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Foreign Affairs briefs, 1978-1981


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The papers comprise:
  1. FAC(78)1 Soviet Involvement in Africa, 01/02/1978 [Author: RPT/JEK]
  2. FAC(78)2 Rhodesia, 28/04/1978 [Author: RPT/CC]
  3. FAC(78)3 Foreign Affairs Debate [Subjects covered:- The European Community; Western Europe; East/West relations; Asia; Commonwealth/Dependencies; CPRS Report on Overseas Representation; Africa; The Middle East], 05/06/1978 [Author: PCAJ/AC]
  4. FAC(78)4 Rhodesia, 25/07/1978 [Author: RPT/AS]
  5. FAC(78)5 Rhodesia, 31/10/1978 {Author: RPT/AS]
  6. FAC(78)6 The Bingham Report [concerning oil supplies to Rhodesia contrary to UN sanctions], 31/10/1978 [Author: RPT/AS]
  7. FAC(79)1 Debate on the Queen's Speech: Foreign Affairs [Subjects covered:- European Community; National Security; East/West Relations; Arms Control; Commonwealth; Aid; Africa; Middle East], 17/05/1979 [Author: PJ/RT/JR/KM/KD/JN]
  8. FAC(79)1-5 [Vacant]
  9. FAC(79)6 Kiribati Bill (Independence for the Gilbert Islands) - second reading debate on 24th May 1979 [Author: MSH/JEN]
  10. PFAC(79)7 European Assembly (Salaries and Pensions) Bill, 20/06/1979 [Author: KM/CDB]
  11. PFAC(79)8 Southern Africa, 20/07/1979 [Author: RT/KJD]
  12. PFAC(79)9 European Communities (Greek Accession) Bill, 25/10/1979 [Author: GW/CDB]
  13. FAC(79)9 Rhodesia, 08/11/1979 [Author: RT/KJD]
  14. PFAC(79)10 [Vacant]
  15. PFAC(79)11 Supply Day Debate (Opposition Motion) - BBC External Services, 12/11/1979 [Author: EMcD/CDB]
  16. PFAC(79)12 Cambodia, 05/12/1979 [Author: 05/12/1979]
  17. PFAC(79)13 Rhodesia, 10/12/1979 [Author: RT/KJD]
  18. FAC(80)1 [Vacant]
  19. FAC(80)2 East/West Relations and the Crisis in South West Asia, 22/01/1980 [Author: RT/EGM/KJD/MB]
  20. FAC(80)3 Iran, 09/05/1980 [Author: RT/CDB]
  21. FAC(80)4 Brandt Commission Report [i.e, Report of the Independent Committee on International Development Issues], 11/06/1980 [Author: EMcD/CDB]
  22. The Republican Government: Policy Themes and Proposals [i.e, United States], 05/11/1980 [Author: EMcD/CDB]
  23. PFAC(81)1 [Vacant]
  24. PFAC(81)2 Foreign Affairs Debate [Subjects covered:- The Polish Crisis; The Madrid Review Conference and the future of detente; The Middle East and South West Asia; El Salvador; Southern Africa; The Canadian Constitutional Question; Belize], 05/05/1981 [Author: RT/EMcD/RS/CDB/FB]
  25. PFAC(81)3 The Government's Decision to Improve the Audibility of the BBC's External Broadcasting Services, 15/07/1981 [Author: EGM/FB]
  26. PFAC(81)4 The Brandt Report, 21/07/1981 [Author: EGM/FB/LG]


  • 1978-1981


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