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Scientific research and publications, 1941-1964

MS. Coulson 58

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Folder B.38.1: 'Graphite momentum', 1941-1950. Work in collaboration with W.E. Duncanson. MS. notes, numerous MS. and typescript drafts by Coulson and W.E. Duncanson. Extensive correspondence with W.E. Duncanson, November 1945-October 1946, with detailed discussion of progress of the work, and some personal correspondence. (Many of Coulson's drafts are written on the verso of his printed applications for various university posts, 1941.)

Folder B.38.2: 'Coulomb effects in hybridisation', 1952-1954. MS. notes.

Folder B.38.3: 'Azulene', 1951. Ms. notes 'Wave mechanics of azulene models'. Notes for a colloquium (n.d.). Typescript of 'Alkyl shifts in absorbtion spectra of azulene and other aromatic hydrocarbons'. Numerous sets of ms. notes, titled 'Hyperconjugation', 'Perturbation effect', 'Azulene applications', etc.

Folder B.38.4: 'Cancer Review', 1950-1953. Ms. notes for CAC's review article 'Electronic configuration and carcinogenesis' for first volume of Advances in Cancer Research published by Academic Press. Editorial correspondence with Alexander Haddow.

Folder B.38.5: 'Localisation energies (initial method)'. MS. notes. Diagrams for paper on Zethrene.

Folder B.38.6: 'Diamagnetic anisotropy', 1953. Ms. draft 'Diamagnetic anistropy of aromatics', May 1953. Probably notes for lectures. Published in Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 3 (1989) 323-342.

Folder B.38.7: 'John-Teller effect, bond order argument', 1953. MS. draft 'Bond order work on benzene' with note of 'Further work'.

Folder B.38.8: 'Free-electron treatment for metals', 1953-1958. Numerous sets of MS. notes, many regarding graphite, for lectures delivered 1953-1958. Editorial correspondence with Physical Society regarding referee's report on Coulson's paper 'Note on the applicability of the free-electron network model to metals'.

Folder B.38.9: 'Bond-anti-bond orbitals in graphite', 1954. Ms. notes.

Folder B.38.10: 'Non-additivity of interatomic forces', 1954. Notes by Coulson on paper by John Dawler and related correspondence with J.O. Hirschfelder who sent Coulson the paper.

Folder B.38.11: 'T. Fermi relation for V1.5 vo = const.', 1954. MS. notes, diagrams. Correspondence with R. Daudel, May-September 1954. MS. draft by Coulson of note for C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris (Daudel translated it for the journal).

Folder B.38.12: 'Quinoline, Isoquinoline, Acridine', 1949-1954. Ms. notes, including some on 'Mulliken's "electron density probe"' (1954). Correspondence with A. Albert, May 1949, September-October 1954.

Folder B.38.13: 'Methyl affinity of aromatic hydrocarbons', 1955. MS. draft of paper, with notes for accompanying diagrams. Various sets of MS.notes, not all by Coulson. One set is titled 'Pyrene localisation energies'.

Folder B.38.14: 'The free-electron network model for metals', 1954-1955. 25 pp. MS. notes on delta-function metals with 3 pp. 'Alternative proof of fundamental formulas'.

Folder B.38.15: 'Thomas-Fermi', 1952-1954. MS. notes 'Teller-Pöschl formula, etc.', with later set 'a more careful analysis to repeat pp. 5a-e of previous screed, but leading to no easily managed equation. Atoms, at best, must have a finite radius'. Folder includes set of typescript notes in which Coulson describes the method of approach to the problem (probably prepared for a student).

Folder also includes paper by N.H. March 'An improved approximate analytic solution of the Thomas-Fermi equation for atoms'.

Folder B.38.16: 'Possible f-covalency in uranium', 1949-1956. Folder of drafts and correspondence with G.R. Lester re their collaborative work. Numerous sets of MS. notes by Coulson commenting on Lester's drafts, with additional notes on the literature or on points for further investigation. Correspondence with Lester, 1949-1956, and note of Chemical Society meeting, December 1952, at which they presented a joint paper (title as above).

Abstracts of papers presented at Ministry of Supply Conference on Transition Metals, November 1952.

Folder B.38.17: 'Thomas-Fermi Book', 1956-1964. Heavily annotated and corrected typescript of proposed book on the Thomas-Fermi model, written in collaboration with N.H. March. The book was never published. Drafts of:
  1. Chapter II Fundamental Equations
  2. Chapter III Atoms and Ions
  3. Chapter IV Molecules
  4. Chapter V Metals
  5. Chapter VI Astrophysical and Geophysical Applications
  6. Chapter VII Fundamental basis of method and extension of theory
  7. Chapter VIII Nuclei.
Folder B.38.18: 'Statistical theory of atoms and molecules'. Set of MS. notes for course of lectures on the subject.


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MS. Coulson 58

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