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Pocket-books, 1829-1847

MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 1-10

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Containing brief diary entries and on rare occasions fuller entries, drawings and memoranda including incipits and drafts of music.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 1) Pocket-book, 1829. i + 50 leaves. Fols. 12b and 34b were formerly removed and framed. Binding: black morocco with gold tooling. F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy wrote '1829' on fol. lv; sketches of his journey to England, 19-21 Apr, '2 Uhr' and '1/2 3', are on fols. 2 and 4. On fol. 3 are London addresses. Fols. 5-11, headed with names of the days of the week, contain diary entries, 25 May-22 Jul, 6-26 Sep, 18-27 Nov; 1 Sep and 4 Sep, Coed Dû, are fully described on fols. 16v-17v and 36v and 38. Pictures of the Scotch tour, 27 Jul-11 Aug, sometimes accompanied by verses in Klingemann's hand, are between fols. 12 and 31. Drawings in Wales are between fols. 32 and 37. Fols. 38v-39, etc., belong to the return journey. Other entries include notes on the Handel MSS. in the Royal Library, fols. 14-16; and music, fols. 12bv, 18, 32v-35, 37v: the drafts on fol. 34av relate to F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy's organ sonata in A, op. 65, no. 3. A partial transcript is in MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn c. 29.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 2) Pocket-book,'1830 (Mai bis Neujahr) 1831 bis Februar'. i + 36 leaves. Binding: red morocco, gold tooling and metal clasp now incomplete. Diary entries are as follows: details of 19 May-1 Jun (printed Goethe und Mendelssohn, by Karl Mendelssohn Bartholdy, 1872), fols. 1-5; engagements, Munich, 18 Jun-24 Jul, fols. 7-9v; 1-3 Aug, fol. 12v; Vienna, 25 Aug-30 Sep, fols. 16-18v; 1-3 Oct, fols. 21v-22; Venice 10-20 Oct, fols. 23v-24v; Rome, 7 Nov-20 Feb 1831, fols. 27v-36. Interspersed are drawings, fols. 6 ('in Goethes Garten, 1 June'), 10-15, 19, 20; accounts; and music. On fol. 15v are three bars headed 'Donaufahrt Abends am Strudel'; on fols. 20v-21v are hymn tunes; on fols. 25-26 drafts of music.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 3) Pocket-book, '1831 Februar-October'. 38 leaves. Fol. 1 was formerly removed and framed. Binding: white vellum, gold tooling. Diary entries, drawings and accounts, Rome, Naples (fol. 10v), Rome (fol. 17), Florence (fol. 24), Switzerland and Munich, 22 Feb. — 19 Sept., interrupted on fols. 2v-4v by sayings and repartee headed 'Carneval 1831'. A draft of music is on fols. 30v-1; fol. 36v contains a tune 'Auf dem Vierwaldstatter See (vom Fuhrer Michel)'.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 4) Pocket-book, 1832-1834, with later additions, 1836-1839. ii + 47 leaves. Binding: dark green morocco, gold tooling. Diary entries, London, 22 Apr-22 Jun 1832, are on fols. 1-5. Fol. 6 is an invitation from T[homas] A[ttwood], 20 Jun [1832]; on fol. 7 is a drawing in Kensington Gardens, 14 Jun 1832, [by Fanny Horsley?]