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Early scientific research and publications, 1927-1934

MS. Coulson 48

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Folder B.28.1: 'First bit of research. 1927'. 3 pp. manuscript.

Folder B.28.2: Notes by Coulson on articles and/or lectures by R.A. Millikan, G.I. Taylor, H. Jeffreys, T.E. Stanton, and ? Scott, 1931.

Folder B.28.3: 'Miscellaneous early research', 1933-1934. Includes:
  1. Letter to R.H. Fowler, 13 March 1934, enclosing 10 pp. typescript 'Report on work done and doing since June 1933'.
  2. 'Molecular structure', 27 pp., 10 March 1933.
  3. 'On separability of wave - eq. in 1 dim. with interaction for 2 electrons', 4 pp., 31 May 1933.
  4. 'The problem of an electron in an ellipse of constant potential', 12 pp., 1 June 1933.
  5. 'Bessel Functions. Addition theorems', 27 pp. and some loose papers, June 1933.
  6. 'Two electrons with interaction in harmonic oscillator', 12 pp., 24 May 1934.
  7. 'N.I.', 4 pp., n.d.
  8. 'Exponential integral', 10 pp. and some loose papers.
  9. Numerous shorter sets of MS. notes, most labelled by Coulson.
Folder B.28.4: 'Rochelle Salt', 1932. Mostly notes on the literature, on colloquia talks by others, or on conversations.

Folder B.28.5: 'Rotating dipoles and Rochelle salt', 1932. Folder of MS. notes and drafts, index inside front cover.

Labelled with titles and 'Opus nos.' by Coulson, written November 1932 and bound up October 1933.

Folder B.28.6: 'The problems of Rochelle salt. Dialectic constant and other anomalies', 1932.

54 pp. typescript, perhaps for paper (not published).

Folder B.28.7: 'Molecular structure. Methods, 1933. Folder of MS. notes and drafts, index inside front cover.

Section B is carbon of a 7 pp. letter to J.E. Lennard-Jones, May 1933, 'Problems in Molecular Physics'.

Folder B.28.8: 'Interaction Problems', 1933. MS. notes, July 1933, bound up October 1933.

Folder B.28.9: 'Interlacing spheres and cylinders', 1933. Extensive MS. notes, calculations and diagrams, bound up October 1933.

Folder B.28.10: '3 atoms on a circle', 1933. MS. notes, dated by Coulson 'mainly September 1933'.

Folder B.28.11: 'Problems of 2 parabolas' (unfinished) and 'Hermite polynomials', 1933. MS. notes, 33 pp. and 6 pp.

Folder B.28.12: 'Circular ideas October 1933'. 19 pp. MS. notes.

Folder B.28.13: 'Triatomics: linear-isosceles-equilateral', 1933. Miscellaneous MS. notes and drafts.

Includes introductory notes by J.E. Lennard-Jones.


  • 1927-1934


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MS. Coulson 48

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CSAC 60/4/78/B.28/1-13

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