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Social Security briefs, 1985


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The papers comprise:
  1. SS(85)1R Water (Fluoridation) Bill, 10/01/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  2. SS(85)2 The National Health Service and Changes in the Social Security System, 07/02/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin/Christina Dykes]
  3. SS(85)3R Supplementary Benefit payments for fuel in periods of exceptionally severe weather, 13/02/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  4. SS(85)4R The need for a Disability Council by Royal Charter, 19/02/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  5. SS(85)5R The Limited List Proposals, 21/02/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  6. SS(85)6R National Pensioners' Convention petition, 04/03/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  7. SS(85)7 Changes proposed for Resettlement Units and Re-establishment Centres, 11/03/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  8. SS(85)8R NHS Charges, 11/03/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  9. SS(85)9R Supplementary Benefit: Board and Lodging, prepared for 21st March 1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  10. SS(85)10R Water (Fluoridation) Bill, 22/03/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  11. SS(85)11 Cervical Cancer, 27/03/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  12. SS(85)12R Opposition Motion of the Social Services and the Welfare State, 18/04/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes/Judith Chaplin]
  13. SS(85)13R Cervical Cytology, 02/05/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  14. SS(85)14R Social Security Bill, 23/05/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  15. SS(85)15 The 'Reform of Social Security' Green Paper, 03/06/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  16. SS(85)16R Problems of the Elderly, 05/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  17. SS(85)17R Nurses and Midwives Pay, 06/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  18. SS(85)18R The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970, 10/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  19. SS(85)19 Debate on the Green Paper on the reform of Social Security, 17/06/1985 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  20. SS(85)20 Child Benefit, 26/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  21. SS(85)21R Housing Benefit, 26/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  22. SS(85)22 Revised brief: Supplementary Benefit: Board and Lodging, 28/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  23. SS(85)23R The National Health Service, 28/06/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  24. SS(85)24R Community Care and the mentally ill and then mentally handicapped, 10/07/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  25. SS(85)25R Nurses and Midwives Pay, 11/07/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  26. SS(85)26R Social Security Up-rating, 25/07/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  27. SS(85)27R Water (Fluoridation) Bill, 21/10/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  28. SS(85)28 Revised brief: Supplementary Benefit: Board and Lodging, 19/11/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  29. SS(85)29R Community Care and the mentally ill and mentally handicapped, 29/11/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  30. SS(85)30 Social Security White Paper, 16/12/1985 [Author: Christina Dykes]


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