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Home Affairs briefs, 1978-1981


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The papers comprise:
  1. HAC(78)1 Law and Order, 24/02/1978 [Author: NET/JM]
  2. Independent Broadcasting Authority Bill, 2nd reading, 05/04/1978 [Author: Geoffrey DM Block]
  3. HAC(78)2 Law and Order, 02/11/1978 [Author: NET/AMH]
  4. HAC(79)1 Local Government Grants (Ethnic Groups) Bill, 08/03/1979 [Author: CM/HLL]
  5. Proposals for the revision of the Immigration Rules (Cmnd. 7750), 15/11/1979 [Author: NET/CD]
  6. HAC(79)2 Public Expenditure Cuts, 16/07/1979 [Author: CM/CC/MJEB]
  7. HAC(79)3 Debate on the Royal Commission Report on Gambling, 25/10/1979 [Author: NT/CD]
  8. Husbands and Fiances [Commonwealth immigration], 30/10/1979 [Author: NT/CD]
  9. Proposals for the revision of the Immigration Rules (Cmnd. 7750), 15/11/1979 [Author: NET/CD]
  10. HAC(79)4 Debate on a Motion to approve the White Paper on Proposals for Revision of the Immigration Rules (Cmnd. 7750), 03/12/1979 [Author: NT/CD]
  11. HAC(79)5 Supply Day Debate on the Increase in the Television Licence Fees, 03/12/1979 [Author: NT/CD]
  12. HAC(80)1 Tenants' Rights etc (Scotland) Bill, 08/01/1980 [Author: EGM/KTK]
  13. HAC(80)2 Broadcasting Bill 1980, 14/02/1980 [Author: GDMB/CD]
  14. HAC(80)3 Debate on the lack of adequate Home and Civil Defence, 03/03/1980 [Author: NT/FL]
  15. HAC(80)4 Brief for Supply Day Debate on Immigration, and motion on Immigration Rules, 06/03/1980 [Author: NET/CD]
  16. HAC(80)5 The Olympic Games and the Invasion of Afghanistan, 14/03/1980 [Author: RT/TH/JMcC]
  17. HAC(80)6 Debate on the Offence of Loitering with Intent under the Vagrancy Act 1824, 03/06/1980 [Author: NET/CD]
  18. HAC(80)7 Debate on the prison system, and on the Report of the May Committee (Cmnd. 7673), 30/07/1980 [NT/CC]
  19. HAC(81)1 Brief for second reading of the Criminal Attempts Bill, 15/01/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  20. HAC(81)2 The British Nationality Bill, 23/01/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  21. HAC(81)3 The BBC, 19/05/1981 [Author: CM/FL]
  22. HAC(81)4 Summary of the Committee Stage of the British Nationality Bill, 28/05/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  23. HAC(81)5 Brief for a debate on 'the need for effective action to combat the continuing prevalence in the United Kingdom of racial disadvantage and discrimination on grounds of race and sex', 08/06/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  24. HAC(81)6 Opposition's Supply Day Debate, 'The Damaging Effects of Government Policies on the rights, status and opportunities of women', 11/06/1981 [Author: CC/SH]
  25. HAC(81)7 Brief for debate on the Nationality Bill, Second Reading, House of Lords, 16/06/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  26. HAC(81)8 Brief for a debate on recent outbreaks of civil disorder in Great Britain [No date or author given]
  27. HAC(81)9 British Nationality Bill: Lords Amendment, 23/10/1981 [Author: NT/CM/SH]
  28. HAC(81)10 Brief for Supply Day Debate on Law and Order, 25/11/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  29. HAC(81)11 Opposition Supply Debate on the present emergency in Her Majesty's prisons and ways in which it can be overcome, 30/11/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  30. HAC(81)12 Debate on the Report of the Scarman Inquiry on the Brixton Disorders, 09/12/1981 [Author: NT/SH]
  31. HAC(81)13 Supply Debate on the need to introduce a Reduced Rate Television Licence for retirement pensioners, 14/12/1981 [Author: NT/CHH]


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