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Correspondence volume 12, 1888-1932, n.d.

MSS. Afr. s. 1610 vol. 12

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Comprises letters from various correspondents found in diaries, and miscellaneous papers:
  1. (Fol. 1) Obituary of Lieutenant Colonel W.C. Beevor, R.A.M.C., n.d.
  2. (Fols. 2-3) Letter from Athlone about South African politics and Hertzog's change of policy: with an anecdote about Hertzog and President Cosgrave 14 Jan 1927
  3. (Fols. 4-5) Letter from J.C. Smuts acknowledging a letter from Garraway and commenting on Irish and South African affairs with a particular reference to Hertzog, 22 Jan 1927
  4. (Fol. 6) Waterford Standard: cutting reporting an address given by Garraway at a meeting of the Church Missionary Service League, 2 Feb 1927
  5. (Fols. 7-12) Letter from Chief Sempe Nkuebe sending greetings to Garraway via the A.C., Quthing; with related correspondence, 6-12 May 1927 (in Sesuto, with copies and translation)
  6. (Fols. 13-16) Letter from Stanley about his appointment as Governor of Ceylon, his wish that Garraway could have succeeded him in Livingstone, and his activities in connection with the Colonial Office Conference and with Rhodesian Railways, 11 Jun 1927
  7. (Fol. 17) Telegram from the Countess of Athlone thanking Garraway for wishing her bon voyage, 9 Jul 1927
  8. (Fol. 18) Letter from Cosgrave's Private Secretary thanking Garraway for his congratulations on the by-election results and for offers of help at the general election, 1 Sep 1927
  9. (Fol. 19) Report of a farewell meeting for Irish missionaries in Dublin at which Garraway presided (press cutting), 22 Oct 1927
  10. (Fols. 20-24) Letters from Halsey arranging a luncheon party at the United Services Club, 22-25 Oct 1927
  11. (Fols. 25-26) Printed order of service to dedicate an altar and reredos in memory of Thomas Henry Harvey and his son Kenneth, 2 Nov 1927
  12. (Fols. 27-28) Letter from J.S. More, General Manager, South Africa Railways & Harbours, thanking Garraway for his good wishes, 25 Nov 1927
  13. (Fols. 29-30) Letter from Athlone thanking Garraway for his sympathy on the death of his brother and commenting on the Union Flag settlement, 12 Dec 1927
  14. (Fols. 31-32) Letter from J.J. Hogan, Resident Surgeon and Secretary, Waterford County and City Infirmary, informing Garraway of his election as Master of the Infirmary; with a related newspaper cutting, 13 Dec 1927
  15. (Fol. 33) Letter from Buxton sending personal news and commenting of James McNeill's appointment as Governor-General of the Irish Free State, and on affairs in Basutoland and North Rhodesia, 30 Dec 1927
  16. (Item 1) Christmas card from the Athlones, 1927
  17. (Fol. 34) Letter from Baden-Powell acknowledging one from Garraway and hoping to meet during his visit to Ireland in August, 1 Jan 1928
  18. (Fol. 35) Letter from Gladstone about personal matters, mutual friends including C.H. Rodwell, Irish life and affairs, 7 Jan 1928
  19. (Fol. 36) Letter from Mother Aloysius, Bulawayo, sending good wishes and news of Mother Jacoba and the late Sister Marcella, the other members of the 'Macloutsie Trio', 17 Jan 1928
  20. (Fols. 37-38) Letter from A.F. Dunn about the death of his brother Fred, an old friend of Garraway's from Knysna days (see diary entry 8 Feb), 4 Feb 1928
  21. (Fol. 39) Letter from the Bishop of Bloemfontein written after a visit to Maseru, regretting the Garraways' departure and sending his good wishes, 8 Feb 1928
  22. (Fols. 40-42) Letter from Baden-Powell inviting Garraway to lunch at Pax Hill in place of the Anniversary Dinner on 18 May; with a related press cutting and a letter from Lady Baden-Powell, 21 Mar-21 May 1928
  23. (Fol. 43) Photographs of the ponies Prudence and Nicholas grazing in Rockshire park, Apr 1928
  24. (Fols. 44-45) Letter from Clifford in response to a letter of sympathy from Garraway about the death of the Athlones' son Rupert; and a related letter from 'Wags' to 'Peggie', 14-21 May 1928
  25. (Fols. 46-48) South Rhodesia Church Magazine: memoir and obituary of Bishop Gaul, late Bishop of Mashonaland, Jun 1928
