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A set of three part-books (Cantus, Altus and Bassus), containing Latin motets and a few anthems and songs with English words (Harmsworth Manuscript), late 16th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 1469-1471

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  1. (fol. 1) Et exultavit. [R. Fayrfax]
  2. (fol. 1v) Salutari. [R. Fayrfax]
  3. (fol. 2) O gloriossissima. [R. Fayrfax]
  4. (fol. 2v) Ave dei patris. [T. Tallis]
  5. (fol. 3) Ave Jesu. [T. Tallis]
  6. (fol. 3) Ave plena gratia. [T. Tallis]
  7. (fol. 3v) Ave... [T. Tallis]
  8. (fol. 3v) Virgo foeta ut sol. [T. Tallis]
  9. (fol. 4) Estis nobis. [T. Tallis]
  10. (fol. 4v) O gloriosissima. [T. Tallis]
  11. (fol. 5) Sospitati dedit. [J. Taverner]
  12. (fol. 5v) O quam probatum. [J. Taverner]
  13. (fol. 6) Vas in mari. [J. Taverner]
  14. (fol. 6) Ergo laudes. [J. Taverner]
  15. (fol. 6v) Sospes. [J. Taverner]
  16. (fol. 6v) Anima Christ. [Parsons] (same as MS. Tenbury 1474, fol. 20)
  17. (fol. 7v) Et exultavit. [Parsons]
  18. (fol. 7v) In deo. [Parsons]
  19. (fol. 7v) Et exultavit. [White]
  20. (fol. 8) In deo. [White]
  21. (fol. 8v) Quia fecit. ?White [R. Parsons]
  22. (fol. 9) Fecit potentia. [R. Parsons]
  23. (fol. 9v) Et in terra. (Gloria tibi Trinitas Mass)
  24. (fol. 9v) Qui tollis. [J. Taverner]
  25. (fol. 10) Qui tollis. [J. Taverner]
  26. (fol. 10v) Et in unum. [J. Taverner]
  27. (fol. 10v) Gloria tua. [J. Taverner]
  28. (fol. 11) Quoniam tu solus. [J. Taverner]
  29. (fol. 11v) Tu solus Dominus. [J. Taverner]
  30. (fol. 11v) Tu solus altissimus. [J. Taverner]
  31. (fol. 11v) Ave dei patris. [R. Johnson]
  32. (fol. 12) Ave domini filia. [R. Johnson]
  33. (fol. 12v) Ave plena gratia. [R. Johnaon]
  34. (fol. 13v) Thi filia. [R. Johnson]
  35. (fol. 14) Gaude pluriraum. [J. Taverner]
  36. (fol. 14v) Gaude Maria, [J. Taverner]
  37. (fol. 15) Gaude sacratissima. [J. Taverner]
  38. (fol. 15v) Gaude Maria Jesu. [J. Taverner]
  39. (fol. 16v) Gaudemus itaque. [J. Taverner]
  40. (fol. 17v) Eundem igitur. [J. Taverner]
  41. (fol. 18v) Salve intemerata. [T. Tallis]
  42. (fol. 19) Ave mulieris. [T. Tallis]
  43. (fol. 19v) Et dum eum. [T. Tallis]
  44. (fol. 20) Tu nimirum. [T. Tallis]
  45. (fol. 21v) Per haec nos. [T. Tallis]
  46. (fol. 22) Te precamur. [T. Tallis]
  47. (fol. 23) Secundum humanitatem. [T. Tallis]
  48. (fol. 23) Atque apud spiritum. [T. Tallis]
  49. (fol. 23v) UC peccatorem. [T. Tallis]
  50. (fol. 24v) Precamur sancte. [R. White]
  51. (fol. 24v) Oculi somnum capiant. [R. White]
  52. (fol. 25) Memento nostri Domine. [R. White]
  53. (fol. 25) O Salutaris hostia
  54. (fol. 26) In resurrexione. [W. Byrd]
  55. (fol. 26v) De lametatione
  56. (fol. 26v) Dalet
  57. (fol. 26v) Viae Sion
  58. (fol. 27) Omnes portae
  59. (fol. 27v) Jerusalem convertere
  60. (fol. 28) De lamentatione. [T. Tallis]
  61. (fol. 28v) Omnes persecutores [T. Tallis]
  62. (fol. 29v) Facti sunt hostes. [T. Tallis]
  63. (fol. 31) Heth. [R. White]
  64. (fol. 31v) Peccatum peccavit. [R. White]
  65. (fol. 32v) Sordes eius. [R. White]
  66. (fol. 33) Jerusalem convertere. [R. White]
  67. (fol. 33v) Omnis populus eius. [R. White]
  68. (fol. 34v) O vos omnes. [R. White]
  69. (fol. 35) Jerusalem convertere. [R. White]
  70. (fol. 35v) Help us, O God of our salvation
  71. (fol. 36) Memento homo quod cinis es. [W. Byrd]
  72. (fol. 36v) Tristis est anima mea. [O. di Lasso/Lassus]
  73. (fol. 37) Ave Regina coelorum. [O. di Lasso/Lassus]
  74. (fol. 37v) The man is blest. [W. Byrd]
  75. (fol. 38) Blessed is he that fears. [W. Byrd]
  76. (fol. 38v) O Lord, who in thy sacred tent. [W. Byrd]
  77. (fol. 39) O Lord, how long wilt thou forget. [W. Byrd]
  78. (fol. 40) Help, Lord, for wasted. [W. Byrd]
  79. (fol. 40v) Rejoice
  80. (fol. 40v) The mercy
  81. (fol. 41v) Blessed are those that keep. [T. Tallis]
  82. (fol. 42v) Lord, in thy wrath. [W. Byrd]
  83. (fol. 43) If that is a sinner's sighs. [W. Byrd]
  84. (fol. 43v) Care for thy soul. [W. Byrd]
  85. (fol. 44) Lullaby. [W. Byrd]
  86. (fol. 44v) Why do I use? [W Byrd]
Copied by a single scribe, employed by Edward Paston, the same hand as MSS. Tenbury 354-358 and 369-373.


  • late 16th cent.


1 box (3 part-books)

Language of Materials

  • Latin


MSS. Tenbury 1469-1471

Custodial History

Sold at Sotheby's Rooms on 27 July 1926 for £45 to Sir Leicester Harmsworth, and bought after his death in 1937 for St Michael's College for £20.


8 × 5 inches obl.

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Part of the Bodleian Libraries Repository

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