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Visits and Conferences, 1951-1967

MS. Eng. c. 2597
Held at the Weston Library

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Folder N.1. North America, July-September 1951.

This was a major trip, including visits to conferences and laboratories, and the giving of lectures at locations across America (Ann Arbor, California, Seattle, Gordon Conference New Hampshire, New York and the East Coast).

Folder includes some details of Kendrew's travel schedule and lecturing programme but is mainly concerned with his nomination to an OEEC mission to the US Chemical Congress, and the Younger Chemists International Project (Yochinproj).

Folder N.2. Gordon Conference on Proteins and Nucleic Acids, 23-28 August 1953. Group photograph (with key), list of participants, brief correspondence.

Folder N.3. Conference on Configuration of Polypeptide Chains, Pasadena, September 1953. Includes invitation (from L. Pauling), travel arrangements, list of participants, correspondence regarding notice of conference prepared by Kendrew and published in Nature, 173, 1954.

Folder N.4. International Union of Crystallography Symposium, Madrid, 2-7 April 1956. List of participants, programme.

Folder N.5. Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group Conference on "Biological Structures and Computational Models", London, 16-17 November 1956. Kendrew spoke on "Phase determinations in myoglobin". Correspondence, programme, list of participants, abstracts.

Folder N.6. Colloque sur la Structure des Protéines, Paris, 25-29 July 1957. Kendrew spoke on "Crystallographic studies on myoglobin". Programme only.

Folder N.7. Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group meeting, London, 17 March 1958. W.L. Bragg and Kendrew presented papers. Notice of meeting, brief correspondence only.

Folder N.8. Visit to Sweden, at invitation of A. Engström, to lecture at Uppsala, Stockholm and Gothenburg, 8-10 January 1959. Correspondence September 1958 - January 1959.

Folder N.9. IUPAP International Biophysics Conference on "Recent Contributions of Physics to Biology", Cambridge, 6-9 July 1959. Kendrew was on organising committee. Programme, list of participants.

Folder N.10. "Working Conference on 'The genetic control of protein specificity' ", Copenhagen, 14-18 September 1959. Programme, list of participants, Kendrew's manuscript notes for his talk, and on contributions by others including J. Monod, F. Jacob.

Folder N.11. First Conference of British Computer Society, Cambridge, 22-25 June 1959. Programme, abstract of Kendrew's talk on "A scientific application of digital computers: the three-dimensional structure of a protein".

Folder N.12. Visit to California Institute of Technology for "Dedication Address", 3 November 1960. Letter of thanks, travel receipts only.

Folder N.13. Visit to Harvard Medical School, March-April 1961. Correspondence only, mainly on request (declined) for Kendrew to write up his course of twelve lectures for publication.

Folder N.14. Gordon Conference on Proteins, Rhode Island, 25-30 June 1961. Travel expenses, correspondence 1962 on interview given by Kendrew and used in American Chemical Society's radio series under title of "Probing the protein puzzle".

Folder N.15. Arden House Conference, Columbia, New York, 5-7 November 1962. Programme, list of participants, Kendrew's manuscript notes on papers read.

Folder N.16. Correspondence, 1962-1963, on projected visit to Japan, which eventually took place in 1968.

Folder N.17. Symposium on New Perspectives in Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 10-17 June 1963. Kendrew spoke on "Molecular Structure of Myoglobin and Haemoglobin". Programme, biographical notes on participants.

Folder N.18. Lindau Symposium of Nobel Prize-Winners, 22-26 June 1964. Kendrew spoke on "Recent studies of the structure of proteins". Programme, list of participants, correspondence.

Folder N.19. Workshop on Conformational Problems in Proteins, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, 24-25 June 1965. Kendrew introduced one of the sessions and spoke on "Problems in the prediction of protein conformation". Correspondence only.

Folder N.20. Gordon Conference on Proteins, New Hampton, New Hampshire, 28 June - 2 July 1965. Kendrew spoke on "X-ray diffraction studies of globular proteins". Programme, list of participants, group photograph (with key), correspondence.

Folder N.21. Correspondence, 1965-1967, on proposed visit to University of Toronto as Centennial Visiting Professor, with other visits to Alberta, Ottawa and Washington. Kendrew accepted the invitation but later cancelled the visit.

Folder N.22. Correspondence on visit to Helsinki at invitation of A.I. Virtanen, 23-25 March 1966.


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MS. Eng. c. 2597

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