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Trade & Industry Committee briefs, 1984


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The papers comprise:
  1. T&I(84)1 Brief for the Opposition Day Debate on Scott Lithgow, 20/01/1984 [Author: Richard Ehrman]
  2. T&I(84)2 'The need for Her Majesty's Government to assist British Aerospace in the development of the Airbus 320', 20/01/1984 [Author: Nigel Hawkins/Richard Ehrman]
  3. T&I(84)3R Reuters - a note for the debate on Mr Austin Mitchell's Motion, 26/01/1984 [Author: Richard Ehrman]
  4. T&I(84)4 Opposition Day Debate on Shipbuilding, 27/01/1984 [Author: Richard Ehrman]
  5. T&I(84)5 The Co-Operative Development Agency and Industrial Development Bill, 02/02/1984 [Author: Richard Ehrman]
  6. T&I(84)6R Brief for the debate on new technology, 16/02/1984 [Author: Richard Ehrman]
  7. T&I(84)7 Brief for the debate on European Community Document 7619/83 on Developments in Information Technology (Esprit), 19/03/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  8. T&I(84)8 Telecommunications Bill - consideration of Lords amendment, 05/04/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  9. T&I(84)9 Motion on the European Community Documents on the European Regional Development Fund, 04/05/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  10. T&I(84)10 [Vacant]
  11. T&I(84)11R The Co-Operative Development Agency and Industrial Development Bill, 13/06/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  12. T&I(84)12 Brief for the debate on New Technology with special reference to INMOS Inc. on an Opposition Motion, 19/06/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  13. T&I(84)13Brief for the Debate on a Motion on the British Shipbuilders Borrowing Powers (Increase of Limit) Order, 25/06/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  14. T&I(84)14 A brief on the debate on the Gower Report on the Review of Investor Protection in the Financial Services Sector, 12/07/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  15. T&I(84)15 A brief for the debate on the British Steel Corporation (Borrowing Powers) Order, 20/07/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  16. T&I(84)16 Films Bill, 15/11/1984 [Author: AD/RDO]
  17. T&I(84)17 Crisis in the Shipbuilding Industry, 26/11/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  18. T&I(84)18 A Background Briefing on Regional Policy, 29/11/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]


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