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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Finance Committee, 1967


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The papers comprise:
  1. PFC(67)1 Output and Unemployment, 06/01/1967 [Author: BR/LP]
  2. PFC(67)2 Export Guarantee Bill, 17/01/1967 [Author: PWB/PJG]
  3. PFC(67)3 Public Service and Armed Forces Pensions Commission Bill, 26/01/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  4. PFC(67)3 Further Note, 31/01/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  5. PFC(67)4 Prices and Incomes Act, 27/01/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  6. PFC(67)4 Prices and Incomes (No.2) Bill, 09/06/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  7. PFC(67)5 Prices and Incomes Act. Metropolitan Police Draughtsmen: Order Restricting Pay Increase, 27/01/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  8. PFC(67)6 The Difficulties of Small Businesses, 07/02/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  9. PFC(67)7 Prices and Incomes Act. Printing Ink Manufacturers Pay Increases Order [No date or author given]
  10. PFC(67)8 Prices and Incomes Act. Limb Fitters Pay Increase Order, 06/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  11. PFC(67)9 Decimal Curency, 14/03/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  12. PFC(67)10 Prices and Incomes Act. Pottery Workers' Pay Increase Order, 15/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  13. PFC(67)11 [Vacant]
  14. PFC(67)12 Prices and Incomes Act. Press Association and Exchange Telegraph Employees, 15/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  15. PFC(67)13 Prices and Incomes Act. Crown Bedding Company and Birmingham Corporation Transport Department Employees Pay Increases Orders, 15/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  16. PFC(67)14 Prices and Incomes Act. Car Delivery Drivers, 15/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  17. PFC(67)15 Cost Savings in the Conservative Programme, 25/04/1967
  18. PFC(67)16 Prices and Incomes Act 1966. Scottish Electrical Contractors and Rothesay Burgh Council Employees, 01/05/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  19. The 1967 Budget: Financial Times article by Mr Iain Macleod, 6th April 1967
  20. PFC(67)17 Finance No.2 Bill, 02/06/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  21. PFC(67)18 Finance No.2 Bill, 07/06/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  22. PFC(67)19 Government Simplification and the Reduction of Taxation, 08/06/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]
  23. PFC(67)20 Finance (No.2) Bill: Regional Employment Premium, 13/06/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  24. PFC(67)21 Prices and Incomes Act 1966: Harland and Wolff Employees Pay Increase Order, 30/06/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  25. PFC(67)22 Prices and Devaluation, 21/11/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  26. PFC(67)23 Labour Government Borrowing etc, 21/11/1967 [Author: JAD/ID]
  27. PFC(67)24 [Vacant]
  28. PFC(67)25 Prices and Incomes Act 1966. Standing reference to Prices and Incomes Board of the remuneration of University Teachers and the Armed Forces, 04/12/1967 [Author: JELC/CKP]
  29. Close Companies, 20/12/1967 [Author: JAC/ID]


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