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Housing briefs, 1971-1978


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The papers comprise:
  1. PHC(71)1 Debate on Rates and Rents, 05/05/1971 [Author: JRG/TH/ISW]
  2. PHC(71)2 Housing Finance, 16/07/1971 [Author: CEB/JRG/GD/ISW]
  3. Fair Deal for Housing, 22/07/1971 [Author: JRG/ISW]
  4. PHC(71)3 The Housing Finance Bill, 10/11/1971 [Author: CEB/JW]
  5. PHC(72)1 The Housing Finance Bill, 15/05/1972 [Author: CEB/JW]
  6. PHC(73)1 The Furnished Lettings (Rent Allowances) Bill, 22/01/1973 [Author: CEB/DBH/GD]
  7. Report of the Long Term Study Group on Housing, Jan 1973
  8. PHC(73)2 Opposition Supply Day motion "That this House censures HM Government for its disastrous record of combining the biggest ever increase in the price of housing with the lowest rate of housing completions for a decade", 05/02/1973 [Author: DBH/GD]
  9. PHC(73)3 Opposition Supply Day motion "That this House condems HM Government for its failure to control the disastrous increases in house prices, rents and land prices, and to give local authorities sufficient assistance to keep rate increases with the Government's policy for prices", 12/03/1973 [Author: DBH/AJMH/GD]
  10. PHC(73)4 Opposition Supply Day motion on mortgage rates, 06/04/1973 [Author: DBH/GD]
  11. PHC(74)1 Notes on the Housing & Planning Bill, 01/02/1974 [Author: DBH/GD]
  12. Housing, 22/04/1974 [No author given]
  13. PHC(74)2 Housing Bill 1974, May 1974 [No author given]
  14. PHC(74)3 Rent Bill, 04/06/1974 [Author: AJMH/CBB]
  15. PHC(74)4 Rent Bill, 04/07/1974 [Author: AJMH/CBB]
  16. PHC(74)5 Debate on the Queen's Speech: Housing and Rates [No date or author given]
  17. PHC(74)6 Housing Rents and Subsidies Bill, 14/11/1974 [Author: AJMH/CBB]
  18. Rate Support Grant [No date or author given]
  19. PHC(75)1 Housing, 04/02/1975 [Author: CEB/JW]
  20. PHC(75)2 The Housing Finance (Special Provisions) Bill, 17/03/1975 [Author: PR/NB]
  21. PHC(75)3 Housing, 13/06/1975 [Author: PR/NB]
  22. PHC(75)4 The Housing Finance (Special Provisions) Bill, 01/08/1975 [Author: PR/ALJ]
  23. PHC(76)1 Privately Rented Homes and the Existing Housing Stock, 17/03/1976 [Author: PR/MC]
  24. PHC(76)2 The Rent (Agriculture) Bill, 03/05/1976 [Author: PR/ALJ]
  25. PHC(76)3 The Sale of Council and New Town Houses, 17/05/1976 [Author: PR/ALJ]
  26. PHC(77)1 Housing (Homeless Persons) Bill, 18/02/1977 [Author: PR/AMH]
  27. PHC(77)2 Housing Supply Day, 20/04/1977 [Author: PR/AMH]
  28. PHC(77)3 Construction Industry Supply Day, 29/04/1977 [Author: PR/AMH]
  29. PHC(78)1 Home Purchase Assistance and Housing Corporation Guarantee Bill, 15/02/1978 [Author: CEB/CVM]
  30. PHC(78)2 [Vacant]
  31. PHC(78)3 Brief for Supply Day Debate on Housing, 19/06/1978 [Author: RH/AMH]


  • 1971-1978


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