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Education briefs, 1965-1972


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The papers comprise:
  1. PEC(65)1 Debate on the organisation of Secondary Education, 18/01/1965 [Author:AGMG/ADC]
  2. PEC(65)2-4 [Vacant]
  3. PEC(65)5 Teachers' Superannuation Bill, 16/11/1965 [Author: AGMG/PM]
  4. PEC(66)1 Fifth Report from the Estimates Committee, Session 1964-5. Grants to Universities and Colleges, 21/01/1966
  5. Copy of an article by Sir Edward Boyle on the Plowden Report on Primary Education in The Birmingham Post, Tuesday, 10th January, 1967
  6. Paper prepared by Dr Richard Griffiths for a discussion meeting on Higher Education on 12th January, 1967, 03/01/1967
  7. PEC(67)1 Higher Education fees for students from overseas, 30/01/1967 [Author: AGMG/PM]
  8. PEC(67)2 Teachers' Salaries, 24/02/1967 [Author: EB/AGMG/PM]
  9. PEC(67)3 [Vacant]
  10. PEC(67)4 Note for the second reading of the Education Bill, 08/12/1967 [Author: AGMG/MLF]
  11. PEC(68)1 Student grants, 22/02/1968 [Author: AGMG/ISW]
  12. PEC(68)2 University Teachers' Salaries, 04/11/1968 [Author: AGMG/ISW]
  13. PEC(69)1 Teachers' Salaries and the National Association of Schoolmasters, 03/03/1969 [Author: AGMG/ISW]
  14. PEC(69)2 Teachers' Salaries Dispute, 27/11/1969 [Author: AGMG/BAM]
  15. PEC(70)1 Charges for overseas students in L.E.A hostels, 27/01/1970 [Author: CEB/BAM]
  16. PEC(70)2 Education Bill, 10/02/1970 [Author: AGMG/JW]
  17. PEC(70)3 Notes on recommital of Education Bill, 20/04/1970 [Author: AGMG/BAM]
  18. Note for debate on prayer to annul the Provision of Milk and Meals (Amendment) Regulations 1971, 05/03/1971 [Author: AGMG/JW]
  19. PEC(71)1 Teachers' Pay, 12/03/1971 [Author: AGMG/ISW]
  20. PEC(71)2 Note on Education (Milk) Bill, 10/06/1971 [Author: CEB/AGMG/JW]
  21. PEC(71)3 Note on the strike and lobbying by members of the National Association of Schoolmasters (NAS), 25/06/1971 [Author: AGMG/JW]
  22. PEC(71)4 Debate on Education, 16/11/1971 [Author: AGMG/CEB/JW]
  23. PEC(71)5 Financing of Student Unions, 07/12/1971 [Author: AGMG/JW]
  24. PEC(72)1 National campaign for Nursery Education, 01/05/1972 [Author: AGMG/JW]
  25. PEC(72)2 Village Halls and Community Centres: 1972-73 Capital Programme, 28/06/1972 [Author: ID/JW]
  26. PEC(72)3 Education: A Framework for Expansion, 08/12/1972 [Author: CEB/JW]


  • 1965-1972


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