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Home Affairs briefs, 1985


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The papers comprise:
  1. HA(85)1R The Administration of Justice Bill, 11/01/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  2. HA(85)2 Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Bill, 15/01/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  3. HA(85)3R Civil Defence, 01/02/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  4. HA(85)4R White Paper on the Interception of Communications in the United Kingdom (Cmnd. 9438), 06/02/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  5. HA(85)5 Financing Broadcasting and the Arts, 28/02/1985 [Author: Tim Hollins]
  6. HA(85)6R The Child Abduction and Custody Bill, 28/02/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  7. HA(85)7 Interception of Communications Bill, 04/03/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  8. HA(85)8R Representation of the People Bill, 07/03/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  9. HA(85)9R Official Secrets Act and Freedom of Information, 14/03/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  10. HA(85)10R The BBC Licence Fee, 27/03/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  11. HA(85)11R Prosecution of Offences Bill, 2nd reading, 16th April 1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  12. HA(85)12R The Concessionary TV Licence Scheme, 15/04/1985 [Author: Tim Hollins]
  13. HA(85)14R Intoxicating Substances (Supply) Bill, 18/04/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  14. HA(85)15R Interception of Communications Bill, 09/05/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  15. HA(85)16 The Administration of Justice Bill, 13/05/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  16. HA(85)17 Supplementary White Paper: 'Scientific Procedures on Living Animals' (Cmnd. 9521), 16/05/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  17. HA(85)18 Sunday Trading and Shop Hours, 16/05/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  18. HA(85)19 Report of the Commission for Racial Equality on Immigration Control Procedures, 20/05/1985 [Author: Maurice Fraser]
  19. HA(85)20 Policing the Metropolis, 25/06/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  20. HA(85)21 Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc) Bill, 01/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  21. HA(85)22 Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc) Bill, 09/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  22. HA(85)23 European Court of Human Rights Judgement: Immigration Rules and the Government's Response, 10/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  23. HA(85)24 The Case for Sunday Trading - a speech by the Party Chairman, 12/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  24. HA(85)25R The Home Secretary's response to the Association of Chief Police Officers Working Party Report on drug-related crime, 18/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  25. HA(85)26R Police resources, 18/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  26. HA(85)27 Changes in Immigration Rules, 19/07/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  27. HA(85)28 Inner City Disturbances, 21/10/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  28. HA(85)29 The Queen's Speech - Law and Order, 07/11/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  29. HA(85)30 Sunday Trading, 14/11/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  30. HA(85)31 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Bill, 25/11/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  31. HA(85)32 The Shops Bill, 27/11/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  32. HA(85)33 The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 - codes of conduct, 04/12/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  33. HA(85)34 Sentencing for Rape, 05/12/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  34. HA(85)35 Notes on the Crown Prosecution Service (Transfer of Staff) Regulations 1985, 10/12/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]
  35. HA(85)36 Legal Aid Regulations, 17/12/1985 [Author: Elizabeth Buchanan]


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