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Agriculture briefs, 1983


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The papers comprise:
  1. AG(83)1 Agricultural Marketing Bill - Second Reading, Monday 24th January, House of Lords, 20/01/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  2. AG(83)2 Debate on Agriculture and the land, House of Lords, 2nd February 1983, 25/01/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  3. AG(83)3A Debate on the Fishing Industry, 21/01/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  4. AG(83)3 Debate on the Fishing Industry, 27/01/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  5. AG(83)4 The Pig Industry Levy Bill, 21/01/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  6. AG(83)4A The Pig Industry Levy Bill, 02/02/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  7. AG(83)5R Facts about the Pig Industry, 11/02/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  8. AG(83)6R Brief on the comparison between Agricultural Wages and Farm Incomes since 1975, 16/02/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  9. AG(83)7 Agricultural Debate, House of Commons, Thursday 3rd March 1983, 01/03/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  10. AG(83)8 Opposition Party's Policy for Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Welfare and Field Sports, 25/04/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  11. AG(83)9 Government help for the Pig Meat Industry, 25/04/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  12. AG(83)10 Amendment to Brief no. AG(83)8, 09/05/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]
  13. AG(83)11 Importation of Milk Bill, 09/05/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]
  14. AG(83)12 The Government's record and the success of the Agricultural Industry, 09/05/1983 [Author: R.Browne-Clayton]
  15. AG(83)13 Staw and Stubble Burning, 26/10/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]
  16. AG(83)14 Importation of Milk Products Regulations, 26/10/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]
  17. AG(83)15 Agricultural Holdings Bill, 01/11/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]
  18. AG(83)16 [Vacant]
  19. AG(83)17 Debate on the European Commission's Proposals for the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, 29/11/1983 [Author: Robbie Browne-Clayton]


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