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Transcriptions, by E. H. Fellowes, of music from the Willmott, Petre and Potter part-books, 1940

MS. Tenbury 1474

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A transcription made by E. H. Fellowes from two important manuscript part-books, the Willmott manuscript (Altus part-book) and the Petre manuscript (Bassus part-book), together with extracts from a manuscript that formerly belonged to Mrs Bettina Potter and contained alto and tenor parts.

The compositions of Byrd in the Petre manuscript that were printed in his books of Cantiones Sacrae are not transcribed here.

No. 1. The Willmott manuscript (fols. 1-24, first sequence):
  1. (fol. 1) Salve intemerata. Tallis
  2. (fol. 3) Laudate dominum. Tallis
  3. (fol. 3v) Ave dei patris. R. Johnson
  4. (fol. 3v) Ne irascaris. Byrd
  5. (fol. 3v) Tribulationes civitatum. Byrd
  6. (fol. 5v) Miserere mei. Whyte [White]
  7. (fol. 7v) Gaude plurimum. Taverner
  8. (fol. 9) Ave dei patris. Tallis
  9. (fol. 10v) Ave regina coelorum. Taverner
  10. (fol. 10v) Infelix ego. Byrd
  11. (fol. 10v) Deus, venerunt gentes. Byrd
  12. (fol. 11v) Petrus beatus. Byrd
  13. (fol. 10v) Cunctis diebus. Byrd
  14. (fol. 12v) Retribue servo. [R. Parsons]
  15. (fol. 13) Domine, quis habitabit? Tallis
  16. (fol. 13) O quam gloriosum. Byrd
  17. (fol. 14v) Ave rosa sine spinis. Tallis
  18. (fol. 15v) O salutaris hostia. Anon.
  19. (fol. 15v) Vox patris celestis. [W. Mundy]
  20. (fol. 18v) Miserere mei. [W. Mundy]
  21. (fol. 20) Anima Christ. [Parsons]
  22. (fol. 21) Domine, quando veneris. [Bonus]
  23. (fol. 22) Absterge, Domine. [Tallis]
  24. (fol. 22v) Quare tristis es? Anon.
  25. (fol. 23) Domine, quis habitabit? Anon. [Attrib. to White in MS. Tenbury 1486]
  26. (fol. 23) In resurrexione tua. Byrd
No. 2. The Petre manuscript, book 1 (fols. 1-56, second sequence):
  1. (fol. 1) O bone Jesu. Fairfax [Fayrfax]
  2. (fol. 2) Ave dei patris. Fairfax [Fayrfax]
  3. (fol. 3v) Ave dei patris. Tallis
  4. (fol. 5) Ave rosa sine spinis. Tallis
  5. (fol. 6) Ave dei patris. R. Johnson
  6. (fol. 7v) Conserva me Domine. Persley [Parsley]
  7. (fol. 9) Sospitati dedit. Taverner
  8. (fol. 10) The Meane Mass. Taverner
  9. (fol. 12v) Gaude plurimum. Taverner
  10. (fol. 14) Salve intemerata. Tallis
  11. (fol. 16) Miserere mei. Whyte [White]
  12. (fol. 18v) Lamentations (5 vol). Whyte [White]
  13. (fol. 18v) Exsurge Domine. Byrd
  14. (fol. 18v) Levemus corda nostra. Byrd
  15. (fol. 21) Ad punctum in modico. Byrd
  16. (fol. 21) Circumdederunt me. Byrd
  17. (fol. 21) Aspice, Domine, de sede. Byrd
  18. (fol. 22v) Domine, prestolamur. Byrd
  19. (fol. 22v) Audivi vocem. Byrd
  20. (fol. 22) In nomine. Strogers
  21. (fol. 22) Vide, Domine, afflictionem. Byrd
  22. (fol. 22) Haec dicit Dominus. Byrd
  23. (fol. 22) Tristitia et anxietas. Byrd
  24. (fol. 22) Deus, venerunt gentes. Byrd
  25. (fol. 22) In resurrexione tua. Byrd
  26. (fol. 22) Domine, tu iurasti. Byrd
  27. (fol. 22) O quam gloriosum. Byrd
  28. (fol. 23v) Laudate dominum. Tallis
  29. (fol. 23v) Tribulationes civitatum. Byrd
  30. (fol. 23v) Ne irascaris. Byrd
  31. (fol. 24) Mater Christi. Taverner
  32. (fol. 25) Dum transisset Sabbatum. Anon.
  33. (fol. 25v) Inclina, Domine aurem. Shepherd [Sheppard]
  34. (fol. 26v) Domine, quis habitabit? Anon.
  35. (fol. 27v) Lamentations (I and II). Tallis
  36. (fol. 30) Sub tuum presiduum. Cricquillon [Crequillon]
  37. (fol. 30v) Domine quis habitabit. Gumbert [Gombert]
  38. (fol. 32) O splendor gloriae. Taverner
  39. (fol. 34) Exsurge, Domine. T. Woode
  40. (fol. 36v) O salutaris hostia. Tallis
  41. (fol. 37) Jo son feri to. Pallastina [Palestrina]
  42. (fol. 37v) Dolor non fune fia. Pallastina [Palestrina]
  43. (fol. 38) Musies leta sum. Ferrabosco
  44. (fol. 38v) Nigra sum sed formosa. Cricquillon [Crequillon]
  45. (fol. 39v) Beati qui habitant. P. de Monte
  46. (fol. 40) Fantasia. Tye
  47. (fol. 40v) Domine, in virtuce. Johnson
  48. (fol. 42) Deus, miseriatur. Cricquillon [Crequillon]
  49. (fol. 43v) Fantasia. Anon.
  50. (fol. 44) Blessed are those that keep. Tallis
  51. (fol. 44v) Beati omnes. Phillips
  52. (fol. 45) Pater noster. Shepherd [Sheppard]
  53. (fol. 45v) Amavit eum Dominus. Anon.
  54. (fol. 46) O mater mundi. W. Mundy
  55. (fol. 46v) In nomine. Whyte [White]
  56. (fol. 47) In nomine. Strogers
  57. (fol. 47v) Aspice, Domine. Vaet
  58. (fol. 48) Benedixisti, Domine. Meilandus [Meiland]
  59. (fol. 49) Ave regina coelorum. O. di Lasso [Lassus]
  60. (fol. 49) Infelix ego. Byrd
  61. (fol. 49v) Domine, da nobis. Cricquillon [Crequillon]
  62. (fol. 50) Fuit homo missus a deo. J. de Bachi [Bachius]
  63. (fol. 51) Vias tvas, Domine. F. de Rivulo
  64. (fol. 51v) Miserere mei. Foemellis [[Foemelius?]
  65. (fol. 52) Deus, deus mens, respice. P. de Monte
  66. (fol. 52v) Ego sum panis vivus. F. de Rivulo
  67. (fol. 53v) Hue me sidereo. Vaet
  68. (fol. 54v) Ante venis virides. Vaet
  69. (fol. 55) Quemadmodum. Taverner
No. 3. From the Petre manuscript, book 2 (fol. 56v-60), continuation of second sequence: Mass Sponsus amat sponsam. Robert Fairfax [Fayrfax]

