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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Commerce Committee, 1978-1979


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The papers comprise:
  1. Small Businesses (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Bill, 22/02/1978 [Author: ATH/MJH]
  2. PCC(78)1 Brief for a Supply Day Debate to approve the Select Committee on Nationalized Industries' Reports on the British Steel Corporation, 08/03/1978 [Author: PR/LF]
  3. PCC(78)2 National Enterprise Board and British Leyland Money Orders, 07/04/1978 [Author: PR/LF]
  4. PCC(78)3 Brief for the second reading debate on the Iron and Steel (Amendment) Bill, 09/05/1978 [Author: PR/LF]
  5. PCC(78)4 Trade and Prosperity of the Nation, 23/06/1978 [Author: MDXP/LAF]
  6. PCC(78)5 Companies Bill ('Insider Dealing', EEC Second Directive, Duties of Directors etc), 15/11/1978 [Author: MDXP/CBB]
  7. PCC(79)1 Industry Bill, 15/01/1979 [Author: PR/VU]
  8. PCC(79)2 Industry. Brief for a Supply Day Debate, 09/02/1979 [Author: PR/MJP]
  9. PCC(79)3 Independent Broadcasting Bill, 02/03/1979 [Author: Geoffrey DM Block]
  10. PCC(79)4 Regional Policy, 23/07/1979 [Author: RH/JMH]
  11. PCC(79)5 Companies Bill, 18/10/1979 [Author: RN/A-LL]
  12. PCC(79)6 [Vacant]
  13. PCC(79)7 Brief for debate on the Shipbuilding Bill, 31/10/1979 [Author: RH/JMH]
  14. PCC(79)8 Brief for the Second Reading debate on the Industry Bill, 02/11/1979 [Author: RH/JMH]
  15. PCC(79)9 Supply Day Debate on an Opposition Motion on "the disastrous consequences of the Government's financial policy in relation to the Steel Industry", 05/11/1979 [Author: RH/JMH]
  16. PCC(79)10 Protection of Trading Interests Bill, 07/11/1979 [Author: RN/A-LL]
  17. PCC(79)11 [Vacant]
  18. PCC(79)12 The Woollen and Textile Industries, 12/11/1979 [Author: RN/RH/JH/SP/A-LL]
  19. PCC(79)13 [Vacant]
  20. PCC(79)14 Small Businesses, 10/12/1979 [Author: RH/JMH]
  21. PCC(79)15 Supply Day Debate on Industry, 12/12/1979 [Author: AB/RH/JV/JMH]


  • 1978-1979


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