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Social Services briefs (including Health), 1987


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The papers comprise:
  1. SS(87)1 Help with Heating Costs, 13/01/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  2. SS(87)2 The Effect of Private Enterprise on the National Health Service, 16/01/1987 [Author: Paul J Gardner]
  3. SS(87)3 Social Fund (Maternity and Funeral Expenses) Bill, 04/02/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  4. SS(87)4 Cosmopolitan Magazine Questionnaire, 10/02/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  5. SS(87)5 The Changing Pattern of Bed Usage/Numbers of Patients Treated, 10/02/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  6. SS(87)6 The Problems and Needs of Disabled People, 17/02/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  7. SS(87)7 Waiting Lists, 17/02/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  8. SS(87)8 Priorities for the Elderly - Health Care and Services for the Elderly, 24/02/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  9. SS(87)9 NHS Charges, 03/03/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  10. SS(87)10 Treatment and Care of Cancer Patients, 12/03/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  11. SS(87)11 Background Brief on Pensioners, 12/03/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  12. SS(87)12 The Changing Pattern of Bed Usage/Numbers of Patients Treated, 19/03/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  13. SS(87)13 The State of the National Health Service, 26/03/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  14. SS(87)14 The Health Education Council Report - The Health Divide (prepared for Members of Parliament), 26/03/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  15. SS(87)15 The Health Education Council Report - The Health Divide (prepared for Members of the House of Lords), 26/03/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  16. SS(87)16 Background Information for Members meeting the Maternity Alliance Lobby, 03/04/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  17. SS(87)17 English and Scottish National Health Service Charges and Services Regulations, 06/04/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  18. SS(87)18 Background Information for Members meeting the Disability Organisations Lobby, 07/04/1987 [Author: Janette Emery]
  19. SS(87)19 Health Service Pay, 23/04/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  20. SS(87)20 The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) Report on the Social Fund, 01/07/1987 [Author: Paul J Gardner]
  21. SS(87)21 Background Brief on Child Abuse, 08/07/1987 [Author: Paul J Gardner]
  22. SS(87)22 Information for Members meeting the Rescare Lobby, 13/07/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  23. SS(87)23 Supplementary Benefit (Requirements and Resources) Amendment Regulations 1987 and the Pensioners' Lump Sum Payments Order 1987, 21/07/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  24. SS(87)24 Background Information for Members meeting the Cancer Screening Lobby, 26/10/1987 [Author: Paul J Gardner]
  25. SS(87)25 The State of Child Health Services in the United Kingdom, 26/10/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  26. SS(87)26 The Needs and Problems of Disabled People, 26/10/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  27. SS(87)27 Social Security Uprating Statement, 27/10/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  28. SS(87)28 Background Information for Members meeting the Lobby on 'The Unborn Child', 27/10/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  29. SS(87)29 Social Security Bill, 29/10/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  30. SS(87)30 Health, Social Security and Social Services Spending - the Effect of the Autumn Statement, 04/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  31. SS(87)31 Child Benefit and Help for Low-Income Families, 04/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  32. SS(87)32 Social Security Orders and Regulations, 10/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  33. SS(87)33 Social Security Orders and Regulations, 12/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  34. SS(87)34 Family Credit (General Regulations) 1987, 16/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  35. SS(87)35 Housing Benefit (General) Regulations 1987, 17/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  36. SS(87)36 Alcohol Abuse, 24/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  37. SS(87)37 Promoting Better Health - The White Paper on Primary Health Care, 25/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  38. SS(87)38 The Health Service, 25/11/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  39. SS(87)39 Health and Medicines Bill, 03/12/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]
  40. SS(87)40 Financial Allocations to Health Authorities, 16/12/1987 [Author: Paul Gardner]


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