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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Finance Committee, 1973-1974


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The papers comprise:
  1. Briefing Note. Counter-Inflation: The Second Stage, 18/01/1973 [Author: AB/JB]
  2. PFC(73)1 Counter-Inflation: the second stage, 23/01/1973 [Author: AB/JB]
  3. PFC(73)2 Counter Inflation Bill, 29/01/1973 [Author: AB/JB]
  4. PFC(73)3 Public Expenditure to 1976-1977, 06/02/1973 [Author: TEB/VB]
  5. PFC(73)4 International Monetary Situation, 20/02/1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  6. PFC(73)5 Counter Inflation Bill, 05/03/1973 [Author: AB/JB]
  7. PFC(73)6 Tax-Credit Scheme, 19/06/1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  8. Public Expenditure Cuts: Safeguarding Growth, 29/06/1973 [No author given]
  9. PFC(73)7 Inflation, 17/07/1973 [Author: AB/CB/CM/JG/JW/PMS]
  10. Tax-Credit Scheme: statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 19 July 1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  11. PFC(73)8 Tax-Credit Scheme, 23/07/1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  12. PFC(73)9-10 [Vacant]
  13. PFC(73)11 Counter Inflation, 06/11/1973 [Author: AB/JG]
  14. PFC(73)12 Debate on Opposition Motion, 'That this House has no confidence in HM Government's management of the economy', 19/11/1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  15. Counter Inflation: Stage III, 01/11/1973 [Author: DN/MJD]
  16. PFC(73)13 Statutory Corporations (Financial Provisions) Bill, 20/11/1973 [Author: AB/JG]
  17. PFC(73)14 Debate on the Economic and Energy Situation, 18/12/1973 [Author: SAS/PMS]
  18. PFC(74)1 The Industrial and Economic Situation, 05/02/1974 [Author: SAS/AS]
  19. Prices, 18/02/1974 [Author: SAS/AS]
  20. The High-Rise Budget, 28/03/1974 [Author: SAS/AS]
  21. Debate on the Budget and the Economic Situation, 04/04/1974 [Author: DJN/JWF]
  22. Statement on the Retail Price Index by the Rt. Hon. Robert Carr MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, 25th May 1974
  23. PFC(74)2 [Vacant]
  24. PFC(74)3 Economic Briefing. The 'Social Compact', 11/06/1974 [Author: MN/PC]
  25. PFC(74)4 The Economic Situation, 18/07/1974 [Author: MN/PC]
  26. PFC(74)5 Notes on the Economic Situation, 28/010/1974 [Author: MN/DN/GC/VA]
  27. PFC(74)6 [Vacant]
  28. PFC(74)7 Notes on the Economic Situation, 13/12/1974 [Author: MJN/AB/MJ/VJB/FF/SMW]


  • 1973-1974


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