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Scientific working papers, lectures, publications, 1947-1972

MS. Coulson 21

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Folder B.1.1 (1952): 'The spirit of applied mathematics'.

Inaugural Lecture, Rouse Ball Chair of Mathematics, Oxford.

Working notes, supplementary material assembled in preparation for lecture.

Typescript, annotated offprint.

Correspondence regarding arrangements for delivery and publication.

Folder B.1.2 (1948): 'Wave mechanics in physics, chemistry and biology'.

Inaugural Lecture, Chair of Theoretical Physics, King's College, London.

Working notes. Typescript.

Folder B.1.3 (1967-1969): 'Symmetry'.

The Faraday Lecture, the Chemical Society, Oxford, January 1968.

Working notes, MS. and typescript drafts, figures for published version.

List of places and dates of delivery is on the inside of the folder cover.

Folder B.1.4 (1955-1964): 'Overcrowded molecules'.

MS. of lecture delivered at Kekulé Symposium on Theoretical Organic Chemistry, London, 1958.

List of places and dates of delivery.

Folder B.1.5 (1947-1950): 'Compton profile'.

Working notes and manuscript.

Folder B.1.6 (1956-1961): 'What does a molecule look like?'

Working notes for lecture.

List of places and dates of delivery.

Folder B.1.7 (1962-1963): 'Bond lengths involving carbon'.

Working notes, MS., list of slides for lecture, figures for published version.

Folder B.1.8 (1968-1972: 'd-electrons'.

Lecture first delivered at Oxford Symposium on Valence and Relativity, 1968 and which formed the basis of later papers delivered at the Robert A. Welch Conference, Texas, 1972 and at the Farkash Symposium, Jerusalem, 1973.

Working notes, MS., bibliography, list of slides for lecture, figures for published version.

Folder B.1.9 (n.d.): 'Correlation energies in atoms'.

Working notes.

Folder B.1.10 (1950-1962): 'What is a dipole moment?'

Notes, brief manuscript.

Folder B.1.11 (1948-1954): 'Localised and non-localised bonds'.

Working notes, MS., typescript.

Supplementary research material.

Coulson gave a paper in French in Paris, 1948, based on this material.

Folder B.1.12 (1948): 'Theory of carcinogens'.

Notes, typescript of work relative to research carried out by Coulson on carcinogenic hydrocarbon molecules with support of grant from British Empire Cancer Campaign.

Folder B.1.13 (1962): 'John-Teller effect in molecules'.

Working notes.

Folder B.1.14 (1958): '20th century revolution in Physics. Planck to Eddington'.

Miscellaneous working notes for lecture on history of modern physics.

Folder B.1.15 (1962, 1966): 'Decline and fall of science'.

MS. notes.

Folder B.1.16 (1957, 1962, 1972): 'Physics and the philosophers'.

Notes, MS. draft.

Folder B.1.17 (1950-1958): 'Fact and fiction in Physics'.

Notes, MS., several different typescript versions.

Folder B.1.18 (1949-1970): 'Any more physics?'

Notes, MS., related offprints.

List of places and dates of delivery.

Folder B.1.19 (1951):

Report on a (post-conference) informal discussion on integrals, New York, September 1951. Attended by Coulson, R.S. Mulliken, M.P. Barnett, H. Shull and others.

Annotated typescript.

Folder B.1.20 (1959): 'Present state of molecular structure calculations'.

Closing speech by Coulson at Conference of the American Institute of Physics, 1959.

Page proof.

Folder B.1.21 (1952-1955): 'Future of chemistry'.

Notes, rough MS. draft.

Index of places and dates of delivery.

Folder B.1.22 (1950-1954): 'Long-range forces'.

Paper delivered at Conference on Quantum Mechanical Methods in Valence Theory, Shelter Island, New York, 1951.

Working notes, manuscript.


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MS. Coulson 21

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