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Foreign Affairs briefs, 1973-1977


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The papers comprise:
  1. FAC(73)1 [Vacant]
  2. FAC(73)2 Foreign Affairs debate [Subjects covered:- Overseas Aid; Southern Africa; French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific; Developments on the Indian Sub-Continent; Relations with Portugal, Greece and Turkey], 26/06/1973 [Author: MN/NF/RM/PC/CH/SS-P]
  3. FAC(73)3 Visit by the Portuguese Prime Minister, 16/07/1973 [Author: MN/PC]
  4. FAC(73)4 The Present Situation in the Middle East, 17/10/1973 [Author: MY/SS-P]
  5. FAC(73)5 see Agriculture briefs, above, for PAC(73)3 The Sugar Question, 22/10/1973
  6. FAC(73)6 Chile: A Reason Why, 19/11/1973 [Author: C/CFH]
  7. British Aid: Facts and Figures, 21/11/1973 [Author: RM/SS-P]
  8. FAC(73)7 Brief for debate on EEC Affairs, 22/11/1973 [Author: NF/ARF]
  9. Food Prices and the EEC, 11/12/1973 [Author: NF/ARF]
  10. FAC(74)1 Brief for Adjournment Debate on EEC Renegotiation, 07/06/1974 [Author: RT/NF/ARF]
  11. FAC(74)2 Brief for debate on the EEC, 16/12/1974 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  12. FAC(75)1 Brief for Debates on EEC Documents, 25/02/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  13. FAC(75)2 Brief for Debate on the White Paper: 'Referendum on United Kingdom Membership of the European Community' (Cmnd. 5925), 07/03/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  14. FAC(75)2 Foreign Affairs Debate [Subjects covered:- Indo-China; Portugal; Middle East; Cyprus; Southern Africa; East-West Relations], 24/03/1975 [Author: NF/MY/RT]
  15. FAC(75)3 Brief for debate on the White Paper: "Referendum on United Kingdom Membership of the European Community" (Cmnd 5925), 07/03/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  16. FAC(75)4 Brief for debate on the outcome of the EEC Renegotiations and the Government's recommendation that the UK should remain a member of the European Community, 02/04/1975 [Author: RT/SH]
  17. FAC(75)5 Brief for debate on the Second Reading of the Referendum Bill, 04/04/1975 [Author: RT/SH]
  18. FAC(75)6 Brief for Adjournment Debate on the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE), 11/07/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  19. Direct Elections to the European Parliament, 21/08/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  20. FAC(75)7 Debate on Aid Policy, 05/11/1975 [Author: RJS/GD]
  21. FAC(75)8 Foreign Affairs Debate [Subjects covered:- East/West Relations; Cyprus; The Iberian Peninsula; The Middle East; Southern Africa; South East Asia; The Indian Ocean; The United Nations], 10/11/1975 [Author: CPAJ/GD]
  22. FAC(75)9 Brief for debate on Developments in the European Community, April to October 1975, 28/11/1975 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  23. FAC(76)1 East-West Relations, 20/02/1976 [Author: PJ/RT/RS/GD/CR]
  24. FAC(76)2 Debate on the Southern Rhodesia Act 1965 (Continuation) Order 1976, 10/10/1976 [Author: RJS/GD]
  25. Appendix 13 and 14 only of paper concerning foreign fishing vessels stationed around Britain, c. 1976
  26. FAC(77)1 Foreign Affairs Debate [Subjects covered:- Western Europe (Cyprus, Greek/Turkish Relations, Spain, Portugal, Italian Communism); East/West Relations; Africa; The Middle East; The Far East; The United Nations; Global Interdependence; Other Matters], 28/02/1977 [Author: PJ/RT/RS/MP/JK/AH]
  27. FAC(77)2 Belgrade meeting on the Helsinki Final Act [i.e, of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (C.S.C.E)], 16/05/1977 [Author: JR/AH]
  28. FAC(77)3 [Vacant]
  29. FAC(77)4 Debate on Southern Rhodesia Act 1965 (Continuation) Order 1977, 04/11/1977 [Author: RPT/JEK]


  • 1973-1977


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