No. 4. The Potter manuscript (fols. 61-63v, continuation of second sequence):
  1. Gaude. Anon.
  2. Statuit. Anon.
  3. Vox. Anon.
  4. Mihi. Anon.
  5. In medio. Anon.
  6. Edredermini. Anon.
  7. Dilexisti. Anon.
  8. Sabbatum. Taverner
  9. Amavit. Anon.
  10. In te Domine. Harlando [Lassus]
  11. Salva me. Shepherd [Sheppard]
  12. Salva me. Parsons


  • 1940


1 box (4 part-books)

Language of Materials

  • Latin


MS. Tenbury 1474

Custodial History

The original Willmott manuscript (No. 1 above) is now owned by the Berkeley Family of Spetchley Park, Worcestershire, having previously belonged to Miss Willmott of Great Warley, Essex. See DIAMM. It is in the hand of John Sadler of Norwich and dated 1591. It comes from the same set as MS. Tenbury 1486.

The two original Petre manuscripts (Nos. 2 and 3 above) belonged to Sir John Petre (1st Baron Petre, of Ingatestone, Essex) c 1590 and bears his name on the cover. In 1938, they were deposited in the Essex County Record Office in Chelmsford. They are both Bassus part-books, the first (GB-CF D/DP Z6/1, No. 2 above, DIAMM) is in the hand of a scribe employed by Edward Paston and was probably a gift from Paston to Petre; the second (GB-CF D/DP Z6/2, no. 3 above, DIAMM) was probably commissioned by Petre himself. Only one work from the second book was copied here by Fellowes.

The original Potter manuscript (No. 4 above), dated c 1581, belonged formerly to Mrs Bettina Potter and, since 1953, has been in the British Library (GB-Lbl Add. MS 47844, see DIAMM).


6 × 9 inches obl.

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