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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Commerce Committee, 1974-1975


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The papers comprise:
  1. PCC(74)1 The Fuel Crisis and the Three Day Week, 08/01/1974 [Author: SS/PS/RC]
  2. PCC(74)2 Companies Bill, 11/01/1974 [Author: CM/PMS]
  3. PCC(74)3 Debate on the Condition of the Press, 14/05/1974 [Author: MBJ/FF]
  4. PCC(74)4 [Vacant]
  5. PCC(74)5 Labour's Plan for Industry, 17/06/1974 [Author: MJ/FF]
  6. PCC(75)1 Brief for debate on the Industry Bill, Monday 17th February 1975 [No date or author given]
  7. PCC(75)2 Adjournment debate on the Textile Industry, 19/03/1975 [Author: SP/LH]
  8. PCC(75)3 Brief for debate on British Leyland, 20/05/1975 [Author: Michael Jones/FF/SW]
  9. PCC(75)4 [Vacant]
  10. PCC(75)5 A brief on the main items in the Industry Bill, 09/07/1975 [Author: Michael Jones/FF]
  11. PCC(75)6 Brief for the debate on the Post Office, 14/07/1975 [Author: Michael Jones/FF]
  12. PCC(75)7 Debate on the Parliamentary Commissioner's and the Department of Trade's reports on the Court Line Affair, 04/08/1975 [Author: SP/LH]
  13. PCC(75)8 Debate on Norton Villiers Triumph, 06/08/1975 [Author: Michael Jones/FF]
  14. PCC(75)9 Brief for debate on the Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Bill, 01/12/1975 [Author: DG/MC/DD]
  15. PCC(75)10 Brief for debate on the Motor Vehicle Industry, 15/12/1975 [Author: DG/DD]


  • 1974-1975


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