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Transport briefs, 1968-1971


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The papers comprise:
  1. PTC(68)1 Transport Holding Company Bill, 11/01/1968 [Author: DCM/SJB]
  2. PTC(68)2 British Railways Deficit - revised supplementary estimates, 18/01/1968 [Author: DCM/SJB]
  3. PTC(68)3 The Case Against the Transport Bill. Speakers' Brief on the Freight Proposals, 22/01/1968 [Author: GRTB/DCM/SJB]
  4. PTC(68)4 The Case Against the Transport Bill. Speakers' Brief on Passenger Transport Authorities, 06/02/1968 [Author: MRDH/DCM/SJB]
  5. PTC(68)5 [Vacant]
  6. PTC(68)6 The Transport Bill - A Regional Survey, 06/03/1968 [Author: DCM/SJB]
  7. PTC(68)7 Transport Bill - End of Committee Stage, 15/05/1968 [Author: DCM/SJB]
  8. Supplement to PTC(68)7, 20/05/1968 [Author: DCM/SJB]
  9. PTC(68)8 The White Paper on London Transport and Comparison of the Proposals with those for the P.T.A.'s, 11/07/1968 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  10. PTC(68)9 Changes in the Transport Bill. House of Lords Report Stage, 02/10/1968 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  11. Supplement to PTC(68)9. Amendments to Lords Report Stage, 09/10/1968 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  12. PTC(68)10 [Vacant]
  13. PTC(68)11 Conclusion of the Transport Bill, 20/10/1968 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  14. PTC(68)12 Transport (London) Bill, 12/12/1968 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  15. PTC(69)1 Background to the White Paper on Reorganisation of the Ports, 24/04/1969 [Author: DCM/CvL]
  16. PTC(69)2-3 [Vacant]
  17. PTC(69)4 Ports Bill, 16/12/1969 [Author: CPAJ/VJT]
  18. PTC(70)1 The Highways Bill, 04/12/1970 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  19. PTC(71)1 Commuter Rail Fares, 17/03/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  20. PTC(71)2 Motor Vehicle (Passenger Insurance) Bill, 25/03/1971 [Author:CPAJ/GD]
  21. PTC(71)3 Railway Fare Increases, 16/04/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  22. PTC(71)4 Mersey Docks and Harbour Bill 1971, 23/04/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  23. Addendum to PTC(71)4 The Transport Holding Company Bill, 23/11/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  24. PTC(71)5 Debate on the Drivers' Hours (Passenger and Goods Vehicles) (Modifications) Order 1971, 11/05/1971 [Author: JRG/GD]
  25. PTC(71)6 The Transport Holding Company Bill, 19/11/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  26. PTC(71)7 The Harbour (Loans) Bill, 20/12/1971 [Author: CPAJ/GD]


  • 1968-1971


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