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Social Security briefs, 1984


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The papers comprise:
  1. SS(84)1 Opposition's Debate on Housing Benefit, 19/01/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  2. SS(84)2R The National Health Service in London, 25/01/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  3. SS(84)3R Deputising Services, 27/01/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  4. SS(84)4R Housing Benefit, 09/02/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  5. SS(84)5R The Welfare State, 09/02/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  6. SS(84)6R Private Members' Motions on Renal Services, 10/02/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  7. SS(84)7R The Elderly, 22/02/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes/Judith Walpole]
  8. SS(84)8R Debate on Women's Choices at Work and at Home, 02/03/1984 [Christina Dykes]
  9. SS(84)9R Lobby by Opticians, 05/03/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  10. SS(84)10R Prescription Charges, 08/03/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  11. SS(84)11 Oppostion Motion, 'Fuel Costs & Poverty', 20/03/1984 [Author: Nigel Hawkins/Christina Dykes/Judith Walpole]
  12. SS(84)12R Adjournment Debate on the Griffith's Report, 02/05/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  13. SS(84)13R The Health and Social Security Bill 1983, 16/05/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes/Judith Walpole]
  14. SS(84)14R The Social Security Reviews, 17/05/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  15. SS(84)15R The Griffiths Report, 05/06/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  16. SS(84)16R Opposition Supply Day debate on the Disparity between the Rich and Poor, 27/06/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  17. SS(84)17R Adjournment Debate on Disabled People, 28/06/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  18. SS(84)18R NHS, 04/07/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  19. SS(84)19A Housing Benefit, 19/07/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  20. SS(84)19 Social Security Uprating, 18/07/1984 [Author: Judith Walpole]
  21. SS(84)20R Debate on the DHSS Industrial Dispute, 25th October 1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  22. SS(84)20R Debate on the DHSS Industrial Dispute, Re-issued 21/11/1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  23. SS(84)21R Debate on the The Warnock Committee, 31st October 1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  24. SS(84)22R Benefits for the Blind, Lobby, 13th November 1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  25. SS(84)23R Report of the Warnock Committee, 19/11/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  26. SS(84)24R Social Security Bill, 22/11/1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  27. SS(84)25R Limited Drug List, 10/12/1984 [Author: Christina Dykes]
  28. SS(84)26R £1 Deduction from Long-Term Rate, 10/12/1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]
  29. SS(84)27R Supplementary Benefit: Board and Lodging, 12/12/1984 [Author: Judith Chaplin]


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