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Energy Committee briefs, 1974-1981


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The papers comprise:
  1. PEC(74)1 North Sea Oil, 02/04/1974 [Author: SP/JG]
  2. PEC(75)1 House of Commons debate on remaining stages of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Amendment) Bill, 10/02/1975 [Author: DJN/MEM]
  3. PEC(75)1 Debate on EEC documents on Energy Policy, 10/02/1975 [Author: SP/JM]
  4. PEC(75)2 Second reading of on Petroleum and Submarine Pipelines Bill [No date or author given]
  5. PEC(75)3 Guillotine Motion on Petroleum and Submarine Pipelines Bill, 04/07/1975 [Author: SP/LH]
  6. PEC(75)4 Brief for the Supply Day Debate on Government Oil Policy, 05/12/1975 [Author: NT/ASD]
  7. PEC(77)1 Nuclear Industry (Finance) Bill, 07/02/1977 [Author: MDXP/FF]
  8. PEC(77)2 The Coal Industry Bill, 28/02/1977 [Author: MDXP/ACS]
  9. PEC(78)1 The Windscale Inquiry, 17/03/1978 [Author: MDXP/ASH]
  10. PEC(78)2 Nuclear Safeguards and Electricity (Finance) Bill, 20/04/1978 [Author: MDXP/LAF]
  11. PEC(79)1 North Sea Oil, 05/07/1979 [Author: RN/SP]
  12. PEC(80)1 Gas and Electricity Prices, 28/01/1980 [Author: LMR/STR]
  13. PEC(80)2 The price of fuel, 07/05/1980 [Author: LMR/STR]
  14. PEC(80)3 The Gas Bill, 07/05/1980 [Author: LMR/STR]
  15. PEC(80)4 The Coal Industry Bill, 12/06/1980 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  16. PEC(80)5 [Vacant]
  17. PEC(80)6 Coal Industry Bill, 22/07/1980 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  18. PEC(81)1 [Vacant]
  19. PEC(81)2 The Government's Energy Policy, 20/01/1981 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  20. PEC(81)3 Atomic Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, 09/02/1981 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  21. PEC(81)4 The Gas Levy Bill, 13/02/1981 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  22. PEC(81)5 The problem of closures in the Coal Industry, 17/02/1981 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  23. PEC(81)6-7 [Vacant]
  24. PEC(81)8 Energy Conservation Bill (Lords), 20/02/1981 [Author: LMR/ST-R]
  25. PEC(81)9 The Price of Petrol, 12/03/1981 LMR/ST-R]
  26. PEC(81)10 [Vacant]
  27. PEC(81)11 Brief on Opposition motion on the Monopolies Commission report on Domestic Gas Appliances, 16/06/1981 [Author: KM/MM]
  28. PEC(81)12 Brief on the motion relating to the British Gas Corporation (Disposal of Wytch Farm oilfield interest) Direction, 24/07/1981 [Author: KM/MM]
  29. PEC(81)13 Note on debate on the Coal Industry Orders, 17/06/1981 [Author: KM/JV]
  30. PEC(81)14 Brief for Queen's Speech Debate on Tuesday 10 November 1981 on motions relating to the Energy Industries, 06/11/1981 [Author: KM/MM/EM]
  31. PEC(81)15 Brief for second reading of the Nuclear Industry Finance Bill, 13/11/1981 [Author: KM/MM]


  • 1974-1981


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