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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Defence Committee, 1964-1966


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The papers comprise:
  1. PDC(64)12 Britain's Independent Deterrent, 22/12/1964 [Author: JELC/SSS]
  2. PDC(65)1 Military Aircraft and Missiles, 08/01/1965 [Author: JELC/SSS]
  3. PDC(65)2 Aircraft Industry in Confusion, 18/01/1965 [Author: JELC/SSS]
  4. PDC(65)3 Further notes on the Aircraft Industry for Debate on Tuesday 9th February, 04/02/1965 [Author: JELC/SSS]
  5. PDC(65)4 Notes on "Statement on the Defence Estimates 1965" [Author and date not given]
  6. PDC(65)5 Use of Poisonous Gas and Bacteriological Methods of Warfare, 23/03/1965 [Author: JELC/MEP]
  7. PDC/65/6 TSR.2 [strike and reconnaissance aircraft developed by the British Aircraft Corporation for the Royal Air Force], 02/04/1965 [Author: JELC/MEP]
  8. Statement by the Ministry of Defence on the Cancellation of the TSR.2 - 6th April 1965
  9. PDC(65)7 TSR.2, 09/04/1965 [Author: JELC/MEP]
  10. PDC(65)8 Armed Forces Pensions, 26/04/1965 [JELC/MEP]
  11. Public Service and Armed Forces Pensions [Author and date not given]
  12. PDC(65)9 Manpower, Equipment & Training, 16/06/1965 [Author: JELC/JO]
  13. PDC(65)10 Reserve Army - Reorganisation, 04/08/1965 [Author: JELC/MS]
  14. PDC(65)11 [Vacant]
  15. PDC(65)12 Territorial Army Questionnaire, 02/12/1965 [Author: JELC/MS]
  16. PDC(65)13 Reorganisation of Reserve Forces, 09/12/1965 [Author: JELC/MS]
  17. PDC(66)1 Armed Forced Retired Pay and Pensions, 19/01/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  18. PDC(66)2 Defence, 25/02/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  19. PDC(66)3 Offset Payments for the F.111A [medium-range interdictor and tactical strike aircraft developed by General Dynamics], 04/05/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  20. PDC(66)4 Reserve Forces Bill, 05/05/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  21. PDC(66)5 Military Aircraft (Loans) Bill, 04/05/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  22. PDC(66)6 [Vacant]
  23. PDC(66)7 Economies in Defence, 22/07/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]
  24. PDC(66)8 [Vacant]
  25. PDC(66)9 Procurement and sale of aircraft and arms, 29/07/1966 [Author: JELC/MS]


  • 1964-1966


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