  26. (Fol. 49) Letter from Baden-Powell about his Irish itinerary, 12 Jul 1928
  27. (Fols. 50-51) Letters from Buxton about their forthcoming visit to the Garraways and about staying at the Vice-Regal Lodge, 27 Jul-1 Aug 1928
  28. (Fol. 52) Photograph of group at Phoenix Park races, with Franceska at rear, [10 Aug 1928]
  29. (Fol. 53) Letter from Baden-Powell regretting that he will be unable to visit the Garraways while in Ireland, 15 Aug 1928
  30. (Fols. 54-57) Letter from Athlone about a visit to the Rustenberg district, the flag issue in South African politics, mutual acquaintances and his personal plans, 14 Sep 1928
  31. (Fols. 58-59) Letter from Buxton about travelling and other arrangements for their stay with the Garraways, 24 Sep 1928
  32. (Fol. 60) Letter from G.C. Bradbrook acknowledging a donation to the Society of the Sacred Mission [for the leper asylum in Basutoland], 1 Oct 1928
  33. (Fols. 61-62) Letter from Mrs. Kavanagh inviting the Garraways and Buxtons to lunch, 2 Oct 1928
  34. (Fol. 63) Letter from Lady Desart inviting the Garraways to lunch, 5 Oct 1928
  35. (Fol. 64) Letter from Sir Charles Hunter Rodwell thanking Garraway for congratulations on his appointment as Governor-General of South Rhodesia, 8 Oct 1928
  36. (Fol. 65) Letter from Buxton regretting that he was forced to curtail his visit to the Garraways because of ill health, 12 Oct 1928
  37. (Fols. 66-67) Letter from Lord Grey of Falloden thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of his brother Charles (see also vol. 10, fol. 175(a)), 10 Oct 1928
  38. (Fol. 68) Credit slip from Standard Bank of South Africa, 3 Aug 1928
  39. (Fols. 69-71) Letter from Hugh Smith about an encounter that reminded him of Garraway, a trip through the Cape and other personal news, 6 Dec 1928
  40. (Fol. 72) Letter from Buxton sending seasonal wishes, with references to the King's illness and a book by Gladstone, 28 Dec 1928
  41. (Fols. 73-74) Letters from Baden-Powell about the Mafeking Dinner, 13-20 May 1929
  42. (Fols. 75-76) Letter from K. Cosgrave about claiming a brother's estate in America, 14-15 May 1929
  43. (Fols. 77-80) Cuttings from Canadian newspapers reporting interviews with Garraway during a visit to his sisters Nol and Eltie; and a note of the addresses of fellow-travellers on board S.S. Metagama, 1 Jun-3 Jul 1929
  44. (Fol. 81) Letter from Baden-Powell thanking Garraway for congratulations on the award of the G.C.M.G., Aug 1929
  45. (Fol. 82) Letter from Jan Smuts, in Oxford, regretting that time will not permit him to accept an invitation to stay with the Garraways, 9 Oct 1929
  46. (Fols. 83-84) The Friend: report of the funeral, and obituary, of H. Maitland Brown (cutting), 24 Oct 1929
  47. (Fol. 85) The Friend: letter from 'Old Basutolander' to the editor about the lack of employment opportunities for educated Basutos (cutting), 12 Nov 1929
  48. (Fols. 86-87 and Item 2) Letter from Captain Lord Bingham informing Garraway that he is to marry Kaitilin Dawson; with a letter from Kaitilin thanking Garraway for his congratulations; and an invitation to the wedding, 2-23 Dec 1929
  49. (Fols. 88-89) Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Charles Fernand Rey, new Resident Commissioner for Bechuanaland, thanking the Garraways for advice and commenting on administrative shortcomings and his plans for development (see MSS. Brit. Emp. s. 384, Box 5), 16 Dec 1929
  50. (Fols. 90-92) Letter from Weston Jarvis commenting on the state of affairs in the City, his work for the Royal Empire Society, South African and Indian affairs and the number of old friends who have died, 26 Dec 1929
  51. (Fol. 93) Letter from Baden-Powell exchanging personal news with Garraway, 27 Dec 1929
  52. (Fol. 94) Photograph of Garraway in a mayoral group, n.d.
  53. (Fol. 95) Photograph of Commodore F. Talbot-Ponsonby in group at Milner Park Show, n.d.
  54. (Fol. 96) Obituary of Father Hartmann, cut from a Rhodesian newspaper, n.d.
  55. (Fol. 97) Cutting of a poem about the pleasures of trout fishing, n.d.
