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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Finance Committee, 1966


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The papers comprise:
  1. PFC(66)1 Investment Disincentives (dealing with Cmnd. 2874; Industrial Reorganization Corporation (dealing with Cmnd. 2889), 11/02/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  2. PFC(66)2 Companies Bill, 18/02/1966 [Author: GDMB/PB]
  3. PFC(66)3 The Economic Situation, 25/02/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  4. PFC(66)4 The Industrial Development Bill, 12/05/1966 [Author: IAD/PJG]
  5. PFC(66)4 Prayer Against Statutory Instruments 1966 No. 438. The Exchange Control (Gold Coins Exemption) Order 1966, 24/05/1966 [Author: MSS/AD]
  6. Finance Bill 1966. Notes on the Conservative Approach to the Selective Employment Tax, 25/05/1966 [No author given]
  7. PFC(66)5 Finance Bill First Brief. Customs and Excise Matters, 13/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  8. PFC(66)6 Finance Bill 1966 - Second Brief. Betting and Gaming, 14/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  9. PFC(66)7 Finance Bill Third Brief. Income Tax Matters, 17/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  10. PFC(66)8 Finance Bill Fourth Brief. Income and Corporation Tax, 20/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  11. PFC(66)9.1 Selective Employment Payments Bill. Brief for Second Reading, 21/06/1966 [Author: AB/JABS]
  12. PFC(66)10 Finance Bill Fifth Brief. Estate Duty and Capital Gains Tax, 22/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  13. PFC(66)11 United States Double Taxation Relief Order, 23/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  14. PFC(66)12 Finance Bill Sixth Brief. A Guide to the Clause 42 Debates, 27/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  15. PFC(66)13 Selective Employment Payments Bill. Committee Stage Brief First Part, 30/06/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  16. PFC(66)13 Selective Employment Payments Bill. Committee Stage Brief Second Part, 04/07/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  17. PFC(66)13 Selective Employment Payments Bill. Committee Stage Brief Third Part, 14/07/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  18. PFC(66)14 Finance Bill 1966. Claimant Depending on Services of Daughter, 28/06/1966 [Author: CEB/JW]
  19. PFC(66)15 Prices and Incomes Bill, 01/07/1966 [Author: AB/MS]
  20. PFC(66)16 Finance Bill 1966 - Report Stage. Gilt Edged Switching, 13/07/1966 [Author: JAC/ID]
  21. PFC(66)17 Industrial Development Bill, 15/07/1966 [Author: PB/PJG]
  22. PFC(66)18 Steel Nationalisation, 20/07/1966 [Author: IAD/PJG]
  23. PFC(66)19 Numbers of Civil Servants, 02/08/1966 [Author: JAC/PJG]
  24. PFC(66)20 Prices and Incomes Bill, 08/08/1966 [Author: AB/PJG]
  25. PFC(66)21 Notes on Employment, Prices, Incomes, Investment, Productivity and the Prices and Incomes Freeze, 24/10/1966 [AB/JABS]
  26. PFC(66)22 Economic Debate 30th November/1st December 1966, 29/11/1966 [Author: AB/JABS]
  27. PFC(66)23 Prices and Incomes Act: Thorn Electrical Industries Order, 05/12/1966 [Author: AB/EAW/JABS]
  28. PFC(66)24 Short Term Economic Prospects. A note on two recent economic forecasts, 08/12/1966 [Author: BR/ADW]
  29. PFC(66)25 Prices and Incomes Act. Newspaper Pay Increases Order, 12/12/1966 [Author: AB]


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