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A set of ten part-books containing miscellaneous church music, madrigals, etc., mostly in Ouseley’s hand. Tenor part, c 1865

MS. Tenbury 951

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Tenor part-book in a set of ten part-books, MSS. Tenbury 945-954, including:
  1. Morning and Evening service in A. B. C. Bertie
  2. Polycarp. An Oratorio (Chorus parts). F. A. G. Ouseley
  3. The Lord is the true God. F. A. G. Ouseley
  4. And there was a pure river. F. A. G. Ouseley
  5. Splendente te. Mozart
  6. Me goddess by the right hand. W. Crotch
  7. O queen of numbers. W. Crotch
  8. O let each Muse's fame. W. Crotch
  9. O nymph with myrtle. W. Crotch
  10. Kyrie from Mass in C. C. F. Richter
  11. Justorum animae. Franco Foggia
  12. Dixit Dominus. G. B. Bassani
  13. Beatus vir. G. B. Bassani
  14. Lady when I behold. John Wilbye
  15. Flow O my tears. John Bennet
  16. Great god of love. R. L. de Pearsall
  17. Who shall win my lady fair. R. L. de Pearsall
  18. When Allen a dale. R. L. de Pearsall
  19. Your shining eyes. F. A. G. Ouseley
  20. It was upon a spring-tide day. R. L. de Pearsall
  21. The Queen of May. J. Stainer
  22. Down in a flowery vale. C. Festa
  23. O who will o'er the downs. R. L. de Pearsall
  24. Place the helm. F. A. G. Ouseley
  25. Caput apri defero. R. L. de Pearsall
  26. Come let us be merry. R. L. de Pearsall
  27. Amidst the myrtles. J. Battishill
  28. Purple glow the forest mountains. R. L. de Pearsall
  29. Lay a garland. R. L. de Pearsall
  30. Why do the roses. R. L. de Pearsall
  31. Sweet as a flower. R. L. de Pearsall
  32. Lady see on every side. L. Marenzio
  33. Come live with me. J. L. Hatton
  34. Why so pale. J. Stainer
  35. Evening. J. L. Hatton
  36. For the new Year. Mendelssohn
  37. Let me careless. T. Linley
  38. Jack Frost. J. L. Hatton
  39. Fire fire, my heart. T. Morley
  40. When all alone. G. Cowersi
  41. Come again. J. Dowland
  42. In going to my naked bed. R. Edwards
  43. The Rhine (Whene'er such fire). Mendelssohn
  44. Die not fond man. J. Ward
  45. Queen and huntress. L. Colborne
  46. Ye little birds. R. Mann
  47. The Rhine is gently flowing. H. Smart
  48. Chloe and Corinna. E. J. Hopkins
  49. Sweetly blows the western wind. J. L. Hatton
  50. What ho, what shepherd ho. W. Beale
  51. Cold winter now. W. A. Barrett
  52. O sing unto my roundelay. S. Wesley
  53. There is a paradise. R. L. de Pearsall
  54. Our life is but an idle play. F. A. G. Ouseley
  55. With Drooping wings. H. Purcell
  56. When love lies sleeping. G. Cooper
  57. Homeward bound. J. Hampton
  58. The Tars' song. J. L. Hatton
  59. The banners waving. H. Werner
  60. Thyrsis sleepest thou J. Bennet
  61. O winter, surly winter. J. L. Hatton
  62. O take me to your arms. A. Alexander
  63. Light of my soul. R. L. de Pearsall
  64. Slow slow fresh fount. W. Horsley
  65. Flow down cold rivulet. W. Claxton
  66. Shine out stars. A. Alexander
  67. Love's servile lot J. Stainer
  68. Softly blow ye breezes. G. J. Elvey


  • c 1865


1 part-book

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 951


11 1/2 x 9 3/8 inches

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