  56. (Item 3) Christmas card from the Athlones, [Dec 1929]
  57. (Fol. 98) Letter from Buxton reciprocating seasonal wishes from Garraway, 3 Jan 1930
  58. (Fols. 99-100) Letter from [J?] McCalmont giving his permission for a visit to his Ballylinch stud, 4 Jan 1930
  59. (Fols. 101-102) Letter from Captain Lord Bingham thanking Garraway for a wedding telegram, 25 Jan 1920
  60. (Fols. 103-104) Letters from Lady Gladstone about her husband's illness, 29 Jan-20 Feb 1930
  61. (Fol. 105) Letter from Colonel 'Peter' Jackson, Staff College, Camberley, thanking Garraway for a letter of congratulations on his appointment as A.D.C. to the King, 7 Feb 1930
  62. (Fols. 106-109) Letter from Rey about his work reorganising the Bechuanaland administration and police, with comments on individual officials, on the High Commissioner's Office and on Tsekedi, and remarks complimentary to Garraway; with a related enclosure, 23 Mar 1930
  63. (Fols. 110-111) Letter from Canon Norris thanking Garraway for his generous contributions to the church, and for all his help, 7 Apr 1930
  64. (Fol. 112) Letter from Buxton intended to accompany a letter from Tsekedi Khama which he wished Garraway to see, 17 Apr 1930
  65. (Fols. 113-129) Letters from the Baden-Powells inviting the Garraways to spend the weekend at Pax Hill for the Mafeking Reunion; with related press cuttings and photographs of those attending the lunch, and letters from R.G. Scorey and J. Lenson, old Bechuanaland Border Police troopers, reminiscing about past shared experiences, 9 Apr-25 May 1930
  66. (Fol. 130) Letter from Captain Edward Forde Bell and fishing at Woodstock, 10 May 1930
  67. (Fols. 131-134) Letter from W.E. Jacob, Rushmere, Tramore, about a mayoral election (see diary entry 4 Jul); with a related press cutting, 1 Jul 1930
  68. (Fol. 135) Letter from Sir Francis Newton, Resident Commissioner, Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1895-1897, thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of Lady Newton, 3 Aug [1930]
  69. (Fols. 136-137) Letter from Rey intended to accompany a press cutting about a trip in the interior of Bechuanaland, with comments on the eviction of an L.M.S. missionary from Kachikan by a party of police; the progress of the police; development projects; a visit to Rhodesia; and on life and individuals in the Protectorate, 30 Aug 1930
  70. (Fols. 138-139) Letter from Geoffrey Dawson [editor of The Times] replying to one from Garraway about his father-in-law's illness and a visit to Ireland, 3 Sep 1920
  71. (Fols. 140-141) Letter from Meriel Fetherstonhaugh regretting that they had failed to meet during Dublin Horse Show week and inviting the Garraways to stay, 23 [Aug?] 1920
  72. (Fol. 142) Letter from Susan Dawnay, Whitfield Court, thanking Garraway for help in a campaign against the export of horses for slaughter, 9 Sep 1930
  73. (Fols. 143-144) Letter from Buxton giving news of his health, 11 Oct 1930
  74. (Fols. 145-147) Letter from H. Cornwall thanking Garraway for helping him to get his pension recognised as tax-free on disability grounds, 9 Nov 1930
  75. (Fol. 148) The Times: letter from Buxton to the editor protesting at the decision to separate the roles of Governor-General and High Commissioner in South Africa (cutting), 25 Nov 1930
  76. (Fols. 149-151) Reports [from the Friend] about the death and funeral of Commodore F.W. Talbot-Ponsonby; with a press photograph taken at an earlier date (cuttings), [Nov 1930]
  77. (Fol. 151(a)) Photograph [of Garraway's niece? See diary entry 27 Nov], 22 Nov 1930
  78. (Fol. 152) Letter from Baden-Powell about the South Africa Company Annual Dinner, [1930-1931]
  79. (Fol. 153) Letter from Buxton about his health and the possible consequences of separating the offices of Governor-General and High Commissioner, 2 Jan 1931
  80. (Fols. 154-155) Letter from John W. Dulanty thanking Garraway for congratulating him on his appointment as High Commissioner for the Irish Free State in London; with a references to anecdotes about Garraway told by Lieutenant Colonel Hartigan, 2 Jan 1931
  81. (Fol. 156) Notes en route from Waterford to Raford, signed A.J.F., 6 Jan 1931
  82. (Fols. 157-159 and Item 4) Menu of Matabeleland and Mashonaland Reunion Dinner in London, and related newspaper cuttings and reprints, with Lord Buxton, Baden-Powell, Captain Lord Bingham, 10-17 Jan 1931
  83. (Fol. 160) Telegram from W.M.G. announcing her mother's death, [22 Apr] 1931
  84. (Fol. 161) Circular letter announcing the postponement of the Mafeking Dinner, 29 Apr 1931
  85. (Fol. 162) Watercolour of Lough Corrib, 1 Jun 1931
  86. (Fols. 163-164) Letter from Tom Gurney about the death of his step-father, Colonel John Bourchier Strachey-Clitherow; with a related cutting from The Times, 11 Jul 1931
  87. (Fols. 165-166) Letter from Colonel Höel Llewellyn thanking Garraway for a letter of sympathy on the death of his wife, [Aug 1931]
  88. (Fol. 167) The Friend: obituary of the Reverend C. Stuart Franklin (cutting), [Aug 1931]
  89. (Fol. 168) Letter from Commander C.E. Tyndale-Biscoe about a steeple-chasing scheme, his son's appointment as Inspector of Schools in Tanganyika, and his own future plans, 18 Sep 1931
  90. (Fols. 169-174) Correspondence between James McClintock and Garraway about arrangements for Franceska to hunt with the Kilkenny Hounds, 24 Oct-2 Nov 1931
  91. (Fol. 175) The African World: report on a London dinner to commemorate the 38th anniversary of Shangani, 14 Nov 1931
  92. (Item 5) Christmas card from the Binghams, [Dec 1931]
  93. (Fols. 176-178) Cuttings from Punch about the Irish sweepstake; with an undated cutting of a poem about retired pro-consuls, Dec 1931
  94. (Fol. 179) Photograph of two unidentified riders, n.d.
