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Collection, described as 'Taylor MSS' and containing motets etc., in score, adapted to English words, mid-19th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 602-606

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A collection, originally in six volumes, of which volume II is now MS. Tenbury 711, described as 'Taylor MSS' and containing motets etc., in score, adapted to English words.


Volume I:
  1. (fol. 1) We mourn thy loss. E. W. Wolf
  2. (fol. 7) Lord, in time of trouble. G. de Pasterwitz
  3. (fol. 13) When you behold him kneeling. F. Hiller
  4. (fol. 15) When roars the storm. Anon.
  5. (fol. 17v) Freedom heaven's best gift. F. Hiller
  6. (fol. 25) The Lord is high. E. W. Wolf
  7. (fol. 27) Praise ye the Lord. E. W. Wolf
  8. (fol. 29v) Why art thou cast down. Anon.
  9. (fol. 38v) Ad te clamamus. A. Hasse
  10. (fol. 40) Sleep no more. J. S. Bach
  11. (fol. 41) What homage can we render? J. S. Bach
  12. (fol. 41) When Celia is near me. E. W. Wolf
  13. (fol. 43v) Blessed be the Lord. F. Hiller
  14. (fol. 47) In pride of beauty. E. W. Wolf
  15. (fol. 49) Lord, I love thy habitation. J. J. Fux
  16. (fol. 50v) Stranger here abide. Anon.
  17. (fol. 52v) He was of Nazareth. Anon.
  18. (fol. 55) Thou shalt not leave. J. A. Matthew
  19. (fol. 56) O Lord, the promise. Anon.
  20. (fol. 56v) Hearken unto me. Anon.
  21. (fol. 57) Awake awake, put on strength. J. A. Matthew
  22. (fol. 60) Great King of kings. Anon.
  23. (fol. 61) Gracious Lord. Anon.
  24. (fol. 62v) He which testifieth. Anon.
  25. (fol. 67) Pretty warbler. Anon.
  26. (fol. 68v) To these lone shades. Anon.
  27. (fol. 73) Che pietà non sente. J. C. Bach
  28. (fol. 76) Deh lascia O ciel. J. C. Bach
  29. (fol. 77v) Yes 'tis plain. J. C. Bach
  30. (fol. 83) Lord in thy name. Anon.
  31. (fol. 84) Teach me O Lord. Anon.
  32. (fol. 89) Hear me when I call. M. Haydn
  33. (fol. 93) Blest with thee. Bach
  34. (fol. 95) Spring returns. M. Haydn
  35. (fol. 101) Thy kingdom come. J. A. Naumann
  36. (fol. 105v) Thy will O Lord. J. A. Naumann
  37. (fol. 106v) Great is the Lord. Anon.
  38. (fol. 113) Soul of creation. J. A. Naumann
  39. (fol. 115v) Thou source of pure. Anon.
  40. (fol. 118) Will she then leave me? Anon.
  41. (fol. 121) O trust me Cora. J. A. Naumann
  42. (fol. 124v) O'er this favoured. Anon.
  43. (fol. 127) Woe I dare not mighty king. Anon.
  44. (fol. 130v) Hence away with grief. Anon.
  45. (fol. 133) Thou to the weary pilgrim. Anon.
  46. (fol. 136) Love bewitching. Anon.
  47. (fol. 138v) Hark the lark's. Anon.
  48. (fol. 142) Joy in friendship's bands. Anon.
  49. (fol. 145) When with wishes. F. W. Benda
  50. (fol. 146v) O this grateful. F. W. Benda
Volume III:
  1. (fol. 1) Ye people clap your hands. J. M. Bach
  2. (fol. 5v) Father, keep through thine. J. C. Bach
