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Addenda: Lectures, 1964-1971

MS. Eng. d. 2222
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Lectures 1964-1971.


Protein structure, synthesis and function. Lecture to Thomas Young Club, Emmanuel College Cambridge, 22 January, also on tour of Holland at Leiden, Delft, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Groningen, 10-14 February.

Protein structure. Shell Laboratories Amsterdam, 17 February.

Forces stabilising the structure of proteins. Bunsen-Gesellschaft Berlin, 9 May.

Biology in the modern world. Rotary Club Cambridge, 28 April.

The proposed European Institute for Molecular Biology. S.V.S. [Society for Visiting Scientists] Discussion meeting, 3 June.

Recent work on protein structure. Nobel meeting, Lindau, 25 June.

Molecular biology, past present and future. University Lecture, Leeds, 15 October.

International Laboratories. Scientists' Lunch Club, Cambridge, 21 October.

Molecular biology. Talk at Board of Trade, 26 November.


Molecular biology. Lecture at AWRE [Atomic Weapons Research Establishment] Aldermaston, 20 January.

The genetic determination of protein function. Special University Lecture in Genetics, University College London, 3 February.

Myoglobin ligands. British Biophysical Society, 8 April.

Problems in the prediction of protein conformation. Protein Conformation Workshop, Bethesda, 24 June.

X-ray diffraction studies of globular proteins. Gordon Protein Conference New Hampshire, 2 July.

Introductory survey of the role of molecular models in elucidating structure of biological macromolecules. British Biophysical Society London, 20 December.


Molecular biology. Hans Sloane Memorial Lecture Belfast, 22 February.

Chemical interactions and protein structure, Helsinki, 24 March, Brookhaven, Columbia, 10, 13 May.

Physics, molecular structure and biological function. Columbia University Symposium on the Relationship between the Biological and Physical Sciences, 9 May.

Symmetry in biological systems. Opening remarks at Second International Congress of Biophysics Vienna, 5 September.

Talk to Biophysics Institute and Physics Institute Peking 6 October, and Biochemistry Institute Shanghai, 15 October.

Impressions of the proletarian cultural revolution. Talk to Tawney Group Cambridge, 24 November and to Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding Cambridge, 28 November.

China, science and Chairman Mao. Talk to MRC Laboratory, 3 November 1966.


The new biology. Eton Medical Society, 17 February.

X-ray analysis and the chemical reactions of proteins. Delft Technical High School, Wageningen and Nijmegen Universities, 6-8 March.

Cell function at the molecular level. The Crookshank Lecture, Faculty of Radiologists 19 May, and to Stokes Society Cambridge, 20 November.


Some chapters in the history of molecular biology. Pomona College. Evening lecture of the Robbins Lectures, 22 February. (Also at Madrid, 28 March, Heidelberg, 30 April, Munich, 2 May 1969.)

The Robbins Lectures. Pomona College, 22, 23, 26, 27 February. (18pp. notes and diagrams, also photographs, notice and correspondence.)

Problems of sequence and conformation in proteins. Rochester New York, 10 May.

Computers and biological complexity. Lecture to Cambridge IBM course, 23 July.

Recent work on conformation of polypeptides. Summary of Nobel Symposium papers of Scheraga, Ramachandran, Liquori, 29 August.

1st Seminar: Sequence and conformation of proteins. Tokyo University, 16 October.

2nd Seminar: Conformational change and protein function. Tokyo, 22 October.

3rd Seminar: Some crystallographic problems. Tokyo, 24 October.

1st Lecture: X-ray crystallography and its application to the study of protein structure. Tokyo University, 16 October.

2nd Lecture: Methods of analysis and some new techniques. Tokyo University, 17 October.

3rd Lecture: X-ray analysis as a tool in protein chemistry. Tokyo University, 23 October.

4th Lecture: Principles of protein architecture. Tokyo University, 24 October.

Public Lecture: The New Biology. Tokyo 22 October, Osaka 3 November.


X-ray analysis and the chemical reactions of proteins. Physical Chemistry Department [Cambridge], 21 February.

Conformation of haemoglobin. Barcelona, 25 March.

Some chapters in the history of molecular biology. Madrid, 28 March.

Molecular biology - a little history. Heidelberg, 30 April, Munich, 2 May.

Amino-acid sequence as the determinant of protein conformation. Leopoldina Academy, Halle, DDR, 6 May.

Polypeptide conformation and protein structure. 9th Procter Lecture, International Union of Leather Chemists Societies, London, 8 September (2 versions).

Three-dimensional molecules. Cambridge Philosophical Society Sesquicentenary, 28 October.

Molecular Biology and EMBO. Lecture at the Sittingbourne Laboratories of Shell, 19 November.

Some thoughts on the history of molecular biology. Biochemical Society London 500th meeting, 15 December.


The molecular approach to biology: achievements and prospects. CERN, 8 April.

3-dimensional structure and the development of molecular biology. Chemical Society Zürich, 13 May.

The molecular approach to biology: achievements and prospects. Brookhaven, 19 May.

Developments in the life sciences. Imperial Defence College, 9 June 1970 and 1971, repeated at Police College Bramshill, 6 July 1972.

Amino-acid sequences as the determinant of protein conformation. International Congress of Physiology Brasov Romania, 11 August.


The public and the private faces of science. Fison Memorial Lecture, Guy's Hospital, 8 June.

Recent achievements in molecular biology. Rio de Janeiro, 30 August, Sao Paulo, 2 September, Siemens Stiftung Munich, 6 March 1972.


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MS. Eng. d. 2222

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