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Biographical material, 1898-1974

MS. Eng. misc. b. 170
Held at the Weston Library

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(Fols. 1-16) Misc. printed memoirs and obituaries. By Alexander (Lord) Fleck, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 3, 1957; Nature, no. 4539, 1956. By F.A. Paneth, Nature, no. 4595, 1957. MS. note by E.J. Bowen, January 1974.

(Fols. 17-58) Misc. biographical information. 'Extracts from R.S. "personal records" of Frederick Soddy', 14 pp. 'The joint researches of Sir William Ramsay and Frederick Soddy', 4 pp. ('Memo. prepared at request of Morris Travers March 1946') and correspondence. 'Frederick Soddy, Nobel Prizeman in Chemistry, 1921 (awarded 1922)' 2pp.; 'sent by reg. post with cards and 3 photos on 7.vii.50', with a letter from Die Weltwoche. Correspondence regarding Soddy's contribution to the questionnaire 'The Nobel Prize during 50 years.'

(Fols. 59-77) 'Résumé of original investigations (1900 to Feb. 1913) of Frederick Soddy, M.A., F.R.S.'.

(Fols. 78-89) Souvenirs of Oxford; printed matter: gastronomic menu; examination papers; humourous songs.

(Fols. 90-102) Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry, Toronto, by: (Hon) George Brodrick, Sir John Conroy, A. Vernon Harcourt, William Odling, Sir William Ramsay (2), and John Watts.

(fols. 103-110) Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry, Aberystwyth, by: Henry T. Bovey, Frank Carter, John Cox (signed jointly), Ernest (Lord) Rutherford (signed jointly), B.J. Harrington, E.W. MacBride, and J. Wallace Walker.

(Fols. 111-115) Testimonials to Soddy (of general reference) by: B.J. Harrington, W. Peterson (for Fellowship at St. John's College, Oxford), and Pierre Curie, 1904.

(Fols. 116-118) Particulars of 6 University Extension Lectures given by Soddy in Australia, on 'Radium' and 'Modern Views on Electricity and Matter.'; printed matter. Letters of thanks from W. Ernest Cooke and Sir Arthur W.Rücker.

Fols. 119-121) Notice by Sir Harold Carpenter in 'The Eastbournian', on Soddy's election to the Royal Society; printed matter.

(Fols. 122-177) Material relating to the Royal Society; printed matter. Soddy's election in 1910. 'R.S. Fellowship Group'; notes, memos, press-cuttings, 1934-1935. Correspondence between the Royal Society and Major & Mrs. Howorth regarding the book on Rutherford and Soddy, 1956-1957.

(fols. 178-203) Testimonials to Soddy, and Application for Waynflate Professorship of Chemistry, Oxford, by: Sir William Crookes, Mario Curie, Sir Donald McAlister, Sir William Ramsay, and Sir William Tildon.

(Fols. 204-233) Cannizzaro Prize, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei; correspondence with Sir William Ramsay; notification of award; Soddy's letter of thanks (in French); press cuttings.

Diary, University of Glasgow, 1913-1914, (88 pages).

(Fols. 234-251) Testimonials to Soddy for Chair of Chemistry, Aberdeen, by: Sir Donald McAlister, J.W. Gregory, Henry E. Armstrong, Sir William A. Tilden, Marie Curie, and Ernest (Lord) Rutherford. Includes a letter from Sir Donald McAlister on Soddy's election to the Chair, 1914.

(Fols. 252-296) University of Aberdeen. Copy of the magazine 'Alma Mater', 14 Nov. 1914, containing 'Portrait of Professor Soddy'. Typed note on Soddy's years at Aberdeen, sent by Professor W.T.H. Williamson to M. Howorth, 10 Nov. 1956. Typed note on Soddy's years at Aberdeen, sent by Professor W.T.H. Williamson to M. Howorth, 10 Nov. 1956. MS. note by Soddy 'War Work of the Chemistry Department' Sept. 22 1917. Copies of 'The Crucible', nos. 1 and 2, 1919, containing an article by Soddy, reprinted in Science and Life, 1920, pp. 175-180, and a farewell notice on Soddy's appointment to Oxford.

(Fols. 297-343) Misc. press-cuttings regarding Soddy's journey from Czechoslovakia with £70,000 worth of radium.

(Fols. 344-492) Letters of congratulation on Award of Nobel Prize. Press-cutting from 'The Oxford Chronicle' on Soddy's Nobel Prize signed A.S.R. (Alexander Russell)

(Fols. 493-504) University of Oxford. Letter from the Press Association on information furnished by Soddy regarding hoax played on Rector of Exeter, 1923. Menu of a dinner given for Soddy at Merton College, 17 Jan. 1923. Petition to the Privy Council, and a reply, regarding the Aldrichian Praelectorship in Chemistry 1927-1928.

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MS. Eng. misc. b. 170

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