  3. (fol. 7v) O sing unto the Lord (adapted from parts of the Missa Paschalis). J. D. Zelenka
  4. (fol. 18v) What works of wisdom. G. Telemann
  5. (fol. 21) He that dwelleth. J. G. Graun
  6. (fol. 26) The Lord's prayer. G. A. Homilius
  7. (fol. 32) Lord, unto thee. C. C. Rolle
  8. (fol. 38) Why art thou cast down? L. Gassmann
  9. (fol. 42v) Sanctus. J. S. Bach
  10. (fol. 43v) Blest are the souls. J. S. Bach
  11. (fol. 44) O Lord be merciful. Anon.
  12. (fol. 50v) Merry lads and maidens. Anon.
  13. (fol. 52v) Autumn is come. Anon.
  14. (fol. 54) Hear the gentle shepherd. Anon.
  15. (fol. 56v) Sonata in B flat for the pianoforte. Anon.
  16. (fol. 62) Che sara (duet). A. Steffani
  17. (fol. 67v) Nelle vene il sangue. Anon.
  18. (fol. 68) O clap your hands. A. Steffani
Volume IV:
  1. (fol. 1) Miserere. T. Bai [Baj]
  2. (fol. 5) Teach me, O Lord. Anon.
  3. (fol. 7) Thou O Lord shalt endure. F. Foggia
  4. (fol. 13v) O Lord, how marvellous. Anon.
  5. (fol. 20) Thou sendest forth. Anon.
  6. (fol. 21v) Thy glory, Lord, endureth. Anon.
  7. (fol. 25) I will sing unto the Lord. Anon.
  8. (fol. 33) Fugue for organ or clavier. H. Frescobaldi
  9. (fol. 37v) Sonata for pianoforte. Anon.
  10. (fol. 43) Se respirar (duet). J. T. Tosi
  11. (fol. 46v) Intorno all'idol mio. M. A. Cesti
  12. (fol. 47) Careless of love (song). H. Lawes
  13. (fol. 49) Sussurate in torno. P. Agostini
  14. (fol. 51v) Se pena, se geme. G. Buononcini
  15. (fol. 55v) Perchè mai Name. D. Gabrielli [Gabrieli]
  16. (fol. 58) Vago alfin. G. P. Colonna
  17. (fol. 61v) Siete barbaro. Anon.
  18. (fol. 63v) Mio cor che se perdo. B. Pasquino
Volume V:
  1. (fol. 1v) Kyrie. Jan Ockeghem
  2. (fol. 3) I will extol thee. Josquin des Prés
  3. (fol. 7) Plead thou my cause. Adrian Willaert
  4. (fol. 11) Return, my lovely maid. Adrian Willaert
  5. (fol. 15) Dear, when from thee. Cipriano di Rore
  6. (fol. 17v) Tell me O Cloris. Filippo de Monte
  7. (fol. 20) O love with thou inspire. Filippo de Monte
  8. (fol. 23v) When evening's shades. Anon.
  9. (fol. 25v) Shepherds assemble. Peter Phillips
  10. (fol. 28v) In sweet content. Anon.
  11. (fol. 31) Ye nightingales. Clemens non papa
  12. (fol. 37) Not unto us O Lord. Giaches Wert
  13. (fol. 41) Phillis thy golden tresses. Giaches Wert
  14. (fol. 47) Qui nos creavit. André Pevenage
  15. (fol. 51) Sometimes my love. André Pevenage
  16. (fol. 56v) Man's uncertain life (pars 1). C. Verdonck
  17. (fol. 59) Why to delusive hopes (pars 2). C. Verdonck
  18. (fol. 63) Now the moon. G. Swellingh [Sweelinck?]
  19. (fol. 67) Say not, dear maid. Cipriano de Rore
  20. (fol. 71) O Lord God. J. Arcadelt
  21. (fol. 73) When sprightly May. J. Arcadelt
  22. (fol. 75) Sing unto the Lord. J. de Berchem
  23. (fol. 81) Kyrie. Orlando di Lasso [Lassus]