. Diary entries, London, 1833, 25 Apr-18 May, 7 Jun-18 Jul, are on fols. 12-13v, 14v-21. Interspersed are drawings of St. Paul's (interior), [Miss Alexander's] house, and of [Adolf Goldschmidt, Portsmouth], 2 Jul, on fols. 18, 19 and 20. On fol. 16v are notes of Handel MSS. in the Royal Library, 19 Jun 1833. Music is on fols. 8v, 15v (7 Jun, St. Paul's), 18 (23 Jun, St. Paul's), 21v-22 (7 Jul, St. Paul's): fols. 8v and the foot of fol. 15v relate to the prelude and fugue in C minor, op. 37 no. 1. Diary entries, Düsseldorf, 1833, 12 Oct-New Year, 1834, are on fols. 24v-31v, interspersed with notes concerning music, etc., and (fols. 26v-27v) verses. On fol. 33v is the signature of Cécile Jeanrenaud, 20 Dec [1836]. Other additional entries include list of possessions left at Leipzig, [19] Mar [1837], fols. 34v-35; list of ops. 30-38, fol. 36v; diary entries, London, 27 Aug-26 Sep 1837, fols. 38-41v, with 'can[on] a 2' on fol. 40v, 24 Sep 1837. Other notes are 'Frankfurt d. 9 Mai 1839', 'Bingen d. 11 August 1839'. 'Braunschweig 1839', etc. Fols. 43v-44 are a plan for the location of the Bach monument.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 5) Pocket-book, 1834-1841. i + 75 leaves (19-75 blank). Binding: red morocco, gold tooling; in a slip case. Memoranda and accounts, 1834-1841, with some diary entries: journey from Düsseldorf to Bitterfeld, 25-28 Aug 1834, fol. 2; Düsseldorf, 14 Oct 1834, fol. 5; 'Cöln 28 Apr 1835 ... zu besorgen', fols. 7 ff.; 'Vergnügte Tage in Leipzig [12-29] November 1841'. On fols. 5v-6v is an Italian song, 'Quando vidi la Rosina'; on fols. 11-13v, Walther Goethe's recollections of his grandfather J. W. von Goethe.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 6) Pocket-book, '1836' [and 1843]. 55 leaves (28-55 blank). 'De la Rue & Co's improved metallic memorandum books', bound in black tooled leather. Memoranda and accounts, nearly all written in pencil. Diary entries, 9 Jun-24 Sep, are between fols. 6-24v, with drawings including 'Ferdinand Hiller, 12 Juli' on fol. 10 and sketches on journey, fols. 14, 16 and 18. On fol. 11 are the opening bars of 3 movements of 'Sinf. in e', and music is also on fols. 17, 22v-23v, 'd. 12 Sep bei Souchays Abends', 'd. 14 Sep Ab.' and 'd. 17 Sep'. On fol. 27 is a list of 'Honorare, ... 1843'.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 7) Pocket-book, 1840-1845. i + 56 leaves (47-53 blank). 'Improved patent Ivory Paper and Metallic Pencils ... by Shepherd and Sutton, London'. Binding: black tooled leather, with metal clasp. Memoranda, etc. On fols. 2v-6v is a detailed account of 'Reise in die sachsisch. Schweiz', 16-18 Jul 1841. On fols. 8v-10 are notes on Wilhelm Taubert, including his Medea music, Potsdam, 6 Aug 1843. On fols. 15-16 are notes of packing his possessions in 30 cases; on fol. 21v-2 a list of possessions left with friends in Leipzig, dated 24 Feb 1844. Desultory memoranda on music, musicians, books, addresses, things to be done and accounts are found throughout. See also MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn c. 29, 3, for London diary 27 Sep-1 Oct 1840.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 8) Pocket-book, 1842-1843. i + 36 leaves. Binding: red leather with blind tooling. There was formerly a metal clasp. 'Von Ihrer ... Tante H[enrietta] Benecke, Denmark Hill, 11ten Jul 1842'. On fol. 2 are verses by Klingemann 'am Tag der Abreise. Denmark Hill 12. 7. 42'. Contents, listed in chronological order, include memoranda of Swiss holiday, Jul-Aug 1842, fols. 4, 35v-37, 11; 'Cello Fuge ... zwischen Dallenwyl und Stanz 30 Aug 1842', fol. 11; music '2 Frauenstimmen im Wagen mit kranker Kind', 4 Sep 1842, fol. 8; 'Weg nach Potsdam', details of interview with J. A. F. Eichhorn, 30 May 1843, fol. 8v; fol. 6 used to hold a lock of Julie Jeanrenaud's (sic for Schunck?) hair, given 22 Sep 1842; on fols. 12-16 is a list of Bach's cantatas at the Sing Akademie, Oct 1842; fol. 17v refers to removal of furniture to Leipzig; on fols. 21v-23 are notes 'Leipzig 16 Nov. 1842 bei der Ruckkehr aus Dresden', with diary entries to 24 Nov On fols. 23v, 28v-29, are notes relating to the Leipzig Conservatorium. On fols. 30v-31 are drawings of trains, Riesa, 4 and 6 Apr 1843.