  95. (Fols. 180-182) Letter from Rey thanking Garraway for congratulations [on his C.M.G.]; with news of his personal plans and of affairs in Bechuanaland, and comments on South African politics and on Athlone, 9 Feb 1932
  96. (Fol. 183) Letter from Sir Arnold Hodson, Governor of Sierra Leone, thanking Garraway for congratulations on his K.C.M.G. and referring to old days in Bechuanaland [1904-1912], 18 Feb 1932
  97. (Fol. 184) Letter from Olave Baden-Powell regretting that the Garraways cannot attend the Mafeking Reunion owing to Sir Edward's illness, 9 May 1932
  98. (Fols. 185-186) Testimonial to Garraway's professional abilities, signed by J.H. Scott, Surgeon to the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin, 9 Apr 1888
  99. (Fol. 187) Photograph of Oudtshoorn Company's Tunnel, Millwood, n.d.
  100. (Fols. 188-200 and Item 6) File containing draft reminiscences by Garraway of his experiences on the voyage out to South Africa and subsequently at Knysna, Millwood, Kuruman and Edenburg, 1888-1892
  101. (Fols. 201-214) Letters from John Anchitel Ashburnham and F. Newton, Secretary and Receiver-General, Bechuanaland, about Garraway's appointment as District Surgeon of Kuruman and subsequently at Taungs, and about his requisition for drugs for the Kuruman Gaol Dispensary, 22 Dec 1890-3 Jul 1891
  102. (Fols. 215-216) Menu for St. Patrick's Day Dinner at Inyati, Matabeleland, illustrated by Corporal Nangle (see diary), 17 Mar 1894
  103. (Fol. 217) Morning Order by Colonel Sir Frederick Carrington, K.C.M.G., commanding B.B. Police, Macloutsie (true copy signed by J.A.H. Walford, Captain and Adjutant), 4 Jun 1893
  104. (Fols. 218-232) Letters from Lord Selborne to Garraway. (Typescript copies by Winifred Garraway - for the remaining originals see vol. 10 fols. 64-67, 79-80, 81), 20 Dec 1909-30 Jun 1932
  105. (Fols. 233-236) Letter from Winifred Garraway to her mother about family matters, in particular her sister Claire's visit to Johannesburg and her own forthcoming trip to England; with references (among others) to the Selbornes and to Dougal Malcolm [Selborne's Secretary], 13 Jun 1909
  106. (Fols. 237-373) Copy of covering letter from H.W. Just, Colonial Office, to the Secretary, British South Africa Company, forwarding copies of schedules showing native reserves in South Rhodesia, related official correspondence and a memorandum by Colonel [Robert] Burns-Begg (4 Mar-4 Oct 1912), 26 Mar 1913
  107. (Fols. 374-376) Notes on the Battle of Berea, Basutoland (20 Dec 1852), n.d.
  108. (Fols. 377-380) Notes by Winifred Garraway on diaries 1894-1898 (boxes 2-3), n.d.
  109. (Fols. 381-383) Harper's New Monthly Magazine: article by Poulteney Bigelow, 'White Man's Africa'. (Photocopy of those portions relating to Garraway's Jameson Raid experiences, quoting extracts from his diary and from shipboard conversations with him and with one of his opponents), Nov 1896


  • 1888-1932, n.d.


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MSS. Afr. s. 1610 vol. 12

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