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Papers relating to Soddy's work in Aberdeen, 1896-1957

MS. Eng. misc. b. 182
Held at the Weston Library

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Work on 'Concentrators.'

  1. 3 MS. letters to Gerald Stoney from Soddy, with calculations etc., 1916-1918.
  2. 'Concentrator Problems.' (by Stoney), 1916.
  3. Soddy's folder: 'Tests of Various Alloy Steels in New Alloy Pot...' (experiments, calculations, and reports by Sir Henry Carpenter, etc.), 1916.
  4. Correspondence and report by Stoney, 1917.
  5. Soddy's remarks on Stoney's report, n.d.
  6. Printed letter from Sir Oswyn Murray dissolving the Technical Sub-Committee, Board of Invention & Research, 1918.
  7. Explanatory note by Soddy, dated 24 July 1952.
  8. Photograph and description of model, 1917.
  9. Report and correspondence from Gerald Stoney, 1917.
  10. Correspondence between Soddy and Board of Invention and Research, 1918.
  11. Drawing of model, n.d.
  12. Miscellaneous correspondence on 'Concentrators' and on Soddy's wartime work at Aberdeen, 1917-1918, 1957.
  13. MS.: 'Experiments on Flow' March 28 1917 (1952).
  14. MS.: 'Conductivities' (experiments & calculations,), n.d. (1952).
  15. MS.: 'Collecting all the Best Results from the Recalculated Data.', 1916? (1952).
  16. MS.: 'Secondary Boiler dispensed with' n.d. (1952).
  17. MS.: Experiments & calculations, 1917 (1952).

Envelope: 'Private Receipts 1917/1918 Gas Works Research'.

Notes on experiments: (a) On washing coke oven gas with milk of lime (signed Masefield), n.d. (b) On sulphuric acid as a drying reagant (signed Royle) n.d.

'Gravity Method of continuous Determination of the Specific Gravity of a Stream of gas.', n.d.

Notes by Soddy dated 15 May 1952, 24 July 1952, and 4 May 1954.

Miscellaneous correspondence and reports on ethylene extraction, exchanged with Ministry of Munitions of War, Explosives Department, March - Sept. 1918.

>Miscellaneous correspondence, mainly on Patent Applications arising out of Soddy's War Work:

  1. Note on Patent Law, 1916?
  2. Correspondence regarding Secret Patent on Fireless Boiler, 1916
  3. Correspondence regarding Secret Patent on Steam Turbines, 1916
  4. Correspondence regarding Secret Patent on Concentrators, 1917
  5. Correspondence with Patent Agents regarding searches, 1918
  6. Correspondence regarding supply of machinery, 1918
  7. Correspondence regarding purification of charcoal in military respirators (Chemical Warfare Department), 1918
  8. Correspondence regarding gas purification, 1919
  9. Correspondence regarding alcohol as fuel, 1919.

Work on ethylene extraction from coal gas:

  1. Chronicle of events March - August 1918
  2. 'Diary of Charcoal Events, written 4th Sept. 1918' (MS. in Soddy's hand)
  3. Correspondence and telegrams regarding Soddy's Patent application, exchanged with Ministry of Munitions of War, 1918-1919
  4. Correspondence regarding experiments, exchanged with Ministry of Munitions and Aberdeen Gas Co.
  5. Correspondence regarding Soddy's Patent application
  6. Account of Demonstration at Aberdeen Gas Works, 1918
  7. Notes of 'Expenses Charcoal Research 1919'
  8. Note (incomplete) 'Ethylene Research', n.d.
  9. Specification on Ethylene extraction by Dr. Paul Fritzche, 1897.

Black exercise book inscribed 'War Work 1914/19'; at back of book 'Expts. at Aberdeen Gas Works beginning 27 May 1918. (Some loose pages).

Blue exercise book - charcoal experiments, 1918.

Two examination books 'University of Aberdeen', with notes of gas experiments (not all in Soddy's hand), 1918.

Notebook, 'Merton College 7th June 1896 Organic Chemistry Notes.'

Blue exercise book resuming work on Alkali Boiler, inscribed 'Begun 8.III.52'; includes loose pages of calculations inscribed 'August 19 1922 New Shortened Process'.

Red exercise book inscribed 'Started Aug. 29th 1941'; notes and calculations of resumed work on Soda Boiler; with further notes at rear and detailed explanatory note by Soddy dated 22 Feb. 1952.


  • Creation: 1896-1957


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 182

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