Release date Comments
28 May 2024 Book-shaped locket containing twelve miniature photographs relating to the American Civil War - Single Item
Series of 22 letters from Charles Lamb to William Godwin - Single Item
22 May 2024 John Hilton the younger: Short service 'in Gamut' - Single Item
Sir Arthur Sullivan's oratorio The Light of the World (orchestral parts) - Full Catalogue
20 May 2024 Four photographs from waste developer by Andrés Pardo - Single Item
13 May 2024 Additional material relating to the Oxford Exiles Rugby Football Club - Single Item
Small Town Inertia by J.A. Mortram - Full Catalogue
'Sunny Memories of Rural England', a dummy book by Henry Taunt - Single Item
Two photographs of the Tiananmen Square protests - Single Item
Facsimiles of manuscripts by and about John Keats - Single Item
Photograph album of the Emergency Blood Transfusion Service in Slough - Single Item
Photographic portraits of Oxford philosophers by Noel Chanan - Full Catalogue
3 May 2024 Two photographic portraits of Alice Liddell by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - Full Catalogue
29 Apr 2024 Additional letters, postcards and cards sent by Philip Larkin to Monica Jones, with three photographs - Single Item
23 Apr 2024 Commonplace book of Florence Tolkien - Single Item
Additional papers of Adam Fox - Single Item
A guide to Elvish by Nicholas Wilde - Single Item
Colour negatives of Rayner Unwin taken by Pamela Chandler - Single Item
19 Apr 2024 Letters from Charles Williams to Dorothy Rance, with enclosed poems - Single Item
12 Apr 2024 Diary of Elizabeth Carey - Single Item
11 Apr 2024 Conservative Party Archive: Printed and Published Material: Think Tanks - Full Catalogue
10 Apr 2024 Letters from Bob Eckert to John Buxton, 1948-1965 - Single Item
Letter from Enid Starkie, 1968 - Single Item
Letters from Ida and Anthony Wimbush, 1910-1930 - Single Item
Correspondence between Dudley Ryder and T.H. O'Brien, 1973-1980 - Single Item
Letters from Alice Dundas, 1867 - Single Item
Letters from J.B. Brown, 1944-1946 - Single Item
Letters from H.W. Nevinson, 1895-1937 - Single Item
Letters to and concerning Thomas Prince, 1807-1827 - Single Item
Letters from Joseph Jekyll, 1823-1829 - Single Item
Letter and draft petition, c.1850 - Single Item
Letters from E.B. Pusey, 1844-1855 - Single Item
Letter from Wm Wilberforce, 1824 - Single Item
Letters from E.B. Pusey, 1832-1866 - Single Item
Correspondence of A.F. Pollard and his son Graham, 1930-1945 - Single Item
Letter from Miss India Russell, 1755 - Single Item
Letter from Cornwallis, archbishop of Canterbury, 1768 - Single Item
Papers of A.W. Ashby - Single Item
Letter from A. Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, 1834 - Single Item
Correspondence between Wellesley and Cox, 1834 - Single Item
Letters from T.E. Lawrence to his brother, 1927-1933 - Single Item
Letters from T.E. Lawrence to Arthur Hall, 1930-1932 - Single Item
Letters from Lancelot Shadwell, 1828-1842 - Single Item
Letter from C.S. Lewis, 1947 - Single Item
Letter from Curtis Brown Ltd to C.S. Lewis, 1960 - Single Item
Letter from Desmond Morton, 1944 - Single Item
Letter from John Talman, 1714 - Single Item
Correspondence of N. Ellison and S. Penton, 1697 - Single Item
Letters from Gregory Dix, 1946-1949 - Single Item
Letter from Isaac Heard, 1781 - Single Item
Letters from Florence Nightingale, 1887-1893 - Single Item
Letters from R.S. Poole, 1862 - Single Item
Papers of the Dobrée, Mann, and Routh Families - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
Papers of T. Norman Ault - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
Cox Family 'Budget' - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
Photographs of Charles Williams and papers of his sister Edith M. Williams - Full Catalogue
5 Apr 2024 Letters and papers chiefly addressed to Dr. Ralph Griffiths (d. 1803) editor of the Monthly Review - Full Catalogue
20 Mar 2024 Archive of Anne Ridler and Vivian Ridler - Full Catalogue
Album of jobbing printing by the Perpetua Press belonging to Vivian Ridler - Single Item
14 Mar 2024 J.S. Bach: Autograph manuscript of the cantata 'Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein (BWV 128) - Single Item
Two letters and a music manuscript, previously owned by C.R.L. Avenell - Full Catalogue
7 Mar 2024 Academic papers of Albinia C. de la Mare - Full Catalogue
27 Feb 2024 Correspondence between Charles Williams and Phyllis Jones - Full Catalogue
20 Feb 2024 Musical Compositions of Ernest Walker - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
19 Feb 2024 'Oxford's Guerilla Film Department' by Matt Coleclough - Single Item
Request by the British consul for protection during the 1849 siege of Rome - Single Item
Baby's Visits to Chester from January 1865 to February 1866' - Single Item
Papers relating to Wilfrid Basil Mann - Single Item
Letters from and relating to Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton and his family - Single Item
Two letters to Christopher Bethell Codrington - Single Item
Manuscript Sketchbook of Augustus Bowen - Single Item
Index of Latin writers of Britain compiled by Roger Mynors - Single Item
Letters and drawings of Malcolm Drummond - Single Item
Correspondence between Mary O'Hea and Charles Stonehill - Single Item
Three anti-apartheid tea towels - Single Item
14 Feb 2024 Papers of Elspeth Josceline Huxley (1) - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
Papers of Elspeth Josceline Huxley (2) - Full Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
Papers of Elspeth Josceline Huxley (3) - FFull Catalogue replacing Collection Level Description
12 Feb 2024 Archive of Richard Shirley Smith - Full Catalogue
8 Feb 2024 Conservative Party Archive: Conservative Central Office - Publicity/Communications Department - Full Catalogue
Minute Books of the Ralegh Club - Full Catalogue
19 Jan 2024 Archive of John Masefield - Full Catalogue
18 Jan 2024 Poems for Anthony Thwaite, a manuscript volume of signed holograph poems collected from notable poets - Single Item
Prize winning essays and poems from the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford - Single Item
Additional papers of Roger Bannister and Moyra Bannister - Full Catalogue
12 Jan 2024 Archive of Shirley Hughes - Full Catalogue
9 Jan 2024 Archive of Edward Heath - Further material added