students' Grants and Benefits, 12/03/1986 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  15. ED(86)12R GCSE (The General Certificate of Secondary Education), 15/04/1986 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  16. ED(86)13 Schools, 18/04/1986 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  17. ED(86)14R The Opposition Parties and Education, 01/05/1986 [Author: Andrew Turner]
  18. ED(86)15 Education Bill, 06/06/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  19. ED(86)16R Announcement on Students' Grants and Benefits, 18/06/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  20. ED(86)17 [Vacant]
  21. ED(86)18R Education Questions and Answers, 01/07/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  22. ED(86)19R Announcement on Students' Grants and Benefits, 02/07/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  23. ED(86)20 The Education Bill, 18/07/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  24. ED(86)21 [Vacant]
  25. ED(86)22 The Government's Announcement on Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Service, 04/11/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  26. ED(86)23R Teachers' Pay and Conditions - The Government's Reaction to the Employers' Proposals, 27/11/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]
  27. ED(86)24 Teachers' Pay and Conditions Bill, 04/12/1986 [Author Andrew Turner]


  • 1985-1986


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CRD 4/5/14

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