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Papers relating to Soddy's work in Aberdeen, 1916-1956, n.d.

MS. Eng. misc. b. 181
Held at the Weston Library

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'List of Admiralty Stuff', n.d. (M. Howorth's list, included with her files of Soddy's papers. Not all the items on the list are identifiable.)

'B.I.R. Notes from March 30 1917' (Notebook of experiments on Alkali Boiler.

Black notebook of notes, experiments, & calculations on Alkali Boiler, n.d.

Work on Alkali Boiler, 1916:

  1. Report to Admiralty by Soddy and Stoney
  2. Correspondence regarding Patent for Fireless Boiler
  3. MS.: The Theory of the Film-Flow Alkali Boiler
  4. MS.: 'Report on the Alkali Boiler', July 1916
  5. MS.: 'Second Report...Alkali Boiler', July 1916
  6. Miscellaneous blueprints, drawings, and photograph of apparatus.

Later work on Alkali Boiler. Five notebooks of notes and calculations variously dated:

  1. 23 May 1941
  2. 'Resumed Jan 1952, Alkali Boiler'
  3. 'Alkali Boiler. Started 24th March 1952'
  4. 'Alkali Boiler. Started 25 April 1952'
  5. 'January 10 1952 - Notes on the Soda Boiler Work'

Secret Patent 5527/16: 'Improvements in and relating to Fireless Boilers', 1916. Includes folder annotated by Soddy in 1952.

'Soda Boiler'; report, chart, and drawings by Soddy and Stoney, 1916.

'Professor Soddy's Emanation Gauge' (drawing of apparatus). Inscribed on outside: 'July 31 - 1956. These are log scale of the decay of RADON Never published or used that might be of use to say Dr. Russ X ray Dept. Middlesex Hospital London. F.S.'

Bundle of miscellaneous charts, graphs, blueprints, calculations, and diagrams (not all in Soddy's hand), inscribed by him 'July 24th 1952. Retained as containing originals of drawings in the two Secret Reports plus some others.'


  • Creation: 1916-1956, n.d.


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MS. Eng. misc. b. 181

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CSAC 14.8.74/VI/127-135