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Foreign Affairs briefs, 1968-1972


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The papers comprise:
  1. Committee on Europe (Policy Research): Next Steps after the Veto by J. Bruce-Gardyne, 04/01/1968 [Author: GP/MFF]
  2. Committee on Europe (Policy Research): Paper for the meeting on 30th January 1968 by John Biggs-Davison, 04/01/1968 [Author: GP/MFF]
  3. Report on Visit to I.R.I [the Instituto Per La Riconstruzione Industriale, a public sector enterprise, Italy 15-19 January 1968 [Author: Mark Schreiber]
  4. FAC(68)1 The Falkland Islands, 02/12/1968 [Author: MH/SY]
  5. FAC(69)1 Foreign Compensation Bill, 14/01/1969 [Author: DR/JK]
  6. The Common Market. Note by Conservative Research Department, 05/12/1969 [Author: MN/AC]
  7. FAC(70)1 South African Arms, 21/07/1970 [Author: MH/SY]
  8. FAC(71)1 Britain and the Common Market, 14/01/1971 [Author: MN/PW]
  9. FAC(71)2 World Population and Food Problems, 04/02/1971 [Author: CEB/DR/TB/PC/JW/VT/ML]
  10. The Lords Debate Europe, 12/08/1971 [Author: MN/PW]
  11. Europe and America, 19/08/1971 [No author given]
  12. Some Points on Arguments concerning the Common Market, 09/09/1971 [Author: NF/ART]
  13. Rhodesia: A Proposed Settlement, 26/11/1971 [Author: MN/PW]
  14. FAC(71)3 Trade and Industry and the EEC, 14/07/1971 [No author given]
  15. [For another brief ref. FAC(71)3 - 'Britain and the European Communities' dated 14/07/1971 - see shelfmark: CRD 30/10/2/1/2]
  16. FAC(71)4 [See below: Shelfmark CRD/B/14/2A]
  17. FAC(71)5 Rhodesia. The Prposed Settlement, 29/11/1971 [Author: MN/PBW/VJT]
  18. Fisheries and the E.E.C, 16/12/1971 [Author: PM/LS]
  19. European Political Parties [Comprises separate papers for:- Belgium and Luxembourg; Denmark; France; West Germany; Ireland; Italy; The Netherlands; Norway; Sources of Misunderstanding in Inter-Party Relations], 6-10/01/1972 [Author: RPT/PBW/PJM/ART/JKN]
  20. Rhodesia, 03/02/1972 [No Author given]
  21. FAC(72)1 Brief for debate on Treaty Procedure, 19/01/1972 [Author: NF/PJM]
  22. FAC(72)2 The European Communities Bill, 02/02/1972 [Author: NF/PJM]
  23. FAC(72)3 [Vacant]
  24. FAC(72)4 The Importance of Sugar in the Economies of the Six Commonwealth Sugar Countries of the West Indies and British Honduras, 08/03/1972 [Author: C/JKN]
  25. The European Parliament: A suggested interim system for electing British delegates, 12/04/1972 [Author: Tufton Beamish]
  26. FAC(72)5 U.N.C.T.A.D. 3 [The Third United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Santiago de Chile, 13 April-19 May 1972], 21/04/1972 [Author: DR/ART]
  27. The Vedel Report on the Development of the Powers of the European Parliament, 28/04/1972 [Author: Robin Turner]
  28. The European Parliament, April 1972 [Author: Michael Niblock/Robin Turner]
  29. FAC(72)6 Rhodesia, 09/06/1972 [Author: MN/PW]
  30. FAC(72)7 [Vacant]
  31. FAC(72)8 The Labour Party and Foreign Policy, 03/08/1972 [Author: MN/PW]
  32. FAC(72)9 Rhodesia, 06/11/1972 [Author: MN/PW]
  33. FAC(72)10 Briefing on motions relating to European Communities Orders, 21/11/1972 [No author given]


  • 1968-1972


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