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Political Information briefs, 1974-1975


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The papers comprise:
  1. Extremism and Communist Infuence, 10/01/1974 [Author: DJN/JWF]
  2. PI(74)1 Independent Broadcasting Authority Bill, 28/01/1974 [Author: Geoffrey DM Block]
  3. The Queen's Speech, 14/03/1974 [Author: DJN/JWF]
  4. Debate on the Queen's Speech, 21/03/1974 [Author: DD/JWF]
  5. Review of Parliament, Week Ending March 22 1974 [No date or author given]
  6. Labour's Programme for Britain, 07/12/1976 [Author: DJN/ACS]
  7. Research Brief 3. The National Enterprise Board [No date; Author: DJ Robertson]
  8. An analysis of the electoral performance of the National Front and National Party at British Parliamentary Elections, February 1974-May 1977 [No date or author given]
  9. 1. Electoral Reform ['the first contribution in a series of papers on the British Constitution - the need for reform'], [No date; Author: David Robertson]
  10. PI(75)1 Devolution, 27/01/1975 [Author: DD/GDMB/MJD]
  11. PI(75)2 Quality and Cost of Public Administration, 11/02/1975 [Author: GDMB/MJD]
  12. PI(75)3 The Civil List and the Royal Revenues, 21/02/1975 [Author: Geoffrey DM Block]
  13. The Civil List and the Royal Revenues - Addendum to Brief PI(75)3, 25/02/1975 [Author: Geoffrey Block]
  14. PI(75)4 House of Lords: Debate on Subversion, 21/02/1975 [Author: DJN/MEM]
  15. PI(75)5 Sex Discrimination Bill, 24/03/1975 [Author: DLH/JVT]
  16. PI(75)6 Changing the Electoral System? 27/06/1975 [Author: JATD/CFR]
  17. PI(75)7 The Economy. Labour Quotations, 14/07/1975 [Author: DJN/JMR]
  18. PI(75)8 European Secondary Legislation, 31/10/1975 [Author: GDMB/LAE]
  19. PI(75)9 [Vacant]
  20. PI(75)10 Increased numbers and costs of Public Sector employment, 14/11/1975 [Author: DJN/JMR]
  21. PI(75)11 Money Lenders (Crown Agents) Bill, 24/11/1975 [Author: GDMB/FF]
  22. PI(75)12 Civil List Bill, 2nd reading, 4th December 1975 [Author: GDMB/SEG]
  23. PI(75)13 Civil Service Pay and Pensions, 09/12/1975 [Author: Geoffrey DM Block]


  • 1974-1975


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