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 9) Pocket-book, c 1844. i + 42 leaves. Binding: black morocco with blind tooling. There was formerly a metal clasp. Diary entries, 8 May-9 Jul, are on rectos of fols. 2-20, memoranda including names, and sometimes addresses of people to be visited on versos; there are also notes on a service, fols. 14v, 15v and 16v; shopping lists, fols. 18v, 21v-23; a sketch, fol. 6v; and a list of music, fols. 25v-26. On fol. 27 is a sketch of 'Secretair für Bennett in Hamburg bis 10£ (Paul)'. Fols. 32v-34v include 2 pieces of music with drawings of trains and of animals. On fols. 35v-36 S. Thalberg wrote music, 30 May 1844.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 10) Pocket-book, 1846-1847. i + 54 leaves. Binding: brown calf, gold tooling, paintings of roses inset into both covers; metal clasp. Paintings of roses are inset in both covers; fol. 1 is a mountain landscape, miniature, in oils on canvas, and fol. 2 is inscribed in gold with a quatrain beg. 'Nie mag weiter sich ins Land Lieb' von Liebe wagen'. On fol. 2v is a caricature of a giant vegetable 'bei Loddigis (nursery man in Hackney)'. There follow memoranda of concerts, journeys, engagements, addresses and accounts, including (fols. 28v-29) draft receipt of a quarter's salary from the Prussian 'Ministerium des Geistl., Unt. & Medic. Angeleg', winter 1846-1847; (fols. 31v-32) notes on a manuscript of organ music by Bach in Berlin, 17 Dec 1846; and (fols. 36v-39) accounts, including a transaction concerning Ferdinand David and Russian money. On fols. 41-47 are diary entries, London, 16 Apr-5 May 1847, with names of people to be visited, etc. Music for Elijah is on fol. 4v; notes of corrections to the parts are on fols. 22v-23; on fols. 24-26 is music, 'Sinfonie in h moll' 'Fulda den 18 Sep'; on fols. 48v-49 'Im Walde, 29 Mai 1847'; fol. 50 'Schluss ... 19 Juni '47'; fols. 52-54 'Allegro für Quartett' [Op. 80], 2nd mvt., dated 'Eisenfluh 6 Jul '47'. On fol. 13 is a sketch at Minden, 17 Jun 1846.


  • 1829-1847


10 Volumes


MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 1-10

Custodial History

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 1) Given to F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy by Wilhelm Hensel, with dedicatory verse, 'Berlin Christabend [18]28'. Sold at Sotheby, 12 May 1959, lot 355, with the picture removed from g. 3.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 3) Probably bought in Rome.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 4) Apparently the gift of Karl Klingemann, in whose hand are verses dated 27 Apr 1832, fols. iv-1, and 26 Apr 1833, fol. 11v.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 7) Probably the gift of Klingemann, whose verses headed 'September 1840' dated 2 Oct 1840 are on fol. 2.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 9) Probably the gift of Klingemann, whose verses, 'London. Sommer 1844' are on fol. 1.

(MS. M. Deneke Mendelssohn g. 10) Apparently the gift of Cécile Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Given by Margaret and Helena Deneke, 1959-1960, g. 1 with the help of Maud Rosenthal, Sir Robert Mayer and Sir Isaiah Berlin.

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