  24. (fol. 83) Rejoice before him. Orlando di Lasso [Lassus]
  25. (fol. 85) Hosanna (from Mass in C). Orlando di Lasso [Lassus]
  26. (fol. 92) Ye nightingales so pleasant. Anon.
  27. (fol. 97) Harmony how enchanting. O. di Lasso [Lassus]
  28. (fol. 101v) 'Tis wine inspires us. O. di Lasso [Lassus]
  29. (fol. 103v) If you're inclined. O. di Lasso [Lassus]
  30. (fol. 106) Let us with gladsome mind. Claude le Jeune
  31. (fol. 107) Queen of the north. N. Faignent
  32. (fol. 108v) Pretty maid of Bruges. Anon.
  33. (fol. 111) Tell me O Cloris. Filippo de Monte
Volume VI:
  1. (fol. 1) Ye works of God. Anon.
  2. (fol. 2) Now twilight's gradual veil. Anon.
  3. (fol. 2v) Kyrie. Orlando di Lasso [Lassus]
  4. (fol. 3) Sanctus. Orlando di Lasso [Lassus]
  5. (fol. 4) Praise ye the great Jehovah. Anon.
  6. (fol. 4v) Cantate domino. Vulpius
  7. (fol. 7) Inspruck thy walls deserting. Henry Isaac
  8. (fol. 7v) Sweet-heart be kind. Henry Isaac
  9. (fol. 8v) The night is ours. Henry Isaac
  10. (fol. 9v) When evening's shades. Anon.
  11. (fol. 11) O Lord on high. A. Hammerschmieden
  12. (fol. 13) Magnificat. J. J. Fux
  13. (fol. 14v) Sing ye praises. R. Keiser
  14. (fol. 17v) Sanctus. J. S. Bach
  15. (fol. 19) Shepherds the Spring appeareth. Anon.
  16. (fol. 23) Now Summer comes. J. Hengel
  17. (fol. 25) Fly not, O my fairest. H. Schütz
  18. (fol. 30) Saul, why persecutest? H. Schütz
  19. (fol. 34v) When April leadeth in the Spring. Anon.
  20. (fol. 35v) When Summer suns. H. Albert
  21. (fol. 37) Fugue. J. Pachelbel
  22. (fol. 39) Cara ti lascio. J. A. Hasse
  23. (fol. 40v) Vagheggiai del di la stella. J. A. Hasse
  24. (fol. 42) O Lord God. J. S. Bach
  25. (fol. 44) Open unto us. Anon.
  26. (fol. 47v) Glory and power. Anon.
  27. (fol. 51v) Lord of thee our light. J. S. Bach
  28. (fol. 55) O godete cori. J. A. Hasse
  29. (fol. 57v) Lift up your hearts. C. P. E. Bach
  30. (fol. 60) O what joy. Anon.
  31. (fol. 62) Ye sons of Israel. Anon.
  32. (fol. 63v) O Lord how glorious. Anon.
  33. (fol. 66) O wondrous love. Anon.
  34. (fol. 67) Praise the Lord. Anon.
  35. (fol. 70) Sommi dei. Anon.
  36. (fol. 72v) Then came Jesus. J. S. Bach
  37. (fol. 84) Ad te clamamus. J. A. Hasse
  38. (fol. 86) Che pietà non sente il core. J. C. Bach
  39. (fol. 89) Deh lascia O ciel. J. C. Bach
  40. (fol. 94) How glorious must the dwelling. J. G. Gram
  41. (fol. 95) Beloved redeemer. Anon.
  42. (fol. 100) Sorrow darkens. J. G. Graun
  43. (fol. 103v) Affrighted Seraphim. Anon.
  44. (fol. 106v) His voice is hushed. Anon.
  45. (fol. 108) Jesus shall reign. Anon.
In the hand of Edward Taylor (1784-1863).


  • mid-19th cent.


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MSS. Tenbury 602-606


11 